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  Or did you mean the group Bats?

  Or did you mean the group Bee-eaters, rollers, kingfishers?

  Or did you mean the group Cockatoos?

  Or did you mean the group Cuckoos?

  Or did you mean the group Emus?

  Or did you mean the group Fishes?

  Or did you mean the group hoopoes?

  Or did you mean the group Invertebrata?

  Or did you mean the group Nightjars?

  Or did you mean the group Owls?

  Or did you mean the group Parrots?

  Or did you mean the group Pheasants, bustards, sandgrouse, buttonquails?

  Or did you mean the group Pigeons?

  Or did you mean the group Plovers, lapwings, snipes?

  Or did you mean the group Raptors?

  Or did you mean the group Seabirds?

  Or did you mean the group Seals and sirenia?

  Or did you mean the group Songbirds?

  Or did you mean the group Swifts and Hummingbirds?

  Or did you mean the group Terrestrial mammals?

  Or did you mean the group Turtles, crocodiles?

  Or did you mean the group Waterbirds?

  Or did you mean the group Whales and Dolphins?

  Or did you mean the group Woodpeckers?

  Or did you mean the family Accipitridae?
(eagles and hawks; Adler, Habichte, Greife; águilas, halcones y gavilanes; aigles, buses éperviers, milans, busards, voutours de l'ancien monde)
  Or did you mean the family Achiridae?
(American soles)
  Or did you mean the family Acipenseridae?
(Sturgeons; Störe)
  Or did you mean the family Adrianichthyidae?
  Or did you mean the family Aegithalidae?
(Long-tailed tits)
  Or did you mean the family Alaudidae?
(larks; Lerchen)
  Or did you mean the family Albulidae?
  Or did you mean the family Alcedinidae?
(kingfishers; Eisvögel)
  Or did you mean the family Alcidae?
  Or did you mean the family Alestiidae?
(African tetras)
  Or did you mean the family Alopiidae?
(Thresher sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Ambassidae?
(Asiatic glassfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Ammodytidae?
(Sand lances)
  Or did you mean the family Anabantidae?
(Climbing gouramies)
  Or did you mean the family Anarhichadidae?
  Or did you mean the family Anatidae?
(ducks, geese, swans; Entenartige)
  Or did you mean the family Anguillidae?
(Freshwater eels)
  Or did you mean the family Anhingidae?
  Or did you mean the family Anoplopomatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Anostomidae?
  Or did you mean the family Antennariidae?
  Or did you mean the family Apidae?
  Or did you mean the family Aplocheilidae?
  Or did you mean the family Apodidae?
(swifts; Eigentliche Segler)
  Or did you mean the family Apogonidae?
  Or did you mean the family Aramidae?
  Or did you mean the family Ardeidae?
(herons; Reiher)
  Or did you mean the family Argentinidae?
(Argentines or herring smelts)
  Or did you mean the family Ariidae?
(Sea catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Ariommatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Arripidae?
(Australian salmon)
  Or did you mean the family Artamidae?
  Or did you mean the family Atherinidae?
  Or did you mean the family Bagridae?
(Bagrid catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Balaenicipitidae?
  Or did you mean the family Balistidae?
  Or did you mean the family Balitoridae?
(River loaches)
  Or did you mean the family Batrachoididae?
  Or did you mean the family Belonidae?
  Or did you mean the family Belontiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Blenniidae?
(Combtooth blennies)
  Or did you mean the family Bombycillidae?
  Or did you mean the family Bovichtidae?
  Or did you mean the family Bramidae?
  Or did you mean the family Bregmacerotidae?
  Or did you mean the family Burhinidae?
(thick-knees; Triele)
  Or did you mean the family Cacatuidae?
  Or did you mean the family Callionymidae?
  Or did you mean the family Callorhinchidae?
(Plownose chimaeras)
  Or did you mean the family Campephagidae?
  Or did you mean the family Caprimulgidae?
(nightjars; Nachtschwalben)
  Or did you mean the family Carangidae?
(Jacks and pompanos)
  Or did you mean the family Carapidae?
  Or did you mean the family Carcharhinidae?
(Requiem sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Casuariidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cathartidae?
(new world vultures; Neuweltgeier; zopilotes; condores; vautours du nouveau monde; condors)
  Or did you mean the family Catostomidae?
  Or did you mean the family Centrarchidae?
  Or did you mean the family Centrolophidae?
  Or did you mean the family Centropomidae?
  Or did you mean the family Ceratodontidae?
(Australian lungfish)
  Or did you mean the family Certhiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cetorhinidae?
(Basking sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Chaetodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Chanidae?
  Or did you mean the family Channidae?
  Or did you mean the family Characidae?
  Or did you mean the family Charadriidae?
(plovers; Regenpfeifer)
  Or did you mean the family Chimaeridae?
(Shortnose chimaeras or ratfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Chionididae?
  Or did you mean the family Chirocentridae?
(Wolf herring)
  Or did you mean the family Cichlidae?
  Or did you mean the family Ciconiidae?
(storks; Störche)
  Or did you mean the family Cinclidae?
  Or did you mean the family Clariidae?
(Airbreathing catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Clupeidae?
(Herrings, shads, sardines, menhadens)
  Or did you mean the family Cobitidae?
  Or did you mean the family Columbidae?
(pigeons, doves; Tauben)
  Or did you mean the family Comephoridae?
(Baikal oilfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Congridae?
(Conger and garden eels)
  Or did you mean the family Coraciidae?
(rollers; Racken)
  Or did you mean the family Corvidae?
(crows, jays,; Rabenvögel)
  Or did you mean the family Coryphaenidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cotingidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cottidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cracticidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cuculidae?
(cuckoos; Eigentlicher Kuckuck)
  Or did you mean the family Cyclopteridae?
(Lumpfishes and snailfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Cynoglossidae?
  Or did you mean the family Cyprinidae?
(Minnows or carps)
  Or did you mean the family Dalatiidae?
(Sleeper sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Dasyatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Dicruridae?
  Or did you mean the family Diomedeidae?
(albatrosses; Albatrosse)
  Or did you mean the family Doradidae?
(Thorny catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Drepaneidae?
  Or did you mean the family Dromadidae?
(Crab Plover; Reiherläufer)
  Or did you mean the family Dromaiidae?
(Emu; Emu; Emeu)
  Or did you mean the family Echeneidae?
  Or did you mean the family Eleotridae?
  Or did you mean the family Elopidae?
  Or did you mean the family Emberizidae?
(buntings, cardinals, tanagars; Ammern)
  Or did you mean the family Emmelichthyidae?
  Or did you mean the family Engraulidae?
  Or did you mean the family Ephippidae?
(Spadefishes, batfishes and scats)
  Or did you mean the family Epigonidae?
(Deepwater cardinalfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Erythrinidae?
  Or did you mean the family Esocidae?
  Or did you mean the family Evermannellidae?
(Sabertooth fishes)
  Or did you mean the family Exocoetidae?
  Or did you mean the family Falconidae?
(falcons and caracaras; Falken; halcones y caricares; faucons)
  Or did you mean the family Felidae?
(Cats; Katzen; Felides)
  Or did you mean the family Fregatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Fringillidae?
(finches; Finken)
  Or did you mean the family Fundulidae?
(Topminnows and killifishes)
  Or did you mean the family Furnariidae?
  Or did you mean the family Gadidae?
(Cods and haddocks)
  Or did you mean the family Galaxiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Gasterosteidae?
(Sticklebacks and tubesnouts)
  Or did you mean the family Gaviidae?
(divers; Seetaucher)
  Or did you mean the family Gempylidae?
(Snake mackerels)
  Or did you mean the family Gerreidae?
  Or did you mean the family Glareolidae?
(coursers, pratincoles)
  Or did you mean the family Gobiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Gonostomatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Grallinidae?
  Or did you mean the family Gruidae?
(cranes; Kraniche)
  Or did you mean the family Gymnotidae?
(Naked-back knifefishes)
  Or did you mean the family Gyrinocheilidae?
(Algae eaters)
  Or did you mean the family Haematopodidae?
(Oystercatcher; Austernfischer)
  Or did you mean the family Haemulidae?
  Or did you mean the family Heliornithidae?
  Or did you mean the family Helostomatidae?
(Kissing gourami)
  Or did you mean the family Hemiramphidae?
  Or did you mean the family Heterodontidae?
(Bullhead, horn, or Port Jackson sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Hexagrammidae?
  Or did you mean the family Hexanchidae?
(Cow sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Hiodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Hirundinidae?
(swallows, martins; Schwalben)
  Or did you mean the family Hominidae?
(Humans, Great Apes)
  Or did you mean the family Hydrobatidae?
(storm-petrels; Sturmschwalben)
  Or did you mean the family Ibidorhynchidae?
(Ibisbill; Ibisschnabel)
  Or did you mean the family Ictaluridae?
(North American freshwater catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Icteridae?
(New world blackbirds)
  Or did you mean the family Inermiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Istiophoridae?
  Or did you mean the family Jacanidae?
(jacanas; Blatthühnchen)
  Or did you mean the family Kneriidae?
  Or did you mean the family Kuhliidae?
  Or did you mean the family Kyphosidae?
(Sea chubs)
  Or did you mean the family Lamnidae?
(Mackerel sharks, white sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Lampridae?
  Or did you mean the family Laniidae?
(shrikes; Eigentliche Würger)
  Or did you mean the family Laridae?
(gulls, terns; Möwenartige)
  Or did you mean the family Leiognathidae?
(Slimys, slipmouths, or ponyfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Linophrynidae?
  Or did you mean the family Lobotidae?
  Or did you mean the family Lophotidae?
  Or did you mean the family Loricariidae?
(Armored catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Loriidae?
(lories; Loris)
  Or did you mean the family Lotidae?
(Hakes and burbots)
  Or did you mean the family Lutjanidae?
  Or did you mean the family Luvaridae?
  Or did you mean the family Macrouridae?
(Grenadiers or rattails)
  Or did you mean the family Malapteruridae?
(Electric catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Mastacembelidae?
(Spiny eels)
  Or did you mean the family Megachasmidae?
(Megamouth sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Megalopidae?
  Or did you mean the family Melanonidae?
  Or did you mean the family Melanotaeniidae?
  Or did you mean the family Meliphagidae?
  Or did you mean the family Merlucciidae?
(Merluccid hakes)
  Or did you mean the family Meropidae?
(bee-eaters; Spinte)
  Or did you mean the family Mimidae?
(mockingbirds, thrashers)
  Or did you mean the family Mochokidae?
(Squeakers or upside-down catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Molidae?
  Or did you mean the family Molossidae?
(; Bulldog-Fledermäuse)
  Or did you mean the family Monacanthidae?
  Or did you mean the family Moridae?
(Morid cods)
  Or did you mean the family Mormyridae?
  Or did you mean the family Moronidae?
(Temperate basses)
  Or did you mean the family Motacillidae?
(wagtails, pipits; Stelzen)
  Or did you mean the family Mugilidae?
  Or did you mean the family Mullidae?
  Or did you mean the family Muraenesocidae?
(Pike congers)
  Or did you mean the family Muraenidae?
(Moray eels)
  Or did you mean the family Muridae?
(; Lemminge)
  Or did you mean the family Muscicapidae?
(warblers, flycatchers, chats, thrushes; Sänger, Grasmücken, Fliegenschnäpper, Drosseln und Timalien; curucas, papamoscas, mosquiteros, zorzales; fauvettes, traquets, grives, turides, gobemouches)
  Or did you mean the family Myctophidae?
  Or did you mean the family Myliobatidae?
(Eagle and manta rays)
  Or did you mean the family Nandidae?
  Or did you mean the family Natalidae?
(; Trichterohren)
  Or did you mean the family Nectariniidae?
  Or did you mean the family Nettastomatidae?
(Duckbill eels)
  Or did you mean the family Nomeidae?
  Or did you mean the family Notopteridae?
(Featherbacks or knifefishes)
  Or did you mean the family Notosudidae?
  Or did you mean the family Nototheniidae?
(Cod icefishes)
  Or did you mean the family Nyctibiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Odobenidae?
(Walrus; Walroß)
  Or did you mean the family Odontaspididae?
(Sand tigers)
  Or did you mean the family Ophichthidae?
(Snake eels)
  Or did you mean the family Ophidiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Opisthoproctidae?
(Barreleyes or spookfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Oplegnathidae?
  Or did you mean the family Oreosomatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Oriolidae?
  Or did you mean the family Osmeridae?
  Or did you mean the family Osphronemidae?
(Giant gourami)
  Or did you mean the family Otariidae?
(Eared seals; Ohrenrobben; Otaries)
  Or did you mean the family Otididae?
(bustards; Trappen)
  Or did you mean the family Pandionidae?
(Osprey; Fischadler)
  Or did you mean the family Pangasiidae?
(Shark catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Pantodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Paralepididae?
  Or did you mean the family Paralichthyidae?
(Large-tooth flounders)
  Or did you mean the family Paridae?
(tits, chickadees)
  Or did you mean the family Parulidae?
(New World warblers; Waldsänger)
  Or did you mean the family Pelecanidae?
(Shoebill and Pelicans; Pelikane)
  Or did you mean the family Pelecanoididae?
  Or did you mean the family Percichthyidae?
(Temperate basses)
  Or did you mean the family Percidae?
  Or did you mean the family Percophidae?
  Or did you mean the family Petromyzontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Phaethontidae?
(Tropicbirds; Tropikvögel)
  Or did you mean the family Phalacrocoracidae?
(cormorants; Kormorane)
  Or did you mean the family Phasianidae?
(pheasants, grouse; Hühner (Fasanartige))
  Or did you mean the family Phocidae?
(True seals, Hair seals; Hundsrobben, Seehunde; Phoques)
  Or did you mean the family Phoenicopteridae?
(flamingos; Flamingos)
  Or did you mean the family Phosichthyidae?
  Or did you mean the family Phycidae?
(Phycid hakes)
  Or did you mean the family Phyllostomidae?
(; Blattnasen)
  Or did you mean the family Phytotomidae?
  Or did you mean the family Picidae?
(woodpeckers; Spechte)
  Or did you mean the family Pimelodidae?
(Long-whiskered catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Pinguipedidae?
  Or did you mean the family Pipridae?
  Or did you mean the family Pittidae?
  Or did you mean the family Platycephalidae?
  Or did you mean the family Plecoglossidae?
(Ayu fish)
  Or did you mean the family Pleuronectidae?
(Righteye flounders)
  Or did you mean the family Ploceidae?
(weavers, sparrows)
  Or did you mean the family Plotosidae?
(Eeltail catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Podicipedidae?
(grebes; Lappentaucher)
  Or did you mean the family Poeciliidae?
  Or did you mean the family Polynemidae?
  Or did you mean the family Polyodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Polyprionidae?
  Or did you mean the family Pomacentridae?
  Or did you mean the family Pomatomidae?
  Or did you mean the family Potamotrygonidae?
(River stingrays)
  Or did you mean the family Priacanthidae?
(Bigeyes or catalufas)
  Or did you mean the family Pristidae?
  Or did you mean the family Procellariidae?
(petrels, shearwaters; Sturmvögel)
  Or did you mean the family Protopteridae?
(African lungfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Prunellidae?
  Or did you mean the family Pseudocarchariidae?
(Crocodile sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Psittacidae?
(parrots; eigentliche Papageien)
  Or did you mean the family Pteroclididae?
  Or did you mean the family Pycnonotidae?
  Or did you mean the family Rachycentridae?
  Or did you mean the family Rajidae?
  Or did you mean the family Rallidae?
(rails, coots; Rallen)
  Or did you mean the family Recurvirostridae?
(avocets, stilts; Stelzenläufer)
  Or did you mean the family Regalecidae?
  Or did you mean the family Remizidae?
(penduline tits)
  Or did you mean the family Retropinnidae?
(New Zealand smelts)
  Or did you mean the family Rhincodontidae?
(Whale shark)
  Or did you mean the family Rhinobatidae?
  Or did you mean the family Rhinolophidae?
(; Hufeisennase)
  Or did you mean the family Rhyacichthyidae?
(Loach gobies)
  Or did you mean the family Rostratulidae?
  Or did you mean the family Rynchopidae?
(skimmers; Scherenschnabel)
  Or did you mean the family Salangidae?
(Icefishes or noodlefishes)
  Or did you mean the family Salmonidae?
  Or did you mean the family Scaridae?
  Or did you mean the family Scatophagidae?
  Or did you mean the family Schilbeidae?
(Schilbid catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Sciaenidae?
(Drums or croakers)
  Or did you mean the family Scolopacidae?
(sandpipers, snipes; Schnepfen)
  Or did you mean the family Scomberesocidae?
  Or did you mean the family Scombridae?
(Mackerels, tunas, bonitos)
  Or did you mean the family Scopelarchidae?
  Or did you mean the family Scopidae?
(Hamerkop; Hamerkop)
  Or did you mean the family Sebastidae?
(Rockfishes, rockcods and thornyheads)
  Or did you mean the family Serranidae?
(Sea basses: groupers and fairy basslets)
  Or did you mean the family Siganidae?
  Or did you mean the family Sillaginidae?
  Or did you mean the family Siluridae?
  Or did you mean the family Sisoridae?
(Sisorid catfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Sittidae?
  Or did you mean the family Soleidae?
  Or did you mean the family Sparidae?
  Or did you mean the family Spheniscidae?
(penguins; Pinguine)
  Or did you mean the family Sphyraenidae?
  Or did you mean the family Sphyrnidae?
(Hammerhead, bonnethead, scoophead shark)
  Or did you mean the family Squalidae?
(Dogfish sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Squatinidae?
(Angel sharks)
  Or did you mean the family Stercorariidae?
(skuas; Raubmöwen)
  Or did you mean the family Sternidae?
  Or did you mean the family Stichaeidae?
  Or did you mean the family Stomiidae?
(Barbeled dragonfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Strigidae?
(typical owls; Eulen)
  Or did you mean the family Stromateidae?
  Or did you mean the family Struthionidae?
(Ostrich; Strauß)
  Or did you mean the family Sturnidae?
  Or did you mean the family Sulidae?
(gannets, boobies; Tölpel)
  Or did you mean the family Synbranchidae?
  Or did you mean the family Syngnathidae?
(Pipefishes and seahorses)
  Or did you mean the family Synodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Terapontidae?
(Grunters or tigerperches, thornfishes)
  Or did you mean the family Tetragonuridae?
  Or did you mean the family Tetraodontidae?
  Or did you mean the family Tetrarogidae?
(Wasp fishes)
  Or did you mean the family Thinocoridae?
(seedsnipe; Seedsnipes)
  Or did you mean the family Threskiornithidae?
(ibises, spoonbills; Ibisse)
  Or did you mean the family Toxotidae?
  Or did you mean the family Trachichthyidae?
  Or did you mean the family Trachipteridae?
  Or did you mean the family Triakidae?
  Or did you mean the family Trichiuridae?
  Or did you mean the family Triglidae?
  Or did you mean the family Trochilidae?
(hummingbirds; Kolibris)
  Or did you mean the family Troglodytidae?
  Or did you mean the family Turnicidae?
  Or did you mean the family Tyrannidae?
(tyrant flycatchers; Tyrannen)
  Or did you mean the family Upupidae?
(hoopoe; Wiedehopfe)
  Or did you mean the family Vespertilionidae?
(; Glattnasen-Fledermäuse)
  Or did you mean the family Vireonidae?
(vireos; Vireos)
  Or did you mean the family Xiphiidae?
  Or did you mean the family Zoarcidae?
  Or did you mean the family Zosteropidae?
  You found 5891 subspecies.

