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Balaenoptera physalus Linnaeus, 1758
Family: Baleonopteridae
Order: Cetacea
English: Fin whale
French: Baleine fine
Spanish: Rorcual común
German: Finnwal (There's a German version of this page!)
Norwegian: Finnhval (There's a Norwegian version of this page!)
Migration: interoceanic
Regions: Antarctic, East Asia, Europe, Mesoamerica, North Africa, North America, North Asia, Oceania, South & Southeast Asia, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, West & Central Asia

 distributionmap of Balaenoptera physalus 

“Most mysticetes have latitudinal migrations, from tropical breeding grounds to high(er) latitude feeding grounds.
In breeding grounds, mating and calving take place.”
(Forcada J, 2002, Distribution, In: Encyclopedia of marine mammals, Perrin WF, Würsig B, Thewissen JGM (eds), 327-333, Academic Press, San Diego)

More about whales and dolphins from:
Riede, K. (2001): Global Register of Migratory Species. Weltregister wandernder Tierarten. (p. 64-68)

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