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List of tables

List of tables

Table 2.1 Classification of migratory behaviour as used in GROMS
Table 2.2 Digital resources for migratory species
Table 2.3 CMS Agreements for the protection of species or species groups
Table 2.4 Memoranda of Understanding for certain species
Table 4.1 Migrants, GIS maps and information sources
Table 4.2 Threatened migratory bat species, CMS status and migratory behaviour
Table 4.3 Threatened terrestrial mammals not listed on the appendices of CMS
Table 4.4 Threatened migratory seal species and subspecies
Table 4.5 Whales and dolphins with unknown migratory behaviour
Table 4.6 Incidental mortality of small cetaceans
Table 4.7 Threats identified for albatrosses (after CROXALL 1997)
Table 4.8 Threatened migratory birds not listed on the appendices of CMS
Table 4.9 Migratory status, threat and CMS status of fishes
Table 4.10 Threatened oceanodromous fish
Table 4.11 Threatened diadromous and potamodromous fish, their CMS status and number of range states
Table 4.12 Migratory fishes in need of threat assessment
Table 4.13 Examples of major development projects within ecologically sensitive areas
Table 4.14 Ten countries with the highest number of extinct bird species
Table 4.15 Top ten of countries with internationally red-listed, locally extinct migratory birds
Table 5.1 Cross table for major threats and species groups
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List of tables

This document should be quoted as part of the publication "Riede, K. (2001): The Global Register of Migratory Species ­ Database, GIS Maps and Threat Analysis. Münster (Landwirtschaftsverlag), 400 pp." + CD

 by Klaus Riede