CMS Status
Redlist Status
1 Aaptosyax grypus potamodromous NL DD NL
2 Abalistes stellaris Starry triggerfish Bourse namco Pejepuerco estrellado amphidromous NL NL NL
3 Ablennes hians Barred needlefish Anguille plate Marao machete oceanodromous NL NL NL
4 Abramis ballerus Blue bream Spitzpleinzen potamodromous NL NL NL
5 Abramis brama Carp bream Plaquette Brassen potamodromous NL NL NL
6 Abudefduf vaigiensis Indo-Pacific sergeant oceanodromous NL NL NL
7 Acanthocybium solandri Barracuda Poisson becune Sierra canalera oceanodromous NL NL NL
8 Acanthogobius flavimanus Japanese river goby amphidromous NL NL NL
9 Acanthopagrus australis Surf bream diadromous NL NL NL
10 Acanthopagrus berda Picnic seabream Sparide Sargo picnic oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
11 Acanthopsoides delphax potamodromous NL NL NL
12 Acarichthys heckelii Threadfin acara Heckels Buntbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
13 Accipiter badius Shikra Épervier shikra Gavilán chikra Schikrasperber partial App II NL II
14 Accipiter bicolor Bicoloured hawk Épervier bicolore Gavilán bicolor Zweifarbensperber technical migrant App II NL II
15 Accipiter brevipes Levant sparrowhawk Épervier à pieds courts Gavilán griego Kurzfangsperber intercontinental App II NL II
16 Accipiter chilensis Chilean hawk Epervier du Chili Gavilán chileno Chilesperber partial App II NL II
17 Accipiter cooperii Cooper´s hawk Épervier de Cooper Gavilán de cooper Rundschwanzsperber partial App II NL II
18 Accipiter fasciatus Brown goshawk Autour australien Azor australiano Bänderhabicht partial App II NL II
19 Accipiter gentilis Northern goshawk Autour des palombes Azor común Habicht partial App II NL II
20 Accipiter gularis Japanese sparrowhawk Épervier du Japon Gavilancito japonés Trillersperber intracontinental App II NL II
21 Accipiter nisus Eurasian sparrowhawk Épervier d'Europe Gavilán común Schlegelsperber partial App II NL II
22 Accipiter ovampensis Ovambo sparrowhawk Épervier de l'Ovampo Gavilán del ovampo Ovambosperber partial App II NL II
23 Accipiter poliogaster Grey-bellied goshawk Autour à ventre gris Azor ventrigrís Graubauchhabicht partial App II NL II
24 Accipiter soloensis Chinese goshawk Épervier de Horsfield Gavilán ranero Froschsperber intracontinental App II NL II
25 Accipiter striatus Sharp-shinned hawk Épervier brun Gavilán americano Eckschwanzsperber partial App II NL II
26 Accipiter virgatus Besra Epervier besra Gavilán besra Besrasperber local migrant App II NL II
27 Acentrogobius caninus Tropical sand goby Tropical Sand Goby oceano-estuarine NL LRnt NL
28 Acentrogobius cyanomos amphidromous NL NL NL
29 Acentrogobius madraspatensis amphidromous NL NL NL
30 Acentrogobius masoni amphidromous NL NL NL
31 Acentrogobius viridipunctatus Spotted green goby oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
32 Acherontia atropos Totenkopfschwärmer NL NL NL
33 Acipenser baerii baerii Siberian sturgeon Esturgeon sibérien Sibirischer Stör anadromous NL VU II
34 Acipenser baerii baicalensis Baikal sturgeon Baikal Sturgeon potamodromous App II EN II
35 Acipenser baerii stenorrhynchus Lena River sturgeon Lena River Sturgeon anadromous NL VU II
36 Acipenser brevirostrum Shortnose sturgeon Esturgeon à nez court Esturión hociquicorto anadromous NL VU I
37 Acipenser dabryanus Yangtze Sturgeon anadromous NL CR II
38 Acipenser fulvescens Lake sturgeon Esturgeon jaune Esturión lacustre Roter Stör potamodromous App II VU II
39 Acipenser gueldenstaedtii Azov-Black Sea sturgeon Esturgeon du Danube Esturión del Danubio Waxdick anadromous App II EN II
40 Acipenser medirostris Green sturgeon Esturgeon vert Esturión verde Grüner Stör anadromous App II VU II
41 Acipenser mikadoi Sakhalin sturgeon anadromous App II EN II
42 Acipenser multiscutatus Japanese sturgeon anadromous NL NL II
43 Acipenser naccarii Adriatic sturgeon Esturgeon de l'Adriatique Esturión del Adriático anadromous App II VU II
44 Acipenser nudiventris Barbel sturgeon Ship Esturión barba de flecos Glattdick anadromous App II CR II
45 Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi Gulf sturgeon anadromous NL VU II
46 Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus Atlantic sturgeon Esturgeon noir atlantischer Stör anadromous NL LRnt II
47 Acipenser persicus Persian sturgeon potamodromous App II VU II
48 Acipenser ruthenus Sterlet sturgeon Esturgeon de Sibérie Esturión de Siberia Sterlett potamodromous App II (Pop) VU II
49 Acipenser schrenckii Amur sturgeon Amurstör anadromous App II EN II
50 Acipenser sinensis Chinese sturgeon anadromous App II EN II
51 Acipenser stellatus Sevruga Sevruga Esturión estrellado Sterhausen anadromous App II EN II
52 Acipenser sturio Baltic sturgeon Astourion Esturión Común Gemeiner Stör anadromous App II CR I
53 Acipenser transmontanus Columbia sturgeon Esturgeon blanc Esturión blanco Sacramentostör anadromous NL EN II
54 Acnodon oligacanthus Pacousi potamodromous NL NL NL
55 Acrocephalus aedon Thick-billed warbler Rousserolle à gros bec Carricero picogordo intracontinental App II NL NL
56 Acrocephalus agricola Paddyfield warbler Rousserolle isabelle Carricero agrícola Feldrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
57 Acrocephalus arundinaceus Great reed warbler Rousserolle turdoïde Carricero tordal Drosselrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
58 Acrocephalus australis Australian reed-warbler Rousserolle d'Australie local migrant NL NL NL
59 Acrocephalus baeticatus African reed-warbler Rousserolle africaine Gartenrohrsänger data deficient NL NL NL
60 Acrocephalus bistrigiceps Black-browed reed-warbler Rousserolle de Schrenck Brauenrohrsänger intracontinental App II NL NL
61 Acrocephalus concinens Blunt-winged warbler Rousserolle de Swinhoe intracontinental App II NL NL
62 Acrocephalus dumetorum Blyth's reed warbler Rousserolle des buissons Carricero de Blyth Buschrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
63 Acrocephalus griseldis Basra reed-warbler Rousserolle d'Irak Basrarohrsänger intercontinental App II LRnt NL
64 Acrocephalus melanopogon Moustached warbler Lusciniole à moustaches Carricerín real Mariskensänger partial App II NL NL
65 Acrocephalus orientalis Oriental reed-warbler Rousserolle d'Orient Chinarohrsänger intracontinental App II NL NL
66 Acrocephalus paludicola Aquatic warbler Phragmite aquatique Carricerín Seggenrohrsänger intercontinental App I & II VU NL
67 Acrocephalus palustris Marsh warbler Rousserolle verderolle Carricero políglota Sumpfrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
68 Acrocephalus schoenobaenus Sedge warbler Phragmite des joncs Carricerín común Schilfrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
69 Acrocephalus scirpaceus Reed warbler Rousserolle effarvatte Carricero común Teichrohrsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
70 Acrocephalus sorghophilus Streaked reed-warbler Rousserolle sorghophile intracontinental App II VU NL
71 Acrocephalus stentoreus Clamorous reed warbler Rousserolle stentor partial App II NL NL
72 Acrossocheilus paradoxus potamodromous NL NL NL
73 Actinodura egertoni Rusty-fronted barwing Actinodure d'Egerton local migrant NL NL NL
74 Actophilornis africanus African jacana Jacana à poitrine dorée Jacana africana Blaustirn-Blatthühnchen nomadising NL NL NL
      Actophilornis africana (Synonym)
75 Addax nasomaculatus Addax Addax à nez tacheté Adax Mendesantilope intracontinental App I CR I
76 Aechmophorus clarkii Clark's grebe Grèbe à face blanche Achichilique de Clark Clarktaucher partial NL NL NL
77 Aechmophorus occidentalis Western grebe Grèbe élégant Achichilique común Renntaucher partial NL NL NL
78 Aegithalos niveogularis White-throated tit Mésange à gorge blanche NL NL NL
79 Aegolius acadicus Northern saw-whet owl Petite Nyctale Mochuelo cabezón Sägekauz partial NL NL II
80 Aegolius funereus Boreal owl Nyctale de tengmalm Mochuelo boreal Rauhfußkauz NL NL II
81 Aegypius monachus Cinereous vulture Vautour moine Buitre negro Mönchsgeier partial App II LRnt II
82 Aenigmatolimnas marginalis Striped crake Marouette rayée Polluela culirroja Graukehl-Sumpfhuhn partial App II NL NL
83 Aerodramus brevirostris Himalayan swiftlet Salangane de l'Himalaya Salangana de Himalaya Himalayasalangane partial NL LRnt NL
      Collocalia brevirostris (Synonym)
84 Aerodramus hirundinaceae Mountain swiftlet Salangane de montagne Salangana montana Bergsalangane NL NL NL
      Collocalia hirundinacea (Synonym)
85 Aerodramus maximus Black-nest swiftlet Salangane à nid noir Salangana nidonegro Schwarznestsalangane NL NL NL
      Collocalia maxima (Synonym)
86 Aeronautes saxatalis White-throated swift Martinet à gorge blanche Vencejo gorgiblanco Weißbrustsegler partial NL NL NL
87 Aethia cristatella Crested auklet Starique cristatelle Mérgulo empenchado Schopfalk intercontinental NL NL NL
88 Aethia pusilla Least auklet Starique minuscule Mérgulo mínimo Zwergalk intercontinental NL NL NL
89 Aethia pygmaea Whiskered auklet Starique pygmée Mérgulo bigotudo Bartalk intracontinental NL NL NL
90 Aethiomastacembelus nigromarginatus Spiny eel potamodromous NL NL NL
91 Aethopyga gouldiae Gould's sunbird Souimanga de Gould NL NL NL
92 Aetobatus flagellum Longheaded eagle ray amphidromous NL NL NL
93 Aetobatus narinari Spotted eagle ray Raie-lèopard Wakawa Gefleckter Adlerrochen amphidromous NL DD NL
94 Aetomylaeus nichofii Banded eagle ray amphidromous NL NL NL
95 Agelaius cyanopus Unicolored blackbird Carouge unicolore Varillero negro Einfarbstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
96 Agelaius flavus Saffron-cowled blackbird Carouge safran Tordo amarillo Gelbhaubenstärling Groms migrant App I VU I
      Xanthopsar flavus (Synonym)
97 Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged blackbird Carouge à épaulettes tordo sargento Rotschulterstärling range extension NL NL NL
98 Agelaius ruficapillus Chestnut-capped blackbird Carouge à calotte rousse Varillero congo Braunkopfstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
99 Agelaius thilius Yellow-winged blackbird Carouge galonné Varillero ala amarilla Goldschulterstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
100 Agelaius tricolor Tricolored blackbird Carouge de Californie tordo tricolor NL NL NL
101 Agonostomus monticola Mountain mullet Mulet de fleuve Trucha catadromous NL NL NL
102 Agonostomus telfairii Fairy mullet Chitte catadromous NL NL NL
103 Agriornis livida Great shrike-tyrant Grand Gaucho Gaucho grande Würgertyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
104 Agriornis microptera Grey-bellied shrike-tyrant Gaucho argentin Gaucho gris Weißbrauen-Würgertyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
105 Agriornis montana Black-bellied shrike-tyrant Gaucho à bec noir Gaucho serrano Bergtyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
106 Agriornis murina Lesser shrike-tyrant Gaucho souris Gaucho chico Maustyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
107 Agrius convolvuli Windenschwärmer NL NL NL
108 Agrotis ipsilon Ipsiloneule NL NL NL
109 Aimophila aestivalis Bachman's sparrow Bruant des pinèdes partial NL LRnt NL
110 Aimophila botterii Botteri's sparrow Bruant de Botteri zacatonero de Botteri Botteriammer range extension NL NL NL
111 Aimophila cassinii Cassin's sparrow Bruant de Cassin zacatonero de Cassin Cassinammer intracontinental NL NL NL
112 Aimophila ruficeps Rufous-crowned sparrow Bruant à calotte fauve zacatonero corona rufa NL NL NL
113 Aix galericulata Mandarin duck Canard mandarin Pato mandarín Mandarinente partial App II NL NL
114 Aix sponsa Wood duck Canard branchu Pato joyuyo Brautente partial App II NL NL
115 Ajaia ajaja Roseate spoonbill Spatule rosée Espátula rosada Rosalöffler partial NL NL NL
      Platalea ajaja (Synonym)
116 Alauda arvensis Skylark Alouette des champs Alondra común Feldlerche partial NL NL NL
117 Alauda gulgula Oriental skylark Alouette gulgule NL NL NL
118 Alauda japonica Japanese skylark Alouette du Japon NL NL NL
119 Albula glossodonta Roundjaw bonefish Banane Macabí boca redonda oceanodromous NL NL NL
120 Albula vulpes Bonefish Tarpon Zorro Frauenfisch amphidromous NL NL NL
121 Alburnoides bipunctatus Chub Spirlin Schneider potamodromous NL NL NL
122 Alburnus alburnus Bleak Sardine Alburno Ukelei potamodromous NL NL NL
123 Alca torda Razorbill Petit Pingouin Alca común Tordalk intercontinental NL NL NL
124 Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur d'Europe Martín pescador común Eisvogel partial NL NL NL
125 Alces alces Moose Elan Alce Elch local migrant NL LRnt NL
126 Alcippe cinerea Yellow-throated fulvetta Alcippe à gorge jaune local migrant NL NL NL
127 Alcippe cinereiceps Streak-throated fulvetta Alcippe à gorge rayée local migrant NL NL NL
128 Alcippe vinipectus White-browed fulvetta Alcippe de Hodgson local migrant NL NL NL
129 Alectoris barbara Barbary partridge Perdrix gambra Perdiz moruna Felsenhuhn local migrant NL NL NL
130 Alectrurus risora Strange-tailed tyrant Moucherolle à queue large Yetapá de collar intracontinental App I VU NL
131 Alectrurus tricolor Cock-tailed tyrant Moucherolle petit Yetapá chico Groms migrant App I VU NL
132 Alepes djedaba Shrimp scad Selar subari Jurel subarí amphidromous NL NL NL
133 Alepisaurus ferox oceanodromous NL NL NL
134 Alestes baremoze Silversides Péré potamodromous NL NL NL
135 Alestes dentex Characin potamodromous NL NL NL
136 Alestes lateralis Striped robber potamodromous NL NL NL
137 Alle alle Dovekie Mergule nain Mérgulo atlántico Krabbentaucher intercontinental NL NL NL
138 Allenbatrachus grunniens Frogfish Froschfisch amphidromous NL NL NL
139 Allocyttus folletti Oxeye oreo oceanodromous NL NL NL
140 Allocyttus niger Black oreo dory oceanodromous NL NL NL
141 Allocyttus verrucosus Black oreo oceanodromous NL NL NL
142 Alopias pelagicus Pelagic thresher Requin renard Tiburon zorro oceanodromous NL NL NL
143 Alopias superciliosus Bigeye thresher Renard à gros yeux Tiburón zorro de ojo grande Großäugiger Fuchshai oceanodromous NL NL NL
144 Alopias vulpinus Fox shark Poisson-épée Peje zorro Drescher oceanodromous NL DD NL
145 Alopochen aegyptiacus Egyptian goose Ouette d'Égypte Ganso del Nilo Nilgans local migrant App II NL III
146 Alosa aestivalis Blueback herring Alose d'été Sábalo del Canadá anadromous NL NL NL
147 Alosa alabamae Alabama shad Alose de l'Alabama Sábalo de Alabama anadromous NL EN NL
148 Alosa alosa Alice shad Alose Sábalo Alse anadromous NL DD NL
149 Alosa brashnikovi Caspian marine shad potamodromous NL NL NL
150 Alosa caspia caspia Caspian shad Alose Sábalo del Mar Negro anadromous NL NL NL
      Alosa caspia (Synonym)
151 Alosa chrysochloris Blue herring Alose dorée Sábalo del Golfo anadromous NL NL NL
152 Alosa fallax Killarney shad Vérot Alosa Elben anadromous NL DD NL
153 Alosa fallax nilotica anadromous NL NL NL
154 Alosa kessleri Black-spined herring Kaspischer Schwarzrücken anadromous NL NL NL
155 Alosa mediocris Bonejack Alose matte anadromous NL NL NL
156 Alosa pontica Black Sea herring Alose Sábalo del Mar Negro Donauhering anadromous NL DD NL
157 Alosa pseudoharengus Alewife Alose gaspareau Alosa Maifisch anadromous NL NL NL
158 Alosa sapidissima American shad Alose savoureuse Sábalo americano Amerikanischer Maifisch anadromous NL NL NL
159 Alosa saposhnikovi Bigeye shad potamodromous NL NL NL
160 Alosa tanaica Azov shad anadromous NL NL NL
161 Amaurornis akool Brown crake Râle akool Gallineta akool Braunbauch-kielralle NL NL NL
162 Amaurornis flavirostra Black crake Râle à bec jaune Polluela negra africana Mohrensumpfhuhn local migrant NL NL NL
      Amaurornis flavirostris (Synonym)
163 Amaurornis phoenicurus White-breasted waterhen Râle à poitrine blanche Gallineta pechiblanca Weißbrust-Kielralle partial NL NL NL
164 Amazilia violiceps Violet-crowned hummingbird Ariane à couronne violette Amazilia coronivioleta Veilchenscheitelamazilie partial NL NL II
165 Amazilia yucatanensis Buff-bellied hummingbird Ariane du Yucatan Amazilia yucateca Fahlbauchamazilie partial NL NL II
166 Amazona pretrei Red-spectacled amazon Amazone de Prêtre Amazona charao Prachtamazone Groms migrant NL VU I
167 Amazona tucumana Tucuman amazon Amazone de Tucuman Loro alisero Tucuman-Amazone local migrant App II NL I
168 Amazonetta brasiliensis Brazilian teal Canard amazonette Pato brasilieño Amazonasente Groms migrant App II NL NL
169 Ambassis agassizi Agassiz's olive glassfish potamodromous NL DD NL
170 Ambassis buruensis Buru glass perchlet diadromous NL NL NL
171 Ambassis commersonii Commerson's glassy perchlet Commerson's Glasbarsch oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
172 Ambassis gymnocephalus Bald glassy Marie Jeanne Glatzkopf amphidromous NL NL NL
173 Ambassis interrupta Glassfish potamodromous NL NL NL
174 Ambassis kopsii Freckled hawkfish amphidromous NL NL NL
175 Ambassis miops Flag-tailed glass perchlet amphidromous NL NL NL
176 Ambassis nalua Scalloped perchlet amphidromous NL NL NL
177 Ambassis urotaenia Banded-tail glassy perchlet amphidromous NL NL NL
