Interactive maps

These applications allow to display satellite tracks and point data in the temporal domain. Satellite tracks allow to display migration routes. Point data come from different sources, such as different kinds of telemetry, ringing, tagging and data from museums specimens. All these data have geographic coordinates and an exact date.

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Animated Migration Routes

Animated Point Data

• Flyway animation: Ciconia ciconia Ciconia ciconia: point data per year
• Flyway animation: Grus canadensis Ciconia ciconia: point data per month
• Flyway animation: Aquila pomarina Anguilla anguilla: point data per month
• Migration animation: Spheniscus humboldti  

The same software can be used to animate travel routes of explorers and naturalists. As an example,
we present here an animation of Humboldt's travels
across Ecuador and Peru and of a famous insect collector, J.P. Klapperich, across Afghanistan.

• Animation of  Humboldt's  travels  
• Animation of   Klapperich's  travels  


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