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This website offers the possibility to search the GROMS database for migratory species using a lot of different criteria (search by groups, distribution areas, actual species, etc.).
  Clicking on "News" will bring the latest news concerning the GROMS project to You as well as reports on other recent events being of importance to the project — as for example the tiny news image last call for applications for the UNEP/CMS Thesis Award! To many of the species in our database You'll find corresponding fact sheets Screenshot of Species Fact Sheet that will offer You concise information about the species in question. Quite a number of these fact sheets are actually available in English, German and Norwegian as well! (Don't say we didn't care for minor nations!)

In order to say it with the words of Status Quo: "Whatever You want..."
You may find it here! If You're looking for some Migratory Species Screenshot of Mysql Database, do use our database — it might just prove to be that very source of information You were looking for!
Literature Search in our database will offer You a range of 5 884 titles on migratory species, so this should about cover most of what You might look for...
Still, you might want to add your citations — no problem! You're heartily welcome to add to our knowledge about migratory species — whenever You think something's missing or something's wrong, give us a hint (se "contact") or add Your citations directly to our database!
You might find it interesting, too, to see where birds fly during winter or Screenshot of Animation watch the way herds of antelopes move seasonally — so why don't You simply have a look at our animated maps?
The menue "Animations" will lead You to an assortment of different maps with animated flyways (e.g. "Flyway animation: Ciconia ciconia") and animated maps of travels by f.e. Alexander Humboldt.
The GROMS website also offers a lot of background information concerning the very project, partly in other languages than English, too. If You click on either of the language buttons beneath You'll come to a page with a navigation bar like the one below to the left.
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  • Details Under "Details" You'll find a conceptual paper on the databasing of migratory species as well as the online version of the hardcopy "Global Register of Migratory Species — Weltregister wandernder Tierarten" by Klaus Riede, with each of the submenues representing a chapter or paragraph of this book. So, if You'd like to hold the book in Your own hands, either print out each and every chapter or order it via this link...
    • Databasing Migratory Species
    • GROMS book
    • Database products Under the term "Database products" there are subsumed a number of different information offers by GROMS, such as
      – a quick search in the database,
      – species fact sheets (accessible by simple lexical browser),
      – database queries for migratory species (leading to species reports),
      – queries to the literature database, online entry of publications,
      – an OpenGIS prototype (waterbirds and orthoptera),
      – whales and dolphins species accounts (by Boris Culik).
    • Download products Here You'll be able to download
      – a short summary of the GROMS project (1 page, pdf, 323 kB),
      – a GIS data set of oilspills from 1967 to 1991,
      – articles about GROMS in pdf format,
      – "Increasing Usability of Biodiversity Databases through Semantic Enrichment" (at PNC congress, Taiwan, Oct 2004) by Klaus Riede (lecture, pps),
      the Final Report of CMS 25th Anniversary Symposium in Berlin on 22.6./23.6.2004 (pdf, 224 pages, 42 MB),
      – results from GROMS workshop May 2002 (Powerpoint publication),
      – GIS and database training workshop during COP7 Bonn (20-21 September 2002),
      – CMS COP7 meeting summaries,
      – UNEP-Conference paper on the progress and future of GROMS (Conf.7.7),
      – UNEP-CMS COP7 Resolution on the Information Management Plan and the GROMS (Res. 7.8),
      – UNEP-CMS COP7 conference outcomes.
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