178 Ambassis vachellii Vachelli's glass perchlet oceanodromous NL NL NL
179 Amblyeleotris gymnocephala Masked shrimpgoby amphidromous NL NL NL
180 Amblyopsis rosae Ozark cavefish potamodromous NL VU NL
181 Amblypharyngodon melettinus Attentive carplet potamodromous NL NL NL
182 Amblyraja radiata Thorny skate Raie radiée épineuse Raya radiante Sternrochen oceanodromous NL NL NL
183 Amblyramphus holosericeus Scarlet-headed blackbird Troupiale à tête rouge Rotkopfstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
184 Amblyrhynchichthys truncatus potamodromous NL NL NL
185 Ameiurus catus White catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
186 Ameiurus melas Black bullhead Poisson-chat Bagre Schwarzer Zwergwels amphidromous NL NL NL
187 Ammodramus bairdii Baird's sparrow Bruant de Baird gorrión de Baird Bairdammer intracontinental NL NL NL
188 Ammodramus caudacutus Saltmarsh sharp-tailed sparrow Bruant à queue aigue gorrión cola aguda intracontinental NL LRnt NL
189 Ammodramus henslowii Henslow's sparrow Bruant de Henslow Henslowammer intracontinental NL NL NL
190 Ammodramus humeralis Grassland sparrow Bruant des savanes Cachilo ceja amarilla Wachtelammer Groms migrant NL NL NL
191 Ammodramus leconteii Le Conte's sparrow Bruant de Le Conte gorrión de Le Conte Leconteammer intracontinental NL NL NL
192 Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper sparrow Bruant sauterelle gorrión chapulín Heuschreckenammer partial NL NL NL
193 Ammodytes hexapterus Pacific sand lance Lançon gourdeau oceanodromous NL NL NL
194 Ammodytes personatus Pacific sandeel Lançon du Pacifique Salton Sandaal oceanodromous NL NL NL
195 Ammomanes phoenicurus Rufous-tailed lark Ammomane à queue rouge Rotschwanzlerche Groms migrant NL NL NL
196 Amniataba percoides Barred grunter Gestreifter Grunzbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
197 Amphispiza belli Sage sparrow Bruant de Bell zacatonero de artemisa Beifußammer partial NL NL NL
198 Amphispiza bilineata Black-throated sparrow Bruant à gorge noire zacatonero garganta negra Schwarzkehlammer partial NL NL NL
199 Amphispiza quinquestriata Five-striped sparrow Bruant pentaligne zacatonero cinco rayas Fünfstreifenammer partial NL NL NL
200 Anabas testudineus Climbing perch Der Kletterfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
201 Anairetes flavirostris Yellow-billed tit-tyrant Taurillon à bec jaune Cachudito pico amarillo Gelbschnabeltachuri intracontinental NL NL NL
202 Anairetes parulus Tufted tit-tyrant Taurillon mésange Cachudito pico negro Meisentachuri intracontinental NL NL NL
203 Anarhichas denticulatus Northern wolffish Loup gélatineux Lobo Wasserkatze oceanodromous NL NL NL
204 Anarhichas lupus Wolf-fish Loup de mer Perro del norte Seewolf oceanodromous NL NL NL
205 Anarhichas minor Spotted wolffish Loup tacheté Gefleckter Seewolf oceanodromous NL NL NL
206 Anarhynchus frontalis Wrybill Pluvier anarhynque Chorlitejo piquituerto Schiefschnabel intracontinental App II VU NL
207 Anas acuta Northern pintail Canard pilet Ánade rabudo Spießente partial App II NL III
208 Anas americana American wigeon Canard d'Amérique Silbón americano Amerikanische Pfeifente intercontinental App II NL NL
209 Anas bahamensis White-cheeked pintail Canard des Bahamas Ánade gargantillo Bahamaente partial App II NL NL
210 Anas capensis Cape teal Canard du Cap Cerceta del Cabo Fahlente partial App II NL III
211 Anas castanea Chestnut teal Sarcelle rousse Cerceta castana Kastanienente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
212 Anas chlorotis Brown teal Sarcelle brune Cerceta maorí Aucklandente Possibly migratory NL EN NL
213 Anas clypeata Northern shoveler Canard souchet Cuchara común Löffelente partial App II NL III
214 Anas crecca Common teal Sarcelle d'hiver Cerceta común Krickente partial App II NL III
215 Anas cyanoptera Cinnamon teal Sarcelle cannelle Cerceta colorada Zimtente partial App II NL NL
216 Anas discors Blue-winged teal Sarcelle à ailes bleues Cerceta aliazul Blauflügelente intercontinental App II NL NL
217 Anas erythrorhyncha Redbilled duck Canard à bec rouge Ánade piquirrojo Rotschnabelente local migrant App II NL NL
218 Anas falcata Falcated duck Canard à faucilles Cerceta de alfanjes Sichelente intracontinental App II NL NL
219 Anas flavirostris Speckled teal Sarcelle tachetée Cerceta barcina Andenente partial App II NL NL
220 Anas formosa Baikal teal Sarcelle élégante Cerceta del Baikal Gluckente intracontinental App I & II VU II
221 Anas fulvigula Mottled duck Canard brun pato tejano NL NL NL
222 Anas georgica Yellow-billed pintail Canard à queue pointue Ánade maicero Spitzschwanzente partial App II NL NL
223 Anas gibberifrons Indonesian teal Sarcelle grise Cerceta grís Weißkehlente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
224 Anas hottentota Hottentot teal Sarcelle hottentote Cerceta Hotentote Hottentottenente local migrant App II NL NL
225 Anas penelope Eurasian wigeon Canard siffleur Silbón europeo Pfeifente partial App II NL III
226 Anas platalea Red shoveler Canard spatule Cucharán argentino Fuchslöffelente partial App II NL NL
227 Anas platyrhynchos Mallard Canard colvert Ánade azulón Stockente partial App II NL NL
228 Anas poecilorhyncha Spot-billed duck Canard à bec tacheté Ánade picopinto Fleckschnabel partial App II NL NL
229 Anas querquedula Garganey Sarcelle d'été Cerceta carretona Knäckente intercontinental App II NL III
230 Anas rhynchotis Australian shoveler Canard bridé Cuchara australiano Halbmond-Löffelenete Possibly migratory NL NL NL
231 Anas rubripes American black duck Canard noirâtre Ánade sombrío Dunkelente partial App II NL NL
232 Anas sibilatrix Chiloe wigeon Canard de Chiloé Silbón overo Chilepfeifente partial App II NL NL
233 Anas smithii Cape shoveler Canard de smith Cuchara del cabo Kaplöffelente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
234 Anas sparsa African black duck Canard noir Anade negro Schwarzente NL NL NL
235 Anas specularioides Crested duck Canard huppé Ánade jarjual Schopfente intracontinental App II NL NL
      Lophonetta specularoides (Synonym)
236 Anas specularis Spectacled duck Canard à lunettes Ánade anteojillo Kupferspiegelente intracontinental App II LRnt NL
237 Anas strepera Gadwall Canard chipeau Ánade friso Schnatterente partial App II NL NL
238 Anas superciliosa Pacific black duck Canard à sourcils Anade cejudo Augenbrauenete Possibly migratory NL NL NL
239 Anas undulata Yellow-billed duck Canard à bec jaune Ánade picolimón Gelbschnabelente local migrant App II NL NL
240 Anas versicolor Silver teal Sarcelle bariolée Cerceta capuchina Silberente partial App II NL NL
241 Anastomus lamelligerus African openbill stork Bec-ouvert africain Picotenaza africano Mohrenklaffschnabel partial NL NL NL
242 Anastomus oscitans Asian openbill stork Bec-ouvert indien Picotenaza asiático Silberklaffschnabel local migrant NL NL NL
243 Anchoa cayorum Key anchovy Anchois de Floride Manjuá de los cayos oceanodromous NL NL NL
244 Anchoa marinii Marini's anchovy oceanodromous NL NL NL
245 Anchoa mitchilli Bay anchovy Anchois bai Anchoa de caleta amphidromous NL NL NL
246 Anchovia clupeoides Zabaleta anchovy Zaran Sardina oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
247 Anchoviella guianensis Guyana anchovy Zaran Anchovieta de río potamodromous NL NL NL
248 Anchoviella lepidentostole Broadband anchovy Anchois gras Anchoa ñata anadromous NL NL NL
249 Anguilla anguilla Common eel Thaoundella Anguilla pugaron Aal catadromous NL NL NL
250 Anguilla australis Short-finned eel catadromous NL NL NL
251 Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis Indian longfin eel Anguila catadromous NL NL NL
252 Anguilla bengalensis labiata African mottled eel Anguille marbrée Anguila moteada catadromous NL NL NL
253 Anguilla bicolor bicolor Amalona Anguille à nageoire courte Anguila de aleta corta catadromous NL NL NL
254 Anguilla bicolor pacifica Indian short-finned eel catadromous NL NL NL
255 Anguilla celebesensis Celebes longfin eel catadromous NL NL NL
256 Anguilla dieffenbachii New Zealand longfin eel Anguilee de Nouvell-Zélande catadromous NL NL NL
257 Anguilla interioris Highlands long-finned eel catadromous NL NL NL
258 Anguilla japonica Freshwater eel Anguille du Japon Anguila Japanischer Aal catadromous NL NL NL
259 Anguilla malgumora catadromous NL NL NL
260 Anguilla marmorata Giant long-finned eel Congre catadromous NL NL NL
261 Anguilla megastoma Pacific eel catadromous NL NL NL
262 Anguilla mossambica African longfin eel Anguille à longue nageoire Anguila de aleta larga de Africa catadromous NL NL NL
263 Anguilla nebulosa Long-finned eel catadromous NL NL NL
264 Anguilla obscura Brown eel catadromous NL NL NL
265 Anguilla reinhardtii Australian mottled eel catadromous NL NL NL
266 Anguilla rostrata American eel Anguille americaine Anguila Amerikanischer Aal catadromous NL NL NL
267 Anhinga anhinga Anhinga Anhinga d'Amérique Anhinga americana Amerikanischer Schlangenhalsvogel partial NL NL NL
268 Anhinga melanogaster Darter Anhinga roux Anhinga común Schlangenhalsvogel nomadising NL LRnt NL
269 Anhinga rufa African darter Anhinga d'Afrique Anhinga común Schlangenhalsvogel nomadising NL NL NL
270 Anodontostoma chacunda Chacunda gizzard shad Alose chaconde Sábalo chacunda anadromous NL NL NL
271 Anodontostoma thailandiae Thai gizzard shad anadromous NL NL NL
272 Anodus elongatus Julilla potamodromous NL NL NL
273 Anoplopoma fimbria Black cod Charbonnier commune Bacalao negro oceanodromous NL NL NL
274 Anoura geoffroyi Geoffroy's tailless bat data deficient NL NL NL
275 Anous minutus Black noddy Noddi noir Tinosa menuda Weißkopfnoddi partial NL NL NL
276 Anous stolidus Brown noddy Noddi brun Tinosa boba Noddi partial NL NL NL
277 Anous tenuirostris Lesser noddy Noddi marianne Tinosa picofina Schlankschnabelnoddy possibly migratory NL NL NL
278 Anoxypristis cuspidata Knifetooth sawfish Pez espada amphidromous NL EN NL
279 Anser albifrons Greater white-fronted goose Oie rieuse Ánsar careto grande Bläßgans intercontinental App II NL NL
280 Anser anser Greylag goose Oie cendrée Ánsar común Graugans intercontinental App II NL NL
281 Anser brachyrhynchus Pinkfooted goose Oie à bec court Ánsar piquicorto Kurzschnabelgans intracontinental App II NL NL
282 Anser caerulescens Lesser snow goose Oie des neiges Ánsar nival Schneegans intercontinental App II NL NL
283 Anser canagica Emperor goose Oie empereur Ánsar emperador Kaisergans intercontinental App II LRnt NL
284 Anser cygnoides Swan goose Oie cygnoïde Ánsar cisnal Schwanengans intracontinental App I & II EN NL
285 Anser erythropus Lesser white-fronted goose Oie naine Ánsar chico Zwerggans intercontinental App I & II VU NL
286 Anser fabalis Bean goose Oie des moissons Ánsar campestre Saatgans intracontinental App II NL NL
287 Anser indicus Bar-headed goose Oie à tête barrée Ánsar indio Streifengans intracontinental App II NL NL
288 Anser rossii Ross's goose Oie de Ross Ánsar de Ross Zwergschneegans intracontinental App II NL NL
289 Anseranas semipalmata Magpie goose Canaroie semipalmée Ganso urraco Spaltfußgans nomadising App II NL NL
290 Anthracothorax nigricollis Black-throated mango Mango à cravate noire Mango gorginegro Schwarzbrust-Mangokolibri intracontinental NL NL II
291 Anthreptes metallicus Nile valley sunbird Souimanga du Nil Suimanga del valle del Nilo Erznektarvogel local migrant NL NL NL
      Hedydipna metallica (Synonym)
292 Anthreptes platurus Pygmy sunbird Souimanga pygmée Grünbrust-Nektarvogel NL NL NL
      Hedydipna platura (Synonym)
293 Anthus berthelotii Berthelot's pipit Pipit de Berthelot Bisbita caminero Kanarienpieper partial NL NL NL
294 Anthus campestris Tawny pipit Pipit rousseline Bisbita campestre Brachpieper intercontinental NL NL NL
295 Anthus cervinus Red-throated pipit Pipit à gorge rousse Bisbita gorgirrojo Rotkehlpipit intercontinental NL NL NL
296 Anthus chacoensis Chaco pipit Pipit du chaco Cachirla trinadora Chacopieper Groms migrant NL NL NL
297 Anthus chloris Yellow-breasted pipit Pipit à gorge jaune partial NL VU NL
298 Anthus correndera Correndera pipit Pipit correndera Cachirla común Kamppieper intracontinental NL NL NL
299 Anthus furcatus Short-billed pipit Pipit à plastron Cachirla uña corta Weißbauchpieper Groms migrant NL NL NL
300 Anthus godlewskii Blyth's pipit Pipit de Godlewski Godlewskipieper Groms migrant NL NL NL
301 Anthus gustavi Petchora pipit Pipit de la Petchora Petschorapieper intracontinental NL NL NL
302 Anthus hellmayri Hellmayr's pipit Pipit de Hellmayr Cachirla pálida Hellmayrpieper intracontinental NL NL NL
303 Anthus hodgsoni Olive-backed pipit Pipit à dos olive Bisbita de Hodgson Waldpieper intercontinental NL NL NL
304 Anthus latistriatus Jackson's pipit Pipit à raies larges Groms migrant NL NL NL
305 Anthus nattereri Ochre-breasted pipit Pipit ocré Cachirla dorada Groms migrant NL VU NL
306 Anthus novaeseelandiae Richard's pipit Pipit austral Spornpieper partial NL NL NL
307 Anthus petrosus Rock pipit Pipit maritime Bisbita costero Strandpieper partial NL NL NL
308 Anthus pratensis Meadow pipit Pipit farlouse Bisbita común Wiesenpieper intercontinental NL NL NL
309 Anthus roseatus Rosy pipit Pipit rosé NL NL NL
310 Anthus rubescens Buff-bellied pipit Pipit d'Amérique bisbita de agua Pazifikpieper intracontinental NL NL NL
311 Anthus spinoletta Water pipit Pipit spioncelle Bisbita alpino Wasserpieper intracontinental NL NL NL
312 Anthus spragueii Sprague's pipit Pipit de Sprague bisbita llanera intracontinental NL VU NL
313 Anthus sylvanus Upland pipit Pipit montagnard NL NL NL
314 Anthus trivialis Tree pipit Pipit des arbres Bisbita arbóreo Baumpieper intercontinental NL NL NL
315 Antrozous pallidus Desert pallid bat Groms migrant NL NL NL
316 Aphia minuta Transparent goby Nonnat Lorcho Glasgrundel oceanodromous NL NL NL
317 Aphriza virgata Surfbird Bécasseau du ressac Correlimos de rompientes Gischtläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
318 Apis dorsata Rock bee NL NL NL
319 Aplocheilichthys pfaffi Pfaff's lampeye Pfaffs Leuchtaugenfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
320 Aplocheilichthys schioetzi Schiötz' lampeye Schiötz' Leuchtaugenfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
321 Aplochiton taeniatus amphidromous NL DD NL
322 Aplochiton zebra amphidromous NL NL NL
323 Apocryptes bato amphidromous NL NL NL
324 Apogon quadrifasciatus Twostripe cardinal amphidromous NL NL NL
325 Aptenodytes forsteri Emperor penguin Manchot empereur Pingüino emperador Kaiserpinguin intracontinental NL NL NL
326 Aptenodytes patagonicus King penguin Manchot royal Pingüino rey Königspinguin partial NL NL NL
327 Apus acuticauda Dark-rumped swift Martinet de l'Assam Vencejo de los Khasi Glanzrückensegler intracontinental NL VU NL
328 Apus affinis Little swift Martinet des maisons Vencejo moro Haussegler partial NL NL NL
329 Apus apus Eurasian swift Martinet noir Vencejo común Mauersegler intercontinental NL NL NL
330 Apus barbatus African swift Martinet du Cap Vencejo de el cabo Kapsegler partial NL DD NL
      Apus barbatus barbatus (Synonym)
331 Apus berliozi Forbes-Watson swift Martinet de Berlioz Vencejo de Socotra Sokotrasegler partial NL NL NL
332 Apus bradfieldi Bradfield's swift Martinet de bradfield Vencejo de namibia Damarasegler NL NL NL
      Micropus bradfieldi (Synonym)
333 Apus caffer White-rumped swift Martinet cafre Vencejo cafre Kaffernsegler intercontinental NL NL NL
334 Apus horus Horus swift Martinet horus Vencejo Horus Horussegler local migrant NL NL NL
335 Apus niansae Nyanza swift Martinet du Nyanza Vencejo de Nyanza Braunsegler partial NL NL NL
336 Apus nipalensis House swift Martinet malais Vencejo oriental Haussegler NL NL NL
      Cypselus nipalensis (Synonym)
337 Apus pacificus Pacific swift Martinet de Sibérie Vencejo del Pacífico Pazifiksegler partial NL NL NL
338 Apus pallidus Pallid swift Martinet pâle Vencejo pálido Fahlsegler partial NL NL NL
339 Apus sladeniae Fernando Po swift partial NL DD NL
      Apus barbatus sladeniae (Synonym)
340 Apus unicolor Plain swift Martinet unicolore Vencejo unicolor Einfarbsegler partial NL NL NL
341 Aquila adalberti Spanish imperial eagle Aigle ibérique Águila imperial ibérica Spanischer Kaiseradler partial App I & II VU I
342 Aquila chrysaetos Golden eagle Aigle royal Águila real Steinadler partial App II NL II
343 Aquila clanga Greater spotted eagle Aigle criard Águila moteada Schelladler intercontinental App I & II VU II
344 Aquila heliaca Imperial eagle Aigle impérial Águila imperial oriental Kaiseradler intercontinental App I & II VU I
345 Aquila nipalensis Steppe eagle Aigle des steppes Águila esteparia Steppenadler intercontinental App II NL II
346 Aquila pomarina Lesser spotted eagle Aigle pomarin Águila pomerana Schreiadler intercontinental App II NL II
347 Aquila rapax Tawny eagle Aigle ravisseur Águlia rapaz Savannenadler nomadising App II NL II
348 Aquila wahlbergi Wahlberg´s eagle Aigle de Wahlberg Águila de Wahlberg Silberadler intracontinental App II NL II
349 Aramus guarauna Limpkin Courlan brun Carraro Rallenkranich partial NL NL NL
