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For tracking purposes the birds have to be equipped with ARGOS transmitters. The transmitter is fixed on the back of the bird. Regular signals are received by satellite. This enables to follow the migration route of the bird.

Information about the technology of transmitters

Background information of the tracked storks:
  • Penelope (Map 1) was tracked in its breeding site Budkow (Poland). In the year of tracking 1998 she raised four nestlings.
  • The bird in Map 2 breeded in Asuny (Poland) and was tracked in 1998 in Slawoszow (Poland).
  • The stork in Map 3 was tracked in 1998 in its breeding site Leknica (Poland) where it raised four nestlings.
  • Prinzesschen (Map 4) was tracked in 2001 for the 4th time in Loburg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany). In 2001 she raised four nestlings.

For tracking, all birds have been caught by casting a net with a special device. Prinzesschen was caught by a flew after she had been accustomed to a feeding site.

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