350 Archilochus alexandri Black-chinned hummingbird Colibri à gorge noire Colibrí gorginegro Schwarzkinnkolibri intracontinental NL NL II
351 Archilochus colubris Ruby-throated hummingbird Colibri à gorge rubis Colibrí gorgirrubi Rubinkehlkolibri intracontinental NL NL II
352 Arctocephalus australis South American fur seal Otarie à criniere d'Amérique du Sud Lobo fino sudamericano, Lobo fino austral Südamerikanischer Seebär partial App II NL II
353 Arctocephalus forsteri New Zealand fur seal Otarie à fourrure de Nouvelle-Zélande Neuseeland-Seebär intraoceanic NL NL II
354 Arctocephalus philippi Juan Fernandez fur seal Arctocéphale de Juan Fernandez Oso marino de Chile partial NL VU II
355 Arctocephalus pusillus Cape fur seal Otarie à fourrure d'Afrique du Sud Südafrikanischer Seebär intraoceanic NL NL II
356 Arctocephalus townsendi Guadelupe fur seal Otarie de Townsend Oso marino de Guadalupe Guadelupe-Seebär partial NL VU I
357 Arctocephalus tropicalis Sub-Antarctic fur seal Otarie de subantarctique Lobo fino austral Subantarktische Pelzrobbe interoceanic NL NL II
358 Ardea cinerea Grey heron Héron cendré Garza real Graureiher partial NL NL NL
359 Ardea cocoi Cocoi heron Héron cocoi Garza cuca Cocoireiher local migrant NL NL NL
360 Ardea goliath Goliath heron Héron goliath Garza goliat Goliathreiher partial NL NL III
361 Ardea herodias Great blue heron Grand Héron Garza azulada Kanadareiher partial NL NL NL
362 Ardea melanocephala Black-headed heron Héron mélanocéphale Garza cabecinegra Schwarzhalsreiher partial NL NL NL
363 Ardea pacifica White-necked heron Héron à tête blanche Garza cuelliblanca Weißhalsreiher nomadising NL NL NL
364 Ardea purpurea Purple heron Héron pourpré Garza imperial Purpurreiher partial App II (Pop) NL NL
365 Ardeola bacchus Chinese pond-heron Crabier chinois Garcilla china Bacchusreiher partial NL NL NL
366 Ardeola idae Madagascar pond-heron Crabier blanc Garcilla malgache Dickschnabelreiher intracontinental App II VU NL
367 Ardeola ralloides Sqacco heron Crabier chevelu Garcilla cangrejera Rallenreiher partial NL NL NL
368 Ardeola rufiventris Rufous-bellied heron Crabier à ventre roux Garcilla ventriroja Rotbauchreiher local migrant App II NL NL
369 Ardeola speciosa Javan pond-heron Crabier malais Garcilla indonesia Prachtreiher local migrant NL NL NL
370 Ardeotis arabs Arabian bustard Outarde arabe Avutarda árabe Arabertrappe data deficient NL NL II
371 Ardeotis kori Kori bustard Outarde kori Avutarda Kori Riesentrappe local migrant NL NL II
372 Ardeotis nigriceps Indian bustard Outarde à tête noire Avutarda india Hindutrappe nomadising NL EN I
373 Arenaria interpres Ruddy turnstone Tournepierre à collier Vuelvepiedras común Steinwälzer intercontinental App II NL NL
374 Arenaria melanocephala Black turnstone Tournepierre noir Vuelvepiedras oscuro Schwarzkopf-Steinwälzer intracontinental App II NL NL
375 Argentina silus Atlantic argentine Saumon doré Sula Goldlachs oceanodromous NL NL NL
376 Argyropelecus affinis Deepsea hatchetfish Pez hacha laminado oceanodromous NL NL NL
377 Argyropelecus olfersi Silver hatchetfish Pez hacha luminoso Silberbeil oceanodromous NL NL NL
378 Argyrosomus coronus oceanodromous NL NL NL
379 Argyrosomus inodorus oceanodromous NL NL NL
380 Argyrosomus japonicus Japanese meagre oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
381 Argyrosomus regius Croaker Maigre Corbina Umberfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
382 Ariomma indica Fork tail Ariomme indienne Arioma índica oceanodromous NL NL NL
383 Ariosoma balearicum Bandtooth conger Congre des Baléares Varga oceanodromous NL NL NL
384 Aristichthys nobilis Bighead carp Carpe marbrée Carpa cabezona Marmorkarpfen potamodromous NL NL NL
385 Arius acutirostris amphidromous NL NL NL
386 Arius arius Threadfin sea catfish Mâchoiron fouet Bagre filamentoso amphidromous NL NL NL
387 Arius burmanicus amphidromous NL NL NL
388 Arius caelatus Engraved catfish Mâchoiron masque Bagre mascarilla amphidromous NL NL NL
389 Arius gagora Gagora catfish amphidromous NL NL NL
390 Arius graeffei Lesser salmon catfish Lachswels diadromous NL NL NL
391 Arius jatius River catfish amphidromous NL NL NL
392 Arius jella Blackfin sea catfish Mâchoiron aile noire Bagre alinegro amphidromous NL NL NL
393 Arius maculatus potamodromous NL NL NL
      Arius thunbergi (Synonym)
394 Arius madagascariensis Madagascar sea catfish Mâchoiron malgache Bagre malgache anadromous NL NL NL
395 Arius platystomus Flatmouth sea catfish Mâchoiron canard Bagre pato amphidromous NL NL NL
396 Arius sagor Sagor catfish Mâchoiron sagor Bagre sagor amphidromous NL NL NL
397 Arius sona Sona sea catfish Mâchoiron goujon Bagre sona amphidromous NL NL NL
398 Arius tenuispinis Thinspine sea catfish Mâchoiron aiguillette Bagre aqujilla amphidromous NL NL NL
399 Arius thalassinus Giant seacatfish Mâchoiron titan Bagre titán amphidromous NL NL NL
400 Arius velutinus Papillate catfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
401 Arrhamphus sclerolepis sclerolepis Northern snubnose garfish diadromous NL NL NL
402 Arripis trutta Australian salmon anadromous NL NL NL
403 Artamus leucorynchus White-breasted woodswallow NL NL NL
404 Artamus minor Little woodswallow Petit Langrayen NL NL NL
405 Artamus personatus Masked woodswallow Langrayen masqué NL NL NL
406 Artamus superciliosus White-browed woodswallow Langrayen bridé NL NL NL
407 Artibeus hirsutus Hairy fruit-eating bat data deficient NL VU NL
408 Artibeus jamaicensis Jamaican fruit bat data deficient NL NL NL
409 Artibeus lituratus Great fruit-eating bat data deficient NL NL NL
410 Arundinicola leucocephala NL NL NL
411 Asio flammeus Short-eared owl Hibou des marais Buho campestre Sumpfohreule intracontinental NL NL II
412 Asio otus Northern long-eared owl Hibou moyen-duc Buho chico Waldohreule partial NL NL II
413 Aspiolucius esocinus Pike asp potamodromous NL VU NL
414 Aspius aspius Aral asp Aspe Rapfen potamodromous NL DD NL
415 Asthenes anthoides Austral canastero Synallaxe austral Espartillero austral Kingschlüpfer intracontinental NL NL NL
416 Asthenes hudsoni Hudson's canastero Synallaxe de Hudson Espartillero pampeano Grundschlüpfer Groms migrant NL NL NL
417 Asthenes pyrrholeuca Sharp-billed canastero Synallaxe vannier Canastero coludo Ockerkehlschlüpfer intracontinental NL NL NL
418 Astronesthes cyclophotus oceanodromous NL NL NL
419 Astronesthes gemmifer Snaggletooth oceanodromous NL NL NL
420 Astronesthes lupina oceanodromous NL NL NL
421 Astronesthes richardsoni Tachonado oceanodromous NL NL NL
422 Astyanax bimaculatus Twospot astyanax Yaya Rautensalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
423 Astyanax eigenmanniorum potamodromous NL NL NL
424 Astyanax fasciatus Banded astyanax Viejita Amerikanischer Streifensalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
425 Astyanax mexicanus Mexican tetra Blinder Höhlensalmler potamodromous NL VU NL
426 Atherina boyeri Big-scale sand smelt Joël Pejerrey amphidromous NL DD NL
427 Atherina presbyter Atherine Prêtre Piarda Ährenfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
428 Atherinomorus duodecimalis Tropical silverside Athérine tropicale Pejerrey tropical oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
429 Atherinosoma microstoma Small-mouth hardyhead anadromous NL NL NL
430 Atrobucca marleyi African blackmouth croaker oceanodromous NL NL NL
431 Atropus atropos Cleftbelly trevally Pámpano de quilla amphidromous NL NL NL
432 Attila bolivianus NL NL NL
433 Attila phoenicurus Rufous-tailed attila Attila à queue rousse Kurzschnabel-Attila intracontinental NL NL NL
434 Auchenoglanis biscutatus Gelber Stachelwels potamodromous NL NL NL
435 Auchenoglanis occidentalis Bubu Giraffenwels potamodromous NL NL NL
436 Autographa gamma Gammaeule NL NL NL
437 Auxis rochei rochei Bullet mackerel Bonitou Melvera Fregattmakrele oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Auxis rochei (Synonym)
438 Auxis thazard thazard Frigate tuna Auxide Barrileto negro Fregattmakrele oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Auxis thazard (Synonym)
439 Aviceda cuculoides African baza Baza coucou Baza africano Kuckucksweih partial App II NL II
440 Aviceda jerdoni Jerdon´s baza Baza de Jerdon Baza oriental Hinduweih partial App II NL II
441 Aviceda leuphotes Black baza Baza huppard Baza negro Dreifarbenweih intracontinental App II NL II
442 Awaous grammepomus Scribbled goby amphidromous NL NL NL
443 Awaous guamensis Oopu Nakea amphidromous NL DD NL
444 Awaous melanocephalus Largesnout goby amphidromous NL NL NL
445 Awaous ocellaris amphidromous NL NL NL
446 Awaous tajasica Sand fish Saga catadromous NL NL NL
447 Aythya affinis Lesser scaup Petit Fuligule Porrón bola Kleine Bergente partial App II NL NL
448 Aythya americana Redhead Fuligule à tête rouge Porrón americano Rotkopfente partial App II NL NL
449 Aythya australis Hardhead Fuligule austral Porrón australiano Tasmanmoorente partial App II NL NL
450 Aythya baeri Baer's pochard Fuligule de Baer Porrón de Baer Baermoorente intracontinental App II VU NL
451 Aythya collaris Ring-necked duck Fuligule à collier Porrón acollarado Ringschnabelente partial App II NL NL
452 Aythya ferina Common pochard Fuligule milouin Porrón europeo Tafelente intercontinental App II NL NL
453 Aythya fuligula Tufted duck Fuligule morillon Porrón moñudo Reiherente partial App II NL NL
454 Aythya marila Greater scaup Fuligule milouinan Porrón bastardo Bergente partial App II NL NL
455 Aythya nyroca Ferruginous pochard Fuligule nyroca Porrón pardo Moorente intercontinental App I & II LRnt III
456 Aythya valisineria Canvasback Fuligule à dos blanc Porrón coacoxtle Vallisneriaente partial App II NL NL
457 Bagarius bagarius Goonch Teufelswels potamodromous NL NL NL
458 Bagarius suchus Crocodile catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
459 Bagarius yarrelli Goonch potamodromous NL NL NL
      Bagarius yarelli (Synonym)
460 Bagrichthys macropterus False black lancer potamodromous NL NL NL
461 Bagrus bajad Bayad Bajad-Stachelwels potamodromous NL NL NL
462 Balaena mysticetus Bowhead whale Baleine du Groenland Ballena de Groenlandia Grönlandwal interoceanic App I CR I
463 Balaeniceps rex Shoebill Bec-en-sabot du Nil Picozapato Schuhschnabel Small scale displacemet NL LRnt II
464 Balaenoptera acutorostrata Northern minke whale Petit rorqual Rorcual menor Zwergwal interoceanic NL LRnt I/II
465 Balaenoptera bonaerensis Antarctic minke whale Petit rorqual austral Ballena minke Antártica Antarktischer Zwergwal interoceanic App II LRcd I
466 Balaenoptera borealis Sei whale Baleinoptere de Rudolphi Rorcual norteño Seiwal interoceanic App I & II EN I
467 Balaenoptera edeni Bryde's whale Rorqual tropical Ballena de Bryde Brydewal intraoceanic App II DD I
468 Balaenoptera musculus Blue whale Baleine bleue Ballena azul Blauwal interoceanic App I VU I
469 Balaenoptera physalus Fin whale Baleine fine Rorcual común Finnwal interoceanic App I & II EN I
470 Balantiopteryx io Thomas' sac-winged bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
471 Balantiopteryx plicata Peters' sac-winged bat data deficient NL NL NL
472 Balearica regulorum Grey crowned crane Grue royale Grulla Coronada Cuelligris Südafrikanischer Kronenkranich Local and seasonal movements NL NL II
473 Bangana behri potamodromous NL NL NL
474 Bangana dero Kalabans potamodromous NL NL NL
475 Barbastella barbastellus Barbastelle bat Barbastelle d'Europe Murciélago de bosque Mopsfledermaus partial App II (Pop) VU NL
476 Barbastella leucomelas Eastern barbastelle possibly migratory App II (Pop) NL NL
477 Barbatula barbatula Stone loach Schmerlé Pez lobo Sibirische Steinschmerle potamodromous NL NL NL
478 Barbodes altus Red tailed tinfoil potamodromous NL NL NL
479 Barbodes gonionotus Java barb Barbeau argenté de Thaïlande Barbo plateado de Tailandia potamodromous NL NL NL
480 Barbodes hexagonolepis Copper mahseer potamodromous NL NL NL
      Neolissochilus hexagonolepis (Synonym)
481 Barbodes schwanenfeldii Goldfoil barb Brassenbarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
482 Barbus ablabes potamodromous NL NL NL
483 Barbus aeneus Callanwilliam yellowfish potamodromous NL NL NL
484 Barbus barbus Barbel Barbot Barbo de rio Barbe potamodromous NL NL NL
485 Barbus baudoni Baudonibarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
486 Barbus bifrenatus Hyphen barb potamodromous NL NL NL
487 Barbus brachycephalus brachycephalus Aral barbel potamodromous NL NL NL
488 Barbus bynni waldroni potamodromous NL NL NL
489 Barbus capensis Clanwilliam yellowfish potamodromous NL VU NL
490 Barbus eurystomus potamodromous NL NL NL
491 Barbus eutaenia Orangefin barb potamodromous NL NL NL
492 Barbus hypsolepis potamodromous NL NL NL
493 Barbus johnstonii potamodromous NL NL NL
494 Barbus kimberleyensis Largemouth yellowfish potamodromous NL VU NL
495 Barbus leonensis potamodromous NL NL NL
496 Barbus liberiensis potamodromous NL NL NL
497 Barbus lineomaculatus Line-spotted barb potamodromous NL NL NL
498 Barbus litamba potamodromous NL NL NL
499 Barbus macinensis potamodromous NL NL NL
500 Barbus macrops Blackstripe barb Afrikanische Längsstreifenbarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
501 Barbus marequensis Largescale yellowfish potamodromous NL NL NL
502 Barbus mattozi Papermouth potamodromous NL NL NL
503 Barbus natalensis Natal yellowfish potamodromous NL NL NL
504 Barbus plebejus Italian Barbel Südbarbe potamodromous NL LRnt NL
505 Barbus pobeguini potamodromous NL NL NL
506 Barbus pumilus potamodromous NL NL NL
507 Barbus stigmatopygus potamodromous NL NL NL
508 Barbus sublineatus Morsebarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
509 Barbus toppini East coast barb Toppins Barbe potamodromous NL NL NL
510 Barbus trimaculatus Threespot barb potamodromous NL NL NL
511 Barilius bendelisis Hamilton's barila potamodromous NL NL NL
512 Bartramia longicauda Upland sandpiper Maubèche des champs Correlimos batitu Prärieläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
513 Bascanichthys deraniyagalai Indian longtailed sand-eel amphidromous NL NL NL
514 Basileuterus lachrymosa Fan-tailed Warbler NL NL NL
515 Basileuterus leucoblepharus White-rimmed warbler Paruline à paupières blanches Arañero silbón Olivflanken-Waldsänger Groms migrant NL NL NL
516 Batasio tengana Assamese batasio amphidromous NL NL NL
517 Bathygobius fuscus Dusky frillgoby amphidromous NL NL NL
518 Bathygobius ostreicola amphidromous NL NL NL
519 Bathylychnops exilis Javelin spookfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
520 Belodontichthys dinema potamodromous NL NL NL
521 Belone belone belone Gar-fish Agujo Saltón Hornhecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
522 Belontia hasselti Malay combtail Wabenschwanz-Makropode potamodromous NL NL NL
523 Benthalbella infans Zugmayer's pearleye oceanodromous NL NL NL
524 Benthalbella macropinna oceanodromous NL NL NL
525 Benthosema fibulatum Gilbert and Cramer's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
526 Benthosema suborbitale Lanternfish Pez linterna suborbital oceanodromous NL NL NL
527 Berardius arnuxii Arnoux´s beaked whale Bérardien d'Arnoux Ballena de pico de Arnoux Südlicher Schwarzwal data deficient NL LRcd I
528 Berardius bairdii Baird's beaked whale Baleine à bec de Baird Zifio de Baird Baird-Schnabelwal intraoceanic App II LRcd I
529 Bias flammulatus African shrike-flycatcher Bias écorcheur Schnäpperwürger data deficient NL NL NL
530 Bidyanus bidyanus Bidyan perch Australischer Silberbarsch potamodromous NL VU NL
531 Bison bison American bison Bison d'Amerique Bisonte Americano Amerikanischer Bison intracontinental NL LRcd II
532 Bison bonasus European bison Bison d'Europe Bisonte europeo Wisent intracontinental NL EN NL
533 Biziura lobata Musk duck Erismature à barbillons Malvasía de papada Lappenente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
534 Blicca bjoerkna White bream Petite brème Pliete potamodromous NL NL NL
535 Boesemania microlepis Boeseman croaker potamodromous NL NL NL
536 Bolborhynchus aurifrons Mountain parakeet Toui à bandeau jaune Catita frentidorada Zitronensittich local migrant NL NL II
537 Bolborhynchus aymara Grey-hooded parakeet Toui aymara Catita Aimará Aymarasittich local migrant NL NL II
538 Bolborhynchus lineola Barred parakeet Toui catherine Catita barrada Katharinasittich nomadising NL NL II
539 Boleophthalmus boddarti Boddart's goggle-eyed goby amphidromous NL NL NL
540 Boleophthalmus dussumieri amphidromous NL NL NL
541 Bolinichthys longipes Popeye lampfish Linternilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
542 Bolinichthys photothorax Pez linterna alilargo oceanodromous NL NL NL
543 Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar waxwing Jaseur d'Amérique ampelis chinito Zedernseidenschwanz intracontinental NL NL NL
544 Bombycilla garrulus Bohemian waxwing Jaseur boréal Ampelis europeo Seidenschwanz emigration NL NL NL
545 Bombycilla japonica Japanese waxwing Jaseur du Japon NL LRnt NL
546 Boops boops Bogue Bogue Boga Gelbstriemen oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
547 Boreogadus saida Polar cod Saida Bacalao polar Polardorsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
548 Borostomias antarcticus Snaggletooth oceanodromous NL NL NL
549 Bos grunniens Wild yak Yack sauvage Yak Wildyak technical migrant App I VU NL
550 Bos primigenius European wild ox Aurochs Uro Auerochse possibly migratory NL NL NL
551 Bos sauveli Kouprey Kouprey Kouprey Kuprey technical migrant App I CR I
552 Bostrychia hagedash Hadada ibis Ibis hagedash Ibis hadada Hagedasch local migrant NL NL III
553 Botaurus lentiginosus North American bittern Butor d'Amérique Avetoro lentiginoso Nordamerikanische Rohrdommel partial NL NL NL
554 Botaurus pinnatus Pinnated bittern Butor mirasol Mirasol grande Südamerikanische Rohrdommel intracontinental NL NL NL
555 Botaurus poiciloptilus Australasian bittern Butor d'Australie Avetoro australiano Australische Rohrdommel range extension NL VU NL
556 Botaurus stellaris Great bittern Butor étoilé Avetoro común Rohrdommel partial App II (Pop) NL NL
557 Botia helodes Tiger botia Tigerschmerle potamodromous NL NL NL
558 Botia modesta Orangefin loach Grüne Schmerle potamodromous NL NL NL
559 Brachyamblyopus burmanicus amphidromous NL NL NL
560 Brachyamblyopus urolepis Scaleless worm goby diadromous NL NL NL
561 Brachygobius nunus Bumblebee goby amphidromous NL NL NL
562 Brachymystax lenok Lenok anadromous NL NL NL
563 Brachymystax savinovi anadromous NL NL NL
564 Brachyplatystoma filamentosum Kumakuma Torche Bagre laulau potamodromous NL NL NL
565 Brachyplatystoma flavicans Gilded catfish Dorad potamodromous NL NL NL
566 Brachyplatystoma vaillantii Laulao catfish Poucici Valentón potamodromous NL NL NL
567 Brachypteryx stellata Gould's shortwing Brachyptère étoilée altitudinal movement NL NL NL
568 Brachyramphus brevirostris Kittlitz's murrelet Guillemot de Kittlitz Mérgulo piquicorto Kurzschnabelalk intercontinental NL NL NL
569 Brachyramphus marmoratus Marbled murrelet Guillemot marbré Mérgulo jaspeado Marmelalk intraoceanic NL VU NL
570 Bradypterus barratti African scrub-warbler Bouscarle des fourrés Barrattbuschsänger local migrant NL NL NL
571 Bradypterus tacsanowskius Chinese bush warbler intracontinental App II NL NL
572 Bradypterus thoracicus Spotted bush warbler Bouscarle tachetée intracontinental App II NL NL
573 Brama brama Angel fish Rondanin Casteñeta Brachsenmakrele oceanodromous NL NL NL
574 Brama dussumieri Lowfin pomfret Castagnole mignonne Japuta menuda oceanodromous NL NL NL
575 Brama japonica Pacific pomfret Castagnole du Pacifique Japuta oceanodromous NL NL NL
576 Branta bernicla Brent goose Bernache cravant Barnacla carinegra Ringelgans intercontinental App II NL NL
577 Branta canadensis Canada goose Bernache du Canada Barnacla canadiense Kanadagans partial App II NL I (pop)
578 Branta leucopsis Barnacle goose Bernache nonnette Barnacla cariblanca Nonnengans intercontinental App II NL NL
579 Branta ruficollis Red-breasted goose Bernache à cou roux Barnacla cuelliroja Rothalsgans intercontinental App I & II VU II
580 Bregmaceros atlanticus Antenna codlet Ciliado oceanodromous NL NL NL
581 Bregmaceros japonicus Japanese unicorn-cod oceanodromous NL NL NL
582 Bregmaceros mcclellandi Codlet Varlet de l'Océan Indien Bregmacero manchado oceanodromous NL NL NL
583 Brevoortia tyrannus Atlantic menhaden Alose-tyran Menhaden Menhaden oceanodromous NL NL NL
584 Brienomyrus longianalis Schmaler Nilhecht potamodromous NL NL NL
585 Brosme brosme Tusk Brosme Brosmio Lumb oceanodromous NL NL NL
586 Brotogeris pyrrhopterus Grey-cheeked parakeet Toui flamboyant Catita macarena Feuerflügelsittich possibly migratory App I EN II
587 Brycinus imberi Imberi Roter Kongosalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
588 Brycinus leuciscus Afrkanischer Weißfischsalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
589 Brycinus longipinnis Longfin tetra Langflossensalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
590 Brycinus luteus potamodromous NL NL NL
591 Brycinus macrolepidotus True big-scale tetra Großschuppiger Brycinus potamodromous NL NL NL
592 Brycinus nurse Nurse tetra potamodromous NL NL NL
593 Brycon melanopterus Kielstrichsalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
594 Brycon whitei potamodromous NL NL NL
595 Bryconamericus deuterodonoides potamodromous NL NL NL
596 Bubulcus ibis Cattle egret Héron garde-boeufs Garcilla bueyera Kuhreiher partial NL NL III
597 Bucephala albeola Bufflehead Petit Garrot Porrón albeola Büffelkopfente intercontinental App II NL NL
598 Bucephala clangula Common goldeneye Garrot à oeil d'or Porrón osculado Schellente partial App II NL NL
599 Bucephala islandica Barrow's goldeneye Garrot d'Islande Porrón islándico Spatelente partial App II NL NL
600 Bulweria bifax St. Helena Bulwer´s petrel intraoceanic NL EX NL
601 Bulweria bulwerii Bulwer's petrel Pétrel de Bulwer Petrel de Bulwer Bulwersturmvogel interoceanic NL NL NL
602 Bulweria fallax Jouanin´s petrel Pétrel de Jouanin Jouanins Sturmvogel intraoceanic NL LRnt NL
603 Burhinus bistriatus Double-striped thick-knee Oedicnème bistrié Alcaraván venezolano Dominikanertriel range extension NL NL III
604 Burhinus capensis Spotted thicknee Oedicnème tachard Alcaraván del Cabo Kaptriel range extension NL NL NL
605 Burhinus grallarius Bush thick-nee Oedicnéme bridé Alcaraván colilargo Langschwanztriel NL LRnt NL
606 Burhinus oedicnemus Stone curlew Oedicnème criard Alcaraván común Triel intercontinental App II NL NL
607 Burhinus senegalensis Senegal thick-knee Oedicnème du Sénégal Alcaraván senegales Senegaltriel partial NL NL NL
608 Butastur indicus Grey-faced buzzard Busautour à joues grises Busardo carigrís Kiefernteesa intracontinental App II NL II
609 Butastur rufipennis Grasshopper buzzard Busautour des sauterelles Busardo langostero Heuschreckenteesa intracontinental App II NL II
610 Buteo albicaudatus White-tailed hawk Buse à queue blanche Busardo coliblanco Weißschwanzbussard local migrant App II NL II
611 Buteo albigula White-throated hawk Buse à gorge blanche Busardo gorgiblanco Weißkehlbussard partial App II NL II
612 Buteo albonotatus Zone-tailed hawk Buse à queue barrée Busardo aura Mohrenbussard partial App II NL II
613 Buteo auguralis Red-necked buzzard Buse d'Afrique Busardo cuellirrojo Salvadoribussard intracontinental App II NL II
614 Buteo brachyurus Short-tailed hawk Buse à queue courte Bussardo colicorto Kurzschwanzbussard partial App II NL II
615 Buteo buteo Common buzzard Buse variable Busardo ratonero Mäusebussard partial App II NL II
616 Buteo hemilasius Upland buzzard Buse de Chine Busardo mongol Mongolenbussard intracontinental App II NL II
617 Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed hawk Buse à queue rousse Busardo colirrojo Rotschwanzbussard partial App II NL II
618 Buteo lagopus Rough-legged hawk Buse pattue Busardo calzado Rauhfußbussard intracontinental App II NL II
619 Buteo lineatus Red-shouldered hawk Buse à épaulettes Busardo hombrorrojo Rotschulterbussard partial App II NL II
620 Buteo nitidus Grey-lined hawk Buse cendrée Busardo gris Zweibindenbussard partial App II NL II
621 Buteo oreophilus Mountain buzzard Buse montagnarde Busardo montanés Bergbussard partial App II NL II
622 Buteo platypterus Broad-winged hawk Petite Buse Busardo aliancho Breitflügelbussard intercontinental App II NL II
623 Buteo polyosoma Red-backed hawk Buse tricolore Busardo dorsirrojo Rotrückenbussard partial App II NL II
624 Buteo regalis Ferruginous hawk Buse rouilleuse Busardo herrumbroso Königsbussard intracontinental App II LRnt II
625 Buteo rufinus Long-legged buzzard Buse féroce Busardo moro Adlerbussard partial App II NL II
626 Buteo swainsoni Swainson's hawk Buse de Swainson Busardo chapulinero Präriebussard intercontinental App II NL II
627 Buteogallus anthracinus Common black-hawk Buse noire Busardo-negro norteño Krabbenbussard partial App II NL II
628 Buteogallus meridionalis Savanna hawk Buse roussâtre Busardo sabanero Savannenbussard partial App II NL II
629 Butis butis Duckbill sleeper Spitzkopfgrundel amphidromous NL LRnt NL
630 Butis melanostigma Black-spotted gudgeon amphidromous NL NL NL
631 Butorides striatus Green-backed heron Héron strié Garcitas verdosa Mangrovenreiher partial NL NL NL
632 Cacatua sanguinea Little corella Cacatoès corella NL NL II
633 Cacicus chrysopterus Golden-winged cacique Cassique à épaulettes Boyero ala amarilla Goldschulterkassike Groms migrant NL NL NL
634 Cacicus solitarius Solitary cacique Cassique solitaire Boyero negro Stahlkassike Groms migrant NL NL NL
635 Cacomantis castaneiventris Chestnut-breasted cuckoo Coucou à poitrine rousse Cuco ventricastano Rostbauchkuckuck Groms migrant NL NL NL
636 Cacomantis flabelliformes Fan-tailed cuckoo Coucou à éventail Cuco flabeliforme Fächerschwanzkuckuck partial NL NL NL
637 Cacomantis merulinus Plaintive cuckoo Coucou plaintif Cuco planidero Klagekuckuck partial NL NL NL
638 Cacomantis variolosus Brush cuckoo Coucou des buissons Cuco varioloso Buschkuckuck partial NL NL NL
639 Caecula pterygera Finny snake eel Serpenton olive Tieso aceituna amphidromous NL NL NL
640 Calamospiza melanocorys Lark bunting Bruant noir et blanc gorrión ala blanca Prärieammer intracontinental NL NL NL
641 Calamus proridens Littlehead porgy Tête-feuilles Pez de pluma oceanodromous NL NL NL
642 Calandrella acutirostris Hume's lark Alouette de Hume NL NL NL
643 Calandrella brachydactyla Greater short-toed lark Alouette calandrelle Terrera común Kurzzehenlerche partial NL NL NL
      Calandrella cinerea brachydactyla (Synonym)
644 Calandrella cheleensis Asian short-toed lark Alouette de Swinhoe NL NL NL
645 Calandrella cinerea Red-capped lark Alouette cendrille Rotscheitellerche intracontinental NL NL NL
      Calandrella brachydactyla (Synonym)
646 Calandrella rufescens Lesser short-toed lark Alouette pispolette Terrera marismeña Stummellerche partial NL NL NL
647 Calcarius lapponicus Lapland bunting Bruant lapon Escribano lapón Spornammer intracontinental NL NL NL
648 Calcarius mccownii Mc Cown's longspur Bruant de McCown escribano de McCown Graubrustammer intracontinental NL NL NL
649 Calcarius ornatus Chestnut-collared longspur Bruant à ventre noir escribano collar castaño Rothalsammer intracontinental NL NL NL
650 Calcarius pictus Smith's longspur Bruant de Smith Smithammer intracontinental NL NL NL
651 Calidris acuminata Sharp-tailed sandpiper Bécasseau à queue pointue Correlimos acuminado Spitzschwanz-Strandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
652 Calidris alba Sanderling Bécasseau sanderling Correlimos tridáctilo Sanderling intercontinental App II NL NL
653 Calidris alpina Dunlin Bécasseau variable Correlimos común Alpenstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
654 Calidris bairdii Baird's sandpiper Bécasseau de Baird Correlimos de Baird Bairdstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
655 Calidris canutus Red knot Bécasseau maubèche Correlimos gordo Knutt intercontinental App II NL NL
656 Calidris ferruginea Curlew sandpiper Bécasseau cocorli Correlimos zarapitín Sichelstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
657 Calidris fuscicollis White-rumped sandpiper Bécasseau à croupion blanc Correlimos culiblanco Weißbürzel-Strandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
658 Calidris maritima Purple sandpiper Bécasseau violet Correlimos oscuro Meerstrandläufer partial App II NL NL
659 Calidris mauri Western sandpiper Bécasseau d'Alaska Correlimos de Alaska Bergstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
660 Calidris melanotos Pectoral sandpiper Bécasseau à poitrine cendrée Correlimos pectoral Graubrust-Strandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
661 Calidris minuta Little stint Bécasseau minute Correlimos menudo Zwergstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
662 Calidris minutilla Least sandpiper Bécasseau minuscule Correlimos menudillo Wiesenstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
663 Calidris ptilocnemis Rock sandpiper Bécasseau des Aléoutiennes Correlimos roquero Beringstrandläufer partial App II NL NL
664 Calidris pusilla Semipalmated sandpiper Bécasseau semipalmé Correlimos semipalmeado Sandstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
665 Calidris ruficollis Red-necked stint Bécasseau à col roux Correlimos cuellirrojo Rotkehl-Strandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
666 Calidris subminuta Long-toed stint Bécasseau à longs doigts Correlimos dedilargo Langzehen-Strandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
667 Calidris temminckii Temminck's stint Bécasseau de Temminck Correlimos de Temminck Temminckstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
668 Calidris tenuirostris Great knot Bécasseau de l'Anadyr Correlimos grande Anadyr intercontinental App II NL NL
669 Callacanthis burtoni Spectacled finch Roselin de Burton NL NL NL
670 Calliphlox amethystina Amethyst woodstar Colibri améthyste Colibrí amatista Amethyststernkolibri local migrant NL NL II
671 Callogobius seshaiyai amphidromous NL NL NL
672 Callonetta leucophrys Ringed teal Canard à collier noir Pato acollarado Rotschulterente intracontinental App II NL NL
673 Callorhinchus milii Elephant fish Masca laboureur oceanodromous NL NL NL
674 Callorhinus ursinus Alaskan fur seal Otarie à fourrure du Nord Nördlicher Seebär interoceanic NL VU NL
675 Calonectris diomedea Cory's shearwater Puffin cendré Pardela cenicienta Gelbschnabel-Sturmtaucher interoceanic NL NL NL
676 Calonectris leucomelas Streaked shearwater Puffin leucomèle Pardela canosa Weißgesichts-Sturmtaucher interoceanic NL NL NL
677 Calothorax lucifer Lucifer hummingbird Colibri lucifer Colibrí Lucifer Luzifersternkolibri intercontinental NL NL II
678 Calypte anna Anna's hummingbird Colibri d'Anna Colibrí de Ana Annakolibri range extension NL NL II
679 Calypte costae Costa's hummingbird Colibri de Costa Colibrí de Costa Veilchenkopfelfe intracontinental NL NL II
680 Camelus bactrianus Bactrian camel Camello Bactriano App I EN NL
681 Campephaga flava Black cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à épaulettes jaunes partial NL NL NL
682 Campephaga phoenicea Red-shouldered cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à épaulettes rouges Groms migrant NL NL NL
683 Camptostoma imberbe NL NL NL
684 Camptostoma obsoletum Southern beardless-tyrannulet Tyranneau passegris Piojito silbón Gelbkehl-Fliegenstecher intracontinental NL NL NL
685 Canis lupus Grey wolf Wolf nomadising NL VU NL
686 Caperea marginata Pygmy right whale Baleine pygmée Ballena franca pigmea Zwergglattwal data deficient App II NL I
687 Capoeta capoeta Transcaucasian barb Gewöhnliche Chramulja potamodromous NL NL NL
688 Caprimulgus aegyptius Egyptian nightjar Engoulevent du désert Chotacabras egipcio Pharaonenziegenmelker intercontinental NL NL NL
689 Caprimulgus badius Yucatan nightjar Engoulevent maya Chotacabras guatemalteco Guatemalanachtschwalbe range extension NL NL NL
690 Caprimulgus carolinensis Chuck-will's-widow Engoulevent de Caroline Chotacabras de la Carolina Carolinanachtschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
691 Caprimulgus climacurus Long-tailed nightjar Engoulevent à longue queue Chotacabras rabudo Schleppennachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
692 Caprimulgus europaeus European nightjar Engoulevent d'Europe Chotacabras europeo Ziegenmelker intercontinental NL NL NL
693 Caprimulgus fossii Mozambique nightjar Engoulevent du Mozambique Chotacabras de Fosse Welwitschnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
694 Caprimulgus indicus Jungle nightjar Engoulevent jotaka Chotacabras de jungla Dschungelnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
695 Caprimulgus inornatus Plain nightjar Engoulevent terne Chotacabras sencillo Marmornachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
696 Caprimulgus longirostris Band-winged nightjar Engoulevent à miroir Chotacabras nañarca Spiegelnachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
697 Caprimulgus macrurus Large-tailed nightjar Engoulevent de Horsfield Chotacabras macruro Langschwanz-Nachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
698 Caprimulgus maculicaudus Spot-tailed nightjar Engoulevent à queue étoilée Chotacabras colipinto Fleckschwanz-nachtschwalbe NL NL NL
699 Caprimulgus mahrattensis Sykes's nightjar Engoulevent de Sykes Chotacabras mahratta Sykesnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
700 Caprimulgus nubicus Nubian nightjar Engoulevent de Nubie Chotacabras nubio Nubischer Ziegenmelker partial NL NL NL
701 Caprimulgus parvulus Little nightjar Engoulevent des bois Chotacabras chico Zwergnachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
702 Caprimulgus pectoralis Fiery-necked nightjar Engoulevent musicien Chotacabras músico Pfeifnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
703 Caprimulgus ruficollis Red-necked nightjar Engoulevent à collier roux Chotacabras cuellirrojo Rothals-Ziegenmelker intercontinental NL NL NL
704 Caprimulgus rufigena Rufous-checked nightjar Engoulevent à joues rousses Chotacabras carirrojo Rostwangen-Nachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
705 Caprimulgus rufus Rufous nightjar Engoulevent roux Chotacabras colorado Rostnachtschwalbe NL NL NL
706 Caprimulgus vociferus Whip-poor-will Engoulevent bois-pourri Chotacabras cuerporruin Schwarzkehl-Nachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
707 Capsiempis flaveola Yellow tyrannulet Mosqueta ceja amarilla Zitronentyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
708 Carangoides malabaricus Malabar trevally Monique Jurel malabárico amphidromous NL NL NL
709 Carangoides orthogrammus Black-spotted jack Carangue à points jaunes Jurel isleño oceanodromous NL NL NL
710 Carangoides otrynter Threadfin jack Carangue camisète Cocinero chicuaca oceanodromous NL NL NL
711 Carangoides praeustus Brownback trevally Carangue à dos brun Jurel pardo oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
712 Caranx caninus Pacific crevalle jack Carangue crevalle Jiguajua oceanodromous NL NL NL
713 Caranx hippos Black cavalli Crevalle Sargentillo oceanodromous NL NL NL
714 Caranx latus Horse-eye jack Tikawãng Xurel oceanodromous NL NL NL
715 Caranx lugubris Black jack Carangue noire Jurel policía oceanodromous NL NL NL
716 Caranx ruber Bar jack Kawãng filet Negrito oceanodromous NL NL NL
717 Caranx sexfasciatus Bigeye trevally Carangue vorace Ojón diadromous NL NL NL
718 Caranx vinctus Barred jack Cuisinier Cocinero oceanodromous NL NL NL
719 Carassius auratus auratus Goldfish Poisson rouge Pez rojo Goldfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
720 Carassius carassius Crucian carp Meule Tiburón blanco Mookarpfen potamodromous NL LRnt NL
721 Carassius gibelio Prussian carp Silberkarausche potamodromous NL NL NL
722 Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos Black-vee whaler Requin gris Tiburón de arrecifes oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
723 Carcharhinus brachyurus Bronze Requin Jaqueta oceanodromous NL NL NL
724 Carcharhinus brevipinna Long-nose grey shark Requin tisserand Tiburón aleta negra oceanodromous NL VU NL
725 Carcharhinus falciformis Grey whaler shark Mangeur d'hommes Tinterero Seidenhai oceanodromous NL NL NL
726 Carcharhinus hemiodon Pondicherry shark Requin baliai Tiburón de Pondicherry amphidromous NL VU NL
727 Carcharhinus leucas Bull shark Requin chasseur Xmoa Stierhai amphidromous NL LRnt NL
728 Carcharhinus limbatus Blacktip shark Requin néné pointe Volador kleiner atlantischer Schwarzspitzenhai amphidromous NL VU NL
729 Carcharhinus longimanus Oceanic white-tip shark Requin à pointes Tiburón oceánico Weißspitzenhai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
730 Carcharhinus melanopterus Blacktip reef shark Requin pointes noires Tiburón de puntas negras amphidromous NL LRnt NL
731 Carcharhinus obscurus Black whaler Requin Jaquetón Dunkelhai oceanodromous NL VU NL
732 Carcharhinus plumbeus Sandbar shark Requin gris Arenero oceanodromous NL LRcd NL
733 Carcharhinus wheeleri Blacktail reef shark Requin à queue noire Tiburón coralero rabinegro oceanodromous NL NL NL
734 Carcharias taurus Grey nurse shark Requin Tigre arenero Sandhai oceanodromous NL VU NL
735 Carcharodon carcharias Great white shark Mangeur d'hommes Tiburón antropófago Weißer Hai oceanodromous App I & II VU III
736 Cardellina rubrifrons Red-faced warbler Paruline à face rouge chipe cara roja Dreifarben-Waldsänger intracontinental NL NL NL
737 Carduelis ambigua Black-headed greenfinch Verdier d'Oustalet NL NL NL
738 Carduelis barbata Black-chinned siskin Chardonneret à menton noir Bartzeisig Groms migrant NL NL NL
739 Carduelis cabaret Lesser redpoll NL NL NL
740 Carduelis cannabina Eurasian linnet Linotte mélodieuse Pardillo común Bluthänfling partial NL NL NL
741 Carduelis carduelis Goldfinch Chardonneret élégant Jilguero Stieglitz intracontinental NL NL NL
742 Carduelis chloris Greenfinch Verdier d'Europe Verderón común Grünfink partial NL NL NL
743 Carduelis crassirostris Thick-billed siskin Chardonneret à bec épais NL NL NL
744 Carduelis flammea Common redpoll Sizerin flammé Pardillo sizerín Birkenzeisig intracontinental NL NL NL
745 Carduelis flavirostris Twite Linotte à bec jaune Pardillo piquigualdo Berghänfling intracontinental NL NL NL
746 Carduelis hornemanni Hoary redpoll Sizerin blanchâtre Pardillo árctico Polarbirkenzeisig partial NL NL NL
747 Carduelis lawrencei Lawrence's goldfinch Chardonneret gris jilguero gris Maskenzeisig Groms migrant NL NL NL
748 Carduelis pinus Pine siskin Tarin des pins jilguero pinero Fichtenzeisig Groms migrant NL NL NL
749 Carduelis psaltria Lesser goldfinch Chardonneret mineur jilguero dominico Mexikanerzeisig range extension NL NL NL
750 Carduelis sinica Grey-capped greenfinch Verdier de Chine NL NL NL
751 Carduelis spinoides Yellow-breasted greenfinch Verdier de l'Himalaya NL NL NL
752 Carduelis spinus Siskin Tarin des aulnes Lúgano Erlenzeisig intracontinental NL NL NL
753 Carduelis tristis American goldfinch Chardonneret jaune jilguero canario Goldzeisig partial NL NL NL
754 Carduelis uropygialis Yellow-rumped siskin Chardonneret à croupion jaune Kordillerenzeisig intracontinental NL NL NL
755 Caretta caretta Loggerhead turtle Caouanne Tortuga boba Unechte Karettschildkröte interoceanic App I & II EN I
756 Carollia brevicauda Silky short-tailed bat data deficient NL NL NL
757 Carollia perspicillata Seba's short-tailed bat Vespertilion à nez plat Brillen-Blattnase data deficient NL NL NL
758 Carollia subrufa Grey short-tailed bat data deficient NL NL NL
759 Carpodacus cassinii Cassin's finch Roselin de Cassin pinzón de Cassin Cassingimpel Groms migrant NL NL NL
760 Carpodacus erythrinus Common rosefinch Roselin cramoisi Camachuelo carminoso Karmingimpel intercontinental NL NL NL
761 Carpodacus nipalensis Dark-breasted rosefinch Roselin sombre NL NL NL
762 Carpodacus puniceus Red-fronted rosefinch Roselin à gorge rouge NL NL NL
763 Carpodacus purpureus Purple finch Roselin pourpré pinzón purpúreo Purpurgimpel Groms migrant NL NL NL
764 Carpodacus rhodochlamys Red-mantled rosefinch Roselin à dos rouge NL NL NL
765 Carpodacus rodochrous Pink-browed rosefinch NL NL NL
766 Carpodacus roseus Pallas's rosefinch Roselin rose NL NL NL
767 Carpodacus rubescens Crimson rosefinch Roselin de Blanford NL NL NL
768 Carpodacus rubicilla Great rosefinch Roselin tacheté Camachuelo grande NL NL NL
769 Carpodacus rubicilloides Streaked rosefinch Roselin strié NL NL NL
770 Carpodacus thura White-browed rosefinch Roselin de Thura NL NL NL
771 Carpodacus trifasciatus Three-banded rosefinch Roselin à trois bandes NL NL NL
772 Carpospiza brachydactyla Pale rock-finch Moineau pâle Gorríon pálido NL NL NL
773 Casiornis rufa Rufous casiornis Casiorne roux Burlisto castaño Zimtkehl-Cassiornis intracontinental NL NL NL
774 Casmerodius albus Great egret Grande Aigrette Garceta grande Silberreiher partial App II (Pop) NL III
      Egretta alba (Synonym)
775 Caspiomyzon wagneri Caspian lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
776 Casuarius casuarius Southern cassowary Casoar à casque Casuario común Helmkasuar nomadising NL VU NL
777 Catamenia analis Band-tailed seedeater Cataménie maculée Piquitodeoro común Spiegelkatamenie local migrant NL NL NL
778 Catamenia inornata Plain-colored seedeater Cataménie terne Piquitodeoro grande Schlichtkatamenie Groms migrant NL NL NL
779 Cathartes aura Turkey vulture Urubu à tête rouge Aura gallipavo Truthahngeier partial App II NL NL
780 Catharus bicknelli Bicknell´s thrush Grive de Bicknell intercontinental App II VU NL
781 Catharus fuscescens Veery Grive fauve zorzal rojizo Wilsondrossel intercontinental App II NL NL
782 Catharus guttatus Hermit thrush Grive solitaire zorzal cola rufa Einsiedlerdrossel intracontinental App II NL NL
783 Catharus minimus Grey-cheeked thrush Grive à joues grises zorzal cara gris Grauwangendrossel intercontinental App II NL NL
784 Catharus mustelinus Wood thrush Grive des bois zorzal maculado Walddrossel intercontinental App II NL NL
      Hylocichla mustelina (Synonym)
785 Catharus ustulatus Swainson's thrush Grive à dos olive zorzal de Swainson Zwergdrossel intercontinental App II NL NL
786 Catla catla Catla Catlabarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
787 Catlocarpio siamensis Giant barb potamodromous NL NL NL
788 Catoptrophorus semipalmatus Willet Chevalier semipalmé Playero aliblanco Schlammtreter partial App II NL NL
789 Catostomus commersoni White sucker Meunier noir catadromous NL NL NL
790 Catostomus warnerensis Warner sucker potamodromous NL VU NL
791 Centrobranchus nigroocellatus Pig-headed lantern fish Pez linterna ojinegro oceanodromous NL NL NL
792 Centropomus ensiferus Swordspine snook Loubin maricaj Robalo playero amphidromous NL NL NL
793 Centropomus parallelus Fat snook Saumon Robalo chucumite amphidromous NL NL NL
794 Centropomus undecimalis Common snook Loubine Róbalo común amphidromous NL NL NL
795 Centropristis striata Black seabass Saint-Pierre Serrano estriado Schwarzer Zackenbarsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
796 Centropus bengalensis African black coucal Coucal rufin Cucal negro Grillkuckuck nomadising NL NL NL
797 Cephalopterus glabricollis Bare-necked umbrellabird Coracine ombrelle NL VU NL
798 Cephalopyrus flammiceps Fire-capped tit Rémiz tête NL NL NL
799 Cephalorhynchus commersonii Commerson's dolphin Dauphin de Commerson Delfín de Commerson Commerson-Delphin possibly migratory App II (Pop) DD II
800 Cephalorhynchus heavisidii Heaviside's dolphin Céphalorhynque du Cap Delfín del Cabo Heaviside-Delphin possibly migratory App II DD II
801 Cepphus carbo Spectacled guillemot Guillemot à lunettes Arao de anteojos Brillenteiste partial NL NL NL
802 Cepphus columba Pigeon guillemot Guillemot colombin Arao colombino Taubenteiste intracontinental NL NL NL
803 Cepphus grylle Black guillemot Guillemot à miroir Arao aliblanco Gryllteiste intracontinental NL NL NL
804 Ceratoscopelus maderensis Horned lantern fish Lanterne cornee oceanodromous NL NL NL
805 Ceratoscopelus warmingii Warming's lantern fish Pez linterna mayor oceanodromous NL NL NL
806 Cercotrichas galactotes Rufous bushchat Agrobate roux Alzacola Heckensänger intercontinental App II NL NL
807 Cereopsis novahollandiae Cape Barren goose Céréopse cendré Ganso cenizo Hühnergans partial App II NL NL
808 Cerorhinca monocerata Rhinoceros auklet Macareux rhinocéros Alca unicornea Nashornalk intracontinental NL NL NL
809 Certhia americana American tree-creeper Grimpereau brun trepador americano Andenbaumläufer Groms migrant NL NL NL
810 Certhia nipalensis Rusty-flanked tree-creeper Grimpereau du Népal NL NL NL
811 Cervus elaphus Barbary stag Cerf de Barbarie Ciervo de Berbería Berberhirsch technical migrant App I (Pop) DD I/II/III
812 Cetorhinus maximus Basking shark Pèlerin Tiburón canasta Riesenhai oceanodromous NL EN II
813 Cettia brunnifrons Grey-sided bush-warbler Bouscarle à couronne brune local migrant NL NL NL
814 Cettia canturians Manchurian bush-warbler Bouscarle mandchoue intracontinental App II NL NL
815 Cettia cetti Cetti's warbler Bouscarle de Cetti Ruiseñor bastardo Seidensänger partial App II NL NL
816 Cettia diphone Japanese bush warbler Bouscarle chanteuse intracontinental App II NL NL
817 Cettia pallidipes Pale-footed bush warbler Bouscarle à pattes claires intracontinental App II NL NL
818 Ceyx erithacus Oriental dwarf-kingfisher Martin-pêcheur pourpré Martín pigmeo oriental Dschungelfischer partial NL NL NL
      Ceyx erithaca (Synonym)
819 Chaca chaca Squarehead catfish Großmaulwels potamodromous NL NL NL
820 Chaenogobius castaneus Biringo amphidromous NL NL NL
821 Chaenogobius urotaenia amphidromous NL NL NL
822 Chaetodipterus faber Atlantic spadefish Paoua Sabaleta oceanodromous NL NL NL
823 Chaetodon daedalma Wrought iron butterflyfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
824 Chaetodon modestus Brownbanded butterflyfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
825 Chaetura andrei Ashy-tailed swift Martinet d'André Vencejo de Tormenta Grauschwanzsegler intracontinental NL NL NL
826 Chaetura chapmani Chapman's swift Martinet de Chapman Vencejo de Chapman Chapmansegler partial NL NL NL
827 Chaetura cinereiventris Grey-rumped swift Martinet à croupion gris Vencejo ceniciento Graubürzelsegler NL NL NL
828 Chaetura pelagica Chimney swift Martinet ramoneur Vencejo de Chimenea Schornsteinsegler intercontinental NL NL NL
829 Chaetura vauxi Vaux's swift Martinet de Vaux Vencejo de Vaux Graubauchsegler intercontinental NL NL NL
830 Chagunius chagunio Chaguni potamodromous NL NL NL
831 Chagunius nicholsi potamodromous NL NL NL
832 Chaimarrornis leucocephalus White-capped water-redstart Torrentaire à calotte blanche intracontinental App II NL NL
833 Chalcalburnus chalcoides Caspian shemaya Ablette de lacs Kislarischer Hering potamodromous NL DD NL
834 Chalcites lucidus Golden-bronze cuckoo Coucou éclatant Bronzekuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
      Chrysococcyx lucidus (Synonym)
835 Chanda nama Elongate glass-perchlet potamodromous NL NL NL
836 Channa bankanensis potamodromous NL NL NL
837 Channa barca Barca snakehead potamodromous NL NL NL
838 Channa gachua Asiatischer Kleiner Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
839 Channa lucius Glänzender Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
840 Channa marulius Giant snake head Augenfleck-Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
841 Channa micropeltes Giant snakehead potamodromous NL NL NL
842 Channa orientalis Walking snakehead potamodromous NL NL NL
843 Channa punctata Spotted snakehead Punktierter Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
844 Channa striata Snakehead murrel Quergestreifter Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
845 Chanos chanos Milk fish Chanidés Sabalote Milchfisch catadromous NL NL NL
846 Charadrius alexandrinus Kentish plover Pluvier à collier interrompu Chorlitejo patinegro Seeregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
847 Charadrius alticola Puna plover Pluvier du puna Chorlitejo andino Punaregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
848 Charadrius asiaticus Caspian plover Pluvier asiatique Chorlitejo asiático chico Wermutregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
849 Charadrius bicinctus Double-banded plover Pluvier à double collier Chorlitejo bicinchado Doppelband-Regenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
850 Charadrius dubius Little ringed plover Pluvier petit-gravelot Chorlitejo chico Flußregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
851 Charadrius falklandicus Two-banded plover Pluvier des Falkland Chorlitejo malvinero Falklandregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
852 Charadrius forbesi Forbes' plover Pluvier de Forbes Chorlitejo de Forbes Braunstirnregenpfeifer local migrant App II NL NL
853 Charadrius hiaticula Common ringed plover Pluvier grand Chorlitejo grande Sandregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
854 Charadrius leschenaultii Greater sandplover Pluvier de Leschenault Chorlitejo mongol grande Wüstenregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
855 Charadrius marginatus White-fronted plover Pluvier à front blanc Chorlitejo frentiblanco Weißstirnregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
856 Charadrius melodus Piping plover Pluvier siffleur Chorlitejo silbador Flötenregenpfeifer intercontinental App II VU NL
857 Charadrius modestus Rufous-chested plover Pluvier d'Urville Chorlito chileno Rotbrust-Regenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
858 Charadrius mongolus Mongolian plover Pluvier de Mongolie Chorlitejo mongol chico Mongolenregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
859 Charadrius montanus Mountain plover Pluvier montagnard Chorlito llanero Bergregenpfeifer intracontinental App II VU NL
860 Charadrius pallidus Chestnutbanded plover Pluvier élégant Chorlitejo pálido Rotbandregenpfeifer possibly migratory App II NL NL
861 Charadrius pecuarius Kittlitz's plover Pluvier pâtre Chorlitejo pecuario Hirtenregenpfeifer local migrant App II NL NL
862 Charadrius peronii Malaysian plover Pluvier de péron Chorlitejo malayo Malaienregenpfeifer NL LRnt NL
863 Charadrius placidus Long-billed plover Pluvier à long bec Chorlitejo piquilargo Ussuriregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
864 Charadrius semipalmatus Semipalmated plover Pluvier semipalmé Chorlitejo semipalmeado Amerikanischer Sandregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
865 Charadrius tricollaris Three-banded plover Pluvier à triple collier Chorlitejo tricollar Dreibandregenpfeifer possibly migratory App II NL NL
866 Charadrius veredus Oriental plover Pluvier oriental Chorlito asiático grande Steppenregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
867 Charadrius vociferus Killdeer Pluvier kildir Chorlitejo culirrojo Keilschwanzregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
868 Charadrius wilsonia Wilson's plover Pluvier de Wilson Chorlitejo piquigrueso Wilsonregenpfeifer partial App II NL NL
869 Chasmistes cujus Cui-ui potamodromous NL CR I
870 Chauliodus danae Dana viperfish Vípora oscura oceanodromous NL NL NL
871 Cheilopogon abei oceanodromous NL NL NL
872 Cheilopogon arcticeps White-finned flyingfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
873 Cheilopogon atrisignis Glider flyingfish Exocet planeur Volador planeador oceanodromous NL NL NL
874 Cheilopogon cyanopterus Margined flyingfish Coq d'Inde Volador de borde oscuro oceanodromous NL NL NL
875 Cheilopogon doederleinii oceanodromous NL NL NL
876 Cheilopogon dorsomacula Backspot flyingfish Exocet à dos tacheté Volador dorso manchado oceanodromous NL NL NL
877 Cheilopogon exsiliens Bandwing flyingfish Exocet rayé Volador bandeado oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Cypselurus exsiliens (Synonym)
878 Cheilopogon furcatus Flyingfish Poissons volant Volador de alas punteadas oceanodromous NL NL NL
879 Cheilopogon heterurus Atlantic flyingfish Poisson-volant Pez volador oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Cheilopogon heterurus heterurus (Synonym)
880 Cheilopogon hubbsi Blotchwing flyingfish Volador de Hubbs oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Cypselurus hubbsi (Synonym)
881 Cheilopogon intermedius oceanodromous NL NL NL
882 Cheilopogon katoptron oceanodromous NL NL NL
883 Cheilopogon milleri Guinean flyingfish Exocet de Guinée Volador de Guinea oceanodromous NL NL NL
884 Cheilopogon nigricans African flyingfish Exocet africain Volador africano oceanodromous NL NL NL
885 Cheilopogon papilio Butterfly flyingfish Exocet papillon Volador mariposa oceanodromous NL NL NL
886 Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus Bennett's flyingfish Exocet de Bennett Volador de Benet oceanodromous NL NL NL
887 Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus California flyingfish Exocet californien Volador de California oceanodromous NL NL NL
888 Cheilopogon pitcairnensis oceanodromous NL NL NL
889 Cheilopogon rapanouiensis Easter island flyingfish Exocet de I'île de Pâques Volador de Rapanuí oceanodromous NL NL NL
890 Cheilopogon spilonotopterus Stained flyingfish Exocet marbré Volador jaspeado oceanodromous NL NL NL
891 Cheilopogon spilopterus Black-tipped flyingfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
892 Cheilopogon suttoni Sutton's flyingfish Exocet de Sutton Volador de Sutton oceanodromous NL NL NL
893 Cheilopogon unicolor oceanodromous NL NL NL
894 Cheilopogon ventralis oceanodromous NL NL NL
895 Cheilopogon xenopterus Whitetip flyingfish Exocet à pointe blanche Volador de puntas blancas oceanodromous NL NL NL
896 Cheimarrichthys fosteri Torrent fish amphidromous NL NL NL
897 Chelaethiops bibie Leuchtsrichbärbling potamodromous NL NL NL
898 Chelictinia riocourii Scissor-tailed kite Élanion naucler Elanio golondrina Schwalbenschwanzaar intracontinental App II NL II
899 Chelon labrosus Lesser grey mullet Mulet à grosses lèvres Muble Dicklippige Meeräsche oceanodromous NL NL NL
900 Chelonia mydas Green turtle Tortue verte Tortuga verde Pazifische Suppenschildkröte interoceanic App I & II CR I
901 Chelonodon patoca Milkspotted puffer anadromous NL NL NL
902 Chenonetta jubata Maned duck Canard à crinière Pato de crin Mähnenente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
903 Cheramoeca leucosternus White-backed swallow local migrant NL NL NL
      Hirundo leucosternus (Synonym)
904 Chiasmodon braueri oceanodromous NL NL NL
905 Chiloglanis paratus Sawfin rock catlet Stromschnellenwels potamodromous NL NL NL
906 Chiloscyllium griseum Grey bambooshark Requin-chabot gris Bamboa gris oceanodromous NL NL NL
907 Chiloscyllium indicum Slender bambooshark Requin-chabot élégant Bamboa elegante oceanodromous NL NL NL
908 Chimaera monstrosa Chimaera Masco Guinea Meerkatze oceanodromous NL NL NL
909 Chionis alba Pale-faced sheathbill Chionis blanc Picovaina de Malvinas Weißgesichts-Scheidenschnabel intercontinental NL NL NL
910 Chionis minor Black-faced sheathbill Petit Chionis Picovaina de las Kerguelen Schwarzgesichts-Scheidenschnabel nomadising NL NL NL
911 Chiramenu fluviatilis amphidromous NL NL NL
912 Chirocentrus dorab Dorab wolf-herring Sabre Sabre Wolfshering amphidromous NL NL NL
913 Chitala blanci Indochina featherback potamodromous NL LRnt NL
914 Chitala ornata Clown featherback potamodromous NL NL NL
915 Chlamydotis undulata Houbara bustard Outarde houbara Avutarda hubara Kragentrappe partial App I (Pop) & II (Pop) LRnt I
916 Chlidonias albostriatus Black-fronted tern Guifette des galets Charrán fumarel Graubauch-Seeschwalbe intracontinental NL EN NL
      Sterna albostriatus (Synonym)
917 Chlidonias hybridus Whiskered tern Guifette moustac Fumarel cariblanco Weißbart-Seeschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
918 Chlidonias leucopterus White-winged tern Guifette leucoptère Fumarel aliblanco Weißflügelseeschwalbe intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
919 Chlidonias niger Black tern Guifette noire Fumarel común Trauerseeschwalbe intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
920 Chloephaga hybrida Kelp goose Ouette marine Cauquén caranca Kelpgans local migrant App II NL NL
921 Chloephaga melanoptera Andean goose Ouette des Andes Cauquén guayata Andengans local migrant App II NL NL
922 Chloephaga picta Upland goose Ouette de Magellan Cauquén común Magellangans partial App II NL NL
923 Chloephaga poliocephala Ashy-headed goose Ouette à tête grise Cauquén cabecigris Graukopfgans partial App II NL NL
924 Chloephaga rubidiceps Ruddy-headed goose Ouette à tête rousse Cauquén cabeza colorada Rotkopfgans partial App I & II NL NL
925 Chloropeta natalensis Yellow flycatcher-warbler Chloropète jaune Schnäpperrohrsänger local migrant NL NL NL
926 Chlorurus sordidus Bullethead parrot Poisson-perroquet sale oceanodromous NL NL NL
927 Choeronycteris mexicana Mexican long-tongued bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
928 Chondestes grammacus Lark sparrow Bruant à joues marron gorrión arlequín Rainammer partial NL NL NL
929 Chondrostoma nasus Sneep Alonge Nase potamodromous NL NL NL
930 Chordeiles acutipennis Lesser nighthawk Engoulevent minime Añapero garrapena Texasnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
931 Chordeiles gundlachii Antillean nighthawk Engoulevent piramidig Anapero querequeté Antillennachtschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
932 Chordeiles minor Common nighthawk Engoulevent d'Amérique Añapero yanqui Falkennachtschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
933 Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri Guenther's Mouthbrooder Günthers Prachtbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
934 Chromidotilapia guentheri loennbergi potamodromous NL NL NL
935 Chrotopterus auritus Big-eared woolly bat data deficient NL NL NL
936 Chrysichthys auratus auratus potamodromous NL NL NL
937 Chrysichthys furcatus Catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
938 Chrysichthys laticeps potamodromous NL NL NL
939 Chrysichthys maurus potamodromous NL NL NL
940 Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Bagrid catfish Gabelschwanzwels potamodromous NL NL NL
941 Chrysococcyx basalis Horsfield's bronze-cuckoo Coucou de Horsfield Cuclillo de Horsfield Rotschwanzkuckuck partial NL NL NL
942 Chrysococcyx caprius Diederik cuckoo Coucou didric Cuclillo Didric Goldkuckuck partial NL NL NL
943 Chrysococcyx cupreus African emerald cuckoo Coucou foliotocol Cuclillo esmeralda africano Smaragdkuckuck partial NL NL NL
944 Chrysococcyx klaas Klaas's cuckoo Coucou de Klaas Cuclillo de Klaas Klaaskuckuck partial NL NL NL
945 Chrysococcyx lucidus Shining bronze-cuckoo Coucou éclatant Cuclillo broncíneo Bronzekuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
946 Chrysococcyx maculatus Asian emerald cuckoo Coucou émeraude Cuclillo esmeralda asiático Prachtkuckuck partial NL NL NL
947 Chrysococcyx minutillus Little bronze-cuckoo Coucou menu Cuclillo menudo Kleiner Bronzekuckuck partial NL NL NL
948 Chrysococcyx osculans Black-eared cuckoo Coucou oreillard Cuclillo orejinegro Schwarzohrkuckuck partial NL NL NL
949 Chrysophrys auratus Squirefish oceanodromous NL NL NL
950 Cichlasoma fenestratum Fensterbuntbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
951 Cichlasoma maculicauda Blackbelt cichlid Getupfter Buntbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
952 Ciconia abdimii Abdim's stork Cigogne d'Abdim Cigüeña de Abdim Abdimstorch intracontinental NL NL NL
953 Ciconia boyciana Oriental white stork Cigogne orientale Cigüeña oriental Schwarzschnabelstorch intracontinental App I EN I
954 Ciconia ciconia White stork Cigogne blanche Cigüeña blanca Weißstorch intercontinental App II NL NL
955 Ciconia episcopus Woolly-necked stork Cigogne épiscopale Cigüeña lanuda Afrikanischer Wollhalsstorch partial App II NL NL
956 Ciconia maguari Maguari stork Cigogne maguari Cigüeña Maguari Maguaristorch local migrant NL NL NL
957 Ciconia nigra Black stork Cigogne noire Cigüeña negra Schwarzstorch partial App II NL II
958 Ciconia stormi Storm's stork Cigogne de Storm Cigüeña de Strom Höckerstorch data deficient NL EN NL
959 Ciliata mustela Fivebeard rockling Motelle à cinq barbillons Mollareta Fünfbärtelige Seequappe oceanodromous NL NL NL
960 Cinclidium leucurum White-tailed robin Notodèle à queue blanche local migrant NL NL NL
961 Cinclodes atacamensis White-winged cinclodes Cinclode à ailes blanches Remolinera castaña Flügelstreif-Uferwipper Groms migrant NL NL NL
962 Cinclodes comechingonus Cordoba cinclodes Cinclode gris Remolinera serrana Cordoba-Uferwipper local migrant NL NL NL
963 Cinclodes fuscus Bar-winged cinclodes Cinclode brun Remolinera común Binden-Uferwipper intracontinental NL NL NL
964 Cinclodes oustaleti Grey-flanked cinclodes Cinclode d'Oustalet Remolinera chica Grauflanken-Uferwipper local migrant NL NL NL
965 Cinclus cinclus White-throated dipper Cincle plongeur Mirlo acuática Wasseramsel partial NL NL NL
966 Cinclus schulzi Rufous-throated dipper Cincle à gorge rousse Mirlo de agua range extension NL VU NL
967 Circaetus gallicus Short-toed snake-eagle Circaète Jean-le-Blanc Culebrera europea Schlangenadler partial App II NL II
968 Circus aeruginosus Marsh harrier Busard des roseaux Aguilucho lagunero occidental Rohrweihe partial App II NL II
969 Circus approximans Swamp harrier Busard de Gould Aguilucho lagunero del Pacífico Sumpfweihe partial App II NL II
970 Circus assimilis Spotted harrier Busard tacheté Aguilucho moteado Fleckenweihe partial App II NL II
971 Circus buffoni Long-winged harrier Busard de Buffon Aguilucho de azara Weißbrauenweihe partial App II NL II
972 Circus cinereus Cinereous harrier Busard bariolé Aguilucho vari Grauweihe partial App II NL II
973 Circus cyaneus Hen harrier Busard Saint-Martin Aguilucho pálido Kornweihe partial App II NL II
974 Circus macrourus Pallid harrier Busard pâle Aguilucho papialbo Steppenweihe intercontinental App II LRnt II
975 Circus maurus Black harrier Busard maure Aguilucho negro Mohrenweihe partial App II VU II
976 Circus melanoleucos Pied harrier Busard tchoug Aguilucho pío Elsterweihe intracontinental App II NL II
977 Circus pygargus Montagu's harrier Busard cendré Aguilucho cenizo Wiesenweihe intercontinental App II NL II
978 Circus spilonotus Eastern marsh-harrier Busard d'Orient Aguilucho lagunero oriental Mangrovenweihe partial App II NL II
979 Cirrhinus ariza Reba potamodromous NL NL NL
980 Cirrhinus caudimaculatus potamodromous NL NL NL
981 Cirrhinus chinensis Chinese mud carp potamodromous NL NL NL
982 Cirrhinus cirrhosus Mrigal potamodromous NL NL NL
983 Cirrhinus jullieni potamodromous NL NL NL
984 Cirrhinus lineatus potamodromous NL NL NL
985 Cirrhinus lobatus potamodromous NL NL NL
986 Cirrhinus macrops Hora white carp potamodromous NL NL NL
987 Cirrhinus microlepis potamodromous NL NL NL
988 Cirrhinus molitorella Mud carp potamodromous NL NL NL
989 Cirrhinus siamensis Siamese mud carp potamodromous NL NL NL
990 Cisticola juncidis Fan-tailed warbler Cisticole des joncs Buitrón Breitschwanzsänger partial App II NL NL
991 Cistothorus palustris Marsh wren Troglodyte des marais chivirín pantanero Sumpfzaunkönig intracontinental NL NL NL
992 Cistothorus platensis Sedge wren Troglodyte à bec court chivirín sabanero Seggenzaunkönig intracontinental NL NL NL
993 Citharinops distichodoides distichodoides Moon fish potamodromous NL NL NL
994 Citharinus citharus citharus Moon fish Hochrückengeradsalmler anadromous NL NL NL
995 Citharinus eburneensis anadromous NL NL NL
996 Cladorhynchus leucocephalus Banded stilt Échasse à tête blanche Cigüenuela pechirroja Schlammstelzer range extension App II NL NL
997 Clamator coromandus Chestnut-winged cuckoo Coucou à collier Crialo oriental Koromandelkuckuck partial NL NL NL
998 Clamator glandarius Great spotted cuckoo Coucou geai Crialo europeo Häherkuckuck partial NL NL NL
999 Clamator jacobinus Jacobin cuckoo Coucou jacobin Crialo blanquinegro Jakobinerkuckuck partial NL NL NL
      Oxylophus jacobinus (Synonym)
1000 Clamator levaillantii Levaillant's cuckoo Coucou de Levaillant Crialo listado Kapkuckuck intracontinental NL NL NL
      Oxylophus levaillantii (Synonym)
1001 Clangula hyemalis Long-tailed duck Harelde kakawi Pato havelda Eisente intracontinental App II NL NL
1002 Clarias agboyiensis potamodromous NL NL NL
1003 Clarias albopunctatus potamodromous NL NL NL
1004 Clarias anguillaris Mudfish potamodromous NL NL NL
1005 Clarias batrachus Albino walking fish Wanderwels potamodromous NL NL NL
1006 Clarias buthupogon potamodromous NL NL NL
1007 Clarias ebriensis potamodromous NL NL NL
1008 Clarias gariepinus North African catfish Poisson-chat nord-africain Welse potamodromous NL NL NL
1009 Clarias macrocephalus potamodromous NL NL NL
1010 Clarias macromystax potamodromous NL NL NL
1011 Clarias ngamensis Blunt-toothed African catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
1012 Clarotes laticeps Widehead catfish Großer Silberstachelwels anadromous NL NL NL
1013 Cleisthenes herzensteini Sôhachi oceanodromous NL NL NL
1014 Cloeotis percivali Percival's trident bat Kleine Rundblattnase data deficient NL LRnt NL
1015 Clupanodon thrissa Chinese gizzard shad Alose à museau court Alosa chata anadromous NL NL NL
1016 Clupea harengus Atlantic herring Hareng Atlantique Arenque Hering oceanodromous NL NL NL
1017 Clupea pallasii North Pacific herring Hareng pacifique Arenque del Pacifico Pazifischer Hering oceanodromous NL NL NL
1018 Clupeichthys aesarnensis Thai river sprat potamodromous NL NL NL
1019 Clupeonella cultriventris Azov Sea sprat Clupeonelle Espadín del Mar Negro anadromous NL DD NL
1020 Clupeonella grimmi Bigeye kilka oceanodromous NL NL NL
1021 Clupisoma garua Garua Bachcha potamodromous NL NL NL
1022 Clupisoma sinensis potamodromous NL NL NL
      Laides sinensis (Synonym)
1023 Cnemotriccus fuscatus Fuscous flycatcher Moucherolle fuligineux Mosqueta ceja blanca Finkentyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
1024 Cobitis taenia taenia Spined loach Steinspitzer Colmilleja Steinbeisser potamodromous NL NL NL
1025 Coccorella atlantica Atlantic sabretooth oceanodromous NL NL NL
1026 Coccothraustes coccothraustes Hawfinch Gros-bec casse-noyaux Picogordo Kernbeißer partial NL NL NL
1027 Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed cuckoo Coulicou à bec jaune Cuclillo piquigualdo Gelbschnabelkuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
1028 Coccyzus cinereus Ash-coloured cuckoo Coulicou cendré Cuclillo cencicieto Graukehlkuckuck intracontinental NL NL NL
1029 Coccyzus erythropthalmus Black-billed cuckoo Coulicou à bec noir Cuclillo piquinegro Schwarzschnabelkuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
1030 Coccyzus euleri Pearly-breasted cuckoo Coulicou d'Euler Cuclillo ventriblanco Perlbrustkuckuck intracontinental NL NL NL
1031 Coccyzus lansbergi Grey-capped cuckoo Coulicou à tête grise Cuclillo cabecigris Lansbergkuckuck intracontinental NL NL NL
1032 Coccyzus melacoryphus Dark-billed cuckoo Coulicou de Vieillot Cuclillo canela Kleiner Mangrovenkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1033 Coccyzus minor Mangrove cuckoo Coulicou manioc Cuclillo de Manglar Mangrovenkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1034 Coilia dussumieri Goldspotted grenadier anchovy Alice taches d'or Anchoa granadera dorada amphidromous NL NL NL
1035 Coilia mystus Osbeck's grenadier anchovy amphidromous NL NL NL
1036 Coilia nasus Japanese grenadier anchovy anadromous NL NL NL
1037 Coilia neglecta Neglected grenadier anchovy Alice franche Anchoa granadera plebeya amphidromous NL NL NL
1038 Coilia ramcarati Ramcarat grenadier anchovy amphidromous NL NL NL
1039 Coilia reynaldi Reynald's grenadier anchovy amphidromous NL NL NL
1040 Colaptes auratus Northern flicker Pic flamboyant Carpintero Escapulario Goldspecht Groms migrant NL NL NL
1041 Colaptes melanochloros Green-barred woodpecker Pic vert et noir Carpintero real verde Grünbindenspecht Groms migrant NL NL NL
1042 Collichthys lucidus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1043 Collichthys niveatus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1044 Collocalia esculenta Glossy swiftlet Salangane soyeuse Salangana lustrosa Glanzkopfsalangane NL NL NL
      Hirundo esculenta (Synonym)
1045 Cololabis adocetus Saury Brincador oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Elassichthys adocetus (Synonym)
1046 Cololabis saira Mackerel pike Samma Sauri Kurzschnabelmakrelenhecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
1047 Colonia colonus Long-tailed tyrant Moucherolle à longs brins Mosquero Coludo Langschwanztyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
1048 Colorhamphus parvirostris Patagonian tyrant Pitajo de Patagonie Peutrén Darwintyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
1049 Colossoma macropomum Tambaqui Pacú Schwarzer Pacu potamodromous NL NL NL
1050 Columba araucana Chilean pigeon Pigeon du Chili NL NL NL
1051 Columba eversmanni Pale-backed Pigeon Pigeon d´Eversmann Paloma del Turquestan Gelbaugentaube partial NL VU NL
1052 Columba fasciata Band-tailed pigeon Pigeon à queue barrée Paloma torcaza Bandtaube partial NL NL NL
1053 Columba leuconota Snow pigeon Pegeon des neiges Paloma nival Scneetaube NL NL NL
1054 Columba oenas Stock dove Pigeon colombin Paloma zurita Hohltaube partial NL NL NL
1055 Columba palumbus Common woodpigeon Pigeon ramier Paloma torcaz Ringeltaube partial NL NL NL
1056 Columba picazuro Picazuro pigeon Pigeon picazuro Paloma picazuró Picazurotaube local migrant NL NL NL
1057 Columba pulchricollis Ashy pood-pigeon Pigeon cendré Paloma Cenicienta Himalayataube NL NL NL
1058 Columbina picui Picui ground-dove Colombe picui Torcacita común Picuitäubchen intracontinental NL NL NL
1059 Comephorus baikalensis Big Baikal oilfish Großer Ölfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1060 Comephorus dybowskii Lesser livebearing sculpin Kleiner Ölfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1061 Conger conger European conger Orratza Safio Meeraal oceanodromous NL NL NL
1062 Conger myriaster oceanodromous NL NL NL
1063 Conger oceanicus American conger Congre d'Amérique Congrio americano oceanodromous NL NL NL
1064 Conger triporiceps Manytooth conger Congre dentu Congrio dentudo oceanodromous NL NL NL
1065 Congresox talabon Yellow pike conger Morénésoce jaune Morenocio amarillo amphidromous NL NL NL
1066 Congresox talabonoides Indian pike conger Morénésoce indien Morenocio indio amphidromous NL NL NL
1067 Connochaetes taurinus Wildebeest Gnou Ñu Gnu intracontinental NL LRcd NL
1068 Conostoma oemodium Great parrotbill Grande Panure local migrant NL NL NL
1069 Contopus borealis Boreal pewee Moucherolle à côtés olive pibí boreal Fichtentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1070 Contopus cinereus Tropical pewee Moucherolle cendré Burlisto chico Spixtyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
1071 Contopus cooperi Olive-sided flycatcher NL NL NL
1072 Contopus fumigatus NL NL NL
1073 Contopus hispaniolensis NL NL NL
1074 Contopus pertinax Greater pewee Moucherolle de Coues pibí tengo frío Couestyrann range extension NL NL NL
1075 Contopus sordidulus Western wood-pewee Pioui de l'Ouest pibí occidental range extension NL NL NL
1076 Contopus virens Eastern wood-pewee Pioui de l'Est Pibi Oriental Waldtyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1077 Coracias abyssinica Abyssinian roller Rollier d'Abyssinie Carraca abisinia Senegalracke partial NL NL NL
      Coracias abyssinicus (Synonym)
1078 Coracias caudata Lilac-breasted roller Rollier à longs brins Carraca lila Gabelracke partial NL NL NL
      Coracias caudatus (Synonym)
1079 Coracias cyanogaster Blue-bellied roller Rollier à ventre bleu Carraca blanquiazul Opalracke partial NL NL NL
1080 Coracias garrulus European roller Rollier d'Europe Carraca europea Blauracke intercontinental App II NL NL
1081 Coracias naevia Rufous-crowned roller Rollier varié Carraca coroniparda Strichelracke intercontinental NL NL NL
      Coracias naevius (Synonym)
1082 Coracina novaehollandiae Black-faced cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à masque noir NL NL NL
1083 Coragyps atratus American black vulture Urubu noir Zopilote negro Rabengeier local migrant App II NL NL
1084 Coregonus albula Vendace Petite marène Kleine Maräne anadromous NL DD NL
1085 Coregonus artedi Chub Cisco de lac Arenque de lago anadromous NL NL NL
1086 Coregonus autumnalis autumnalis Arctic cisco Cisco arctique anadromous NL NL NL
1087 Coregonus autumnalis migratorius Baikal-Omul anadromous NL NL NL
1088 Coregonus clupeaformis Eastern whitefish Grand corégone Coregono Felchen, Maräne anadromous NL NL NL
1089 Coregonus huntsmani Atlantic whitefish Cisco anadromous NL VU NL
1090 Coregonus laurettae Bering cisco anadromous NL NL NL
1091 Coregonus lavaretus Baltic whitefish Lavoret Blaufelchen anadromous NL DD NL
      Coregonus lavaretus lavaretus (Synonym)
1092 Coregonus muksun Muksun anadromous NL NL NL
1093 Coregonus nasus Broad whitefish Palée du Léman Große Bodenrenke anadromous NL DD NL
1094 Coregonus nelsoni potamodromous NL NL NL
1095 Coregonus oxyrinchus Houting Bondelle Edelmaräne anadromous NL DD NL
1096 Coregonus pallasii anadromous NL NL NL
1097 Coregonus peled Northern whitefish Peledmaräne anadromous NL DD NL
1098 Coregonus pidschian Ob' whitefish Kilch Kleine Bodenrenke anadromous NL DD NL
1099 Coregonus sardinella Big-eye Mackenzie herring Cisco sardinelle anadromous NL NL NL
1100 Coregonus tugun Tugun potamodromous NL NL NL
1101 Coregonus ussuriensis Amur whitefish anadromous NL NL NL
1102 Corvus bennetti Little crow Corbeau du désert NL NL NL
1103 Corvus brachyrhynchos American crow Corneille d'Amérique cuervo americano Amerikanerkrähe partial NL NL NL
1104 Corvus corax Raven Grand Corbeau Cuervo Kolkrabe partial NL NL NL
1105 Corvus corone Carrion crow Corneille noire Corneja Aaskrähe partial NL NL NL
1106 Corvus cryptoleucus Chihuahuan raven Corbeau à cou blanc cuervo llanero Weißhalsrabe partial NL NL NL
1107 Corvus dauuricus Daurian jackdaw Choucas de Daourie NL NL NL
1108 Corvus frugilegus Rook Corbeau freux Graja Saatkrähe partial NL NL NL
1109 Corvus mellori Little raven Petit Corbeau NL NL NL
1110 Corvus monedula Eurasian jackdaw Choucas des tours Grajilla NL NL NL
1111 Corvus ossifragus Fish crow Corneille de rivage Fischkrähe partial NL NL NL
1112 Coryphaena equiselis Blue dolphin Coryphène dauphin Dorado oceanodromous NL NL NL
1113 Coryphaena hippurus Common dolphin fish Dorade Dorado Goldmakrele oceanodromous NL NL NL
1114 Coscoroba coscoroba Coscoroba swan Coscoroba blanc Cisne Coscoroba Coscorobaschwan partial App II NL II
1115 Cosmocampus retropinnis oceanodromous NL NL NL
1116 Cosmochilus harmandi potamodromous NL NL NL
1117 Cossypha albicapilla White-crowned robin-chat Cossyphe à calotte blanche Schuppenrötel data deficient NL NL NL
1118 Cossypha dichroa Chorister robin-chat Cossyphe choriste Spottrötel local migrant NL NL NL
1119 Cottocomephorus inermis Longfin Baikal sculpin Langflossige Baikalgroppe potamodromous NL NL NL
1120 Cottus aleuticus Aleutian sculpin Chabot côtier catadromous NL NL NL
1121 Cottus amblystomopsis Sakhalin sculpin amphidromous NL NL NL
1122 Cottus asper Prickly bullhead Chabot piquant catadromous NL NL NL
1123 Cottus gobio Bullhead Chabot Cavilat Mühlkoppe potamodromous NL NL NL
1124 Cottus hangiongensis catadromous NL NL NL
1125 Cottus kazika catadromous NL NL NL
1126 Cottus nozawae amphidromous NL NL NL
1127 Cottus pollux Japanese fluvial sculpin amphidromous NL NL NL
1128 Coturnicops exquisitus Swinhoe's rail Râle de Swinhoe Polluela exquisita Mandschurensumpfhuhn intracontinental NL VU NL
1129 Coturnicops notatus Speckled rail Râle étoilé Polluela de Darwin Darwinralle range extension NL NL NL
1130 Coturnicops noveboracensis Yellow rail Râle jaune Polluela amarillenta Gelbralle intracontinental NL NL NL
1131 Coturnix coromandelica Rain quail Caille nattée Codorniz coromandélica Regenwachtel range extension NL NL NL
1132 Coturnix coturnix Common quail Caille des blés Codorniz común Wachtel intercontinental App II NL NL
1133 Coturnix delegorguei Harlequin quail Caille arlequin Codorniz Arlequín Harlekinwachtel nomadising NL NL NL
1134 Coturnix japonica Japanese quail Caille du Japon Codorniz japonesa Japanwachtel intracontinental NL NL NL
1135 Cotylopus acutipinnis catadromous NL NL NL
1136 Cranioleuca sulphurifera Sulphur-bearded spinetail Synallaxe soufré Schwefelkehlschlüpfer Groms migrant NL NL NL
1137 Craterocephalus stercusmuscarum stercusmuscarum Fly-specked hardyhead Gesprenkelter Süßwasserährenfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1138 Creagrus furcatus Swallow-tailed gull Mouette à queue fourchue Gaviota tijereta Gabelschwanzmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
1139 Crecopsis egregia African crake Râle des prés Guión africano Steppensumpfhuhn intracontinental NL NL NL
      Crex egregia (Synonym)
1140 Crenicichla lepidota Pike cichlid Kammbuntbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
1141 Crenimugil heterocheilus Half fringelip mullet amphidromous NL NL NL
1142 Crex crex Corncrake Râle des genêts Guión de codornices Wachtelkönig intercontinental App II VU NL
1143 Crocodylus porosus Salt-water crocodile Crocodile marin Cocodrilo poroso Leistenkrokodil intraoceanic App II NL I/II
1144 Crossocheilus latius latius Gangetic latia potamodromous NL NL NL
1145 Crotophaga ani Smooth-billed ani Ani à bec lisse Garrapatero aní Glattschnabelani nomadising NL NL NL
1146 Crotophaga major Greater ani Ani des palétuviers Garrapatero mayor Riesenani local migrant NL NL NL
1147 Crotophaga sulcirostris Groove-billed ani Ani à bec cannelé Garrapatero asurcado Riefenschnabelani nomadising NL NL NL
1148 Ctenogobius pseudofasciatus Slashcheek goby oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1149 Ctenopharyngodon idellus Grass carp Carpe herbivore Carpa herbivora Graskarpfen potamodromous NL NL NL
1150 Ctenopoma petherici Petherick's Buschfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1151 Cubiceps capensis Cape fathead oceanodromous NL NL NL
1152 Cubiceps gracilis Driftfish Dérivant Savorín oceanodromous NL NL NL
1153 Cuculus canorus Eurasian cuckoo Coucou gris Cuco común Kuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
1154 Cuculus clamosus Black cuckoo Coucou criard Cuco negro Schwarzkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1155 Cuculus fugax Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo Coucou fugitif Cuco huidizo Fluchtkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1156 Cuculus gularis African cuckoo Coucou africain Cuco barbiblanco Afrikanerkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1157 Cuculus horsfieldi Horsfield's cuckoo Coucou asiatique Cuco de Horsfield Horsfieldkuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
1158 Cuculus micropterus Indian cuckoo Coucou à ailes courtes Cuco alicorte Kurzflügelkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1159 Cuculus pallidus Pallid cuckoo Coucou pâle Cuco pálido Blaßkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1160 Cuculus poliocephalus Asian lesser cuckoo Petit Coucou Cuco chico Gackelkuckuck intercontinental NL NL NL
1161 Cuculus rochii Madagascar lesser cuckoo Coucou de Madagascar Cuco malgache Madagaskarkuckuck intracontinental NL NL NL
1162 Cuculus saturatus Himalyan cuckoo Coucou oriental Cuco oriental Hopfkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1163 Cuculus solitarius Red-chested cuckoo Coucou solitaire Cuco solitario Einsiedlerkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1164 Cuculus sparverioides Large hawk-cuckoo Coucou épervier Cuco grande Sperberkuckuck partial NL NL NL
1165 Culicicapa ceylonensis Grey-headed canary-flycatcher Gobemouche à tête grise intracontinental App II NL NL
1166 Curaeus curaeus Austral blackbird Quiscale austral Tordo patagónico Stachelkopfstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
1167 Curimata cyprinoides Yaya gros-yeux Aalstrich-Barbensalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
1168 Curimata knerii potamodromous NL NL NL
1169 Cursorius coromandelicus Indian courser Courvite de Coromandel Corredor indio Koromandelrennvogel local migrant NL NL NL
1170 Cursorius cursor Cream-colored courser Courvite isabelle Corredor sahariano Rennvogel intercontinental NL NL NL
1171 Cursorius rufus Burchell's courser Courvite de Burchell Corredor rufo Rostrennvogel local migrant NL NL NL
1172 Cursorius temminckii Temminck's courser Courvite de Temminck Corredor etiópico Temminckrennvogel intracontinental NL NL NL
1173 Cutia nipalensis Cutia Cutie du Népal local migrant NL NL NL
1174 Cyanocitta cristata Blue jay Geai bleu chara azul Blauhäher partial NL NL NL
1175 Cyanoliseus patagonus Burrowing parakeet Conure de Patagonie Loro barranquerro Felsensittich partial NL NL II
1176 Cyanoloxia glaucocaerulea Indigo grosbeak Évêque indigo Reinamora chica Türkisbischof intracontinental NL NL NL
1177 Cyanoptila cyanomelana Blue-and-white flycatcher Gobe-mouches du Japon Blauschnäpper intracontinental App II NL NL
1178 Cybiosarda elegans Elegant bonito Bonito à dos tacheté Bonito saltador oceanodromous NL NL NL
1179 Cyclocheilichthys enoplos potamodromous NL NL NL
1180 Cyclocheilichthys furcatus potamodromous NL NL NL
1181 Cyclocheilichthys repasson potamodromous NL NL NL
1182 Cyclopterus lumpus Kiark-varrey Grosse poule de mer Cicloptero Seehase oceanodromous NL NL NL
1183 Cyclorrhynchus psittacula Parakeet auklet Starique perroquet Mérgulo lorito Rotschnablealk intercontinental NL NL NL
1184 Cyclothone acclinidens Benttooth bristlemouth Boca cerdosa oceanodromous NL NL NL
1185 Cygnus atratus Black swan Cygne noir Cisne negro Schwarzschwan Possibly migratory NL NL NL
1186 Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter swan Cygne trompette Cisne trompetero Trompeterschwan partial App II NL NL
1187 Cygnus columbianus Bewick's swan Cygne siffleur Cisne chico Zwergschwan intercontinental App II NL NL
1188 Cygnus cygnus Whooper swan Cygne chanteur Cisne cantor Singschwan partial App II NL NL
1189 Cygnus melanocorypha Black-necked swan Cygne à cou noir Cisne cuellinegro Schwarzhalsschwan intracontinental App II NL II
1190 Cygnus olor Mute swan Cygne tuberculé Cisne vulgar Höckerschwan partial App II NL NL
1191 Cynanthus latirostris Broad-billed hummingbird Colibri circé Colibrí piquiancho Blaukehl-Breitschnabelkolibri partial NL NL II
1192 Cynoglossus arel Largescale tonguesole Langue à grandes écailles Lengua escamuda amphidromous NL NL NL
1193 Cynoglossus lingua Long tongue sole amphidromous NL NL NL
1194 Cynoglossus microlepis Smallscale tonguesole potamodromous NL NL NL
1195 Cynoscion acoupa Acoupa weakfish Parquette Corvinata amarilla oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1196 Cynoscion guatucupa oceanodromous NL NL NL
1197 Cynoscion regalis Gray weakfish Acoupa royal Corvinata real oceanodromous NL NL NL
1198 Cynothrissa mento Nigerian fangtooth pellonuline potamodromous NL NL NL
1199 Cynthia cardui Distelfalter NL NL NL
1200 Cyornis concretus White-tailed flycatcher Gobemouche à queue blanche intracontinental App II NL NL
1201 Cyornis rubeculoides Blue-throated flycatcher Gobemouche à menton bleu intracontinental App II NL NL
1202 Cyphocharax modestus potamodromous NL NL NL
1203 Cyphocharax nagelii potamodromous NL NL NL
1204 Cyphocharax voga potamodromous NL NL NL
1205 Cyprinus carpio carpio potamodromous NL DD NL
      Cyprinus carpio (Synonym)
1206 Cypseloides cherriei Spot-fronted swift Martinet á points blancs Vencejo Cuatro-ojos Diademsegler NL DD NL
      Cherrie's swift (Synonym)
1207 Cypseloides fumigatus Sooty swift Martinet fuligineux Vencejo negruzco Rauchsegler partial NL NL NL
      Hemiprocne fumigata (Synonym)
1208 Cypseloides niger Black swift Martinet sombre Vencejo negro Schwarzsegler intercontinental NL NL NL
      Nephoecetes niger (Synonym)
1209 Cypseloides rothschildi Rothschild's swift Martinet de Rothschild Vencejo parduzco Rothschildsegler possibly migratory NL LRnt NL
      Cypseloides major (Synonym)
1210 Cypseloides senex Great dusky swift Martinet à tête grise Vencejo canoso Rußsegler Groms migrant NL NL NL
      Cypselus senex (Synonym)
1211 Cypseloides storeri White-fronted swift Martinet de Storer Vencejo Frentiblanco Weißstirnsegler NL DD NL
      White-faced swift (Synonym)
1212 Cypselurus angusticeps Narrowhead flyingfish Exocet bécune Volador isleño oceanodromous NL NL NL
1213 Cypselurus comatus Clearwing flyingfish Exocet holandais Volador de alas claras oceanodromous NL NL NL
1214 Cypselurus hexazona oceanodromous NL NL NL
1215 Cypselurus naresii Pharao flyingfish Exocet pharaon Volador faraón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1216 Cypselurus oligolepis Short flyingfish Exocet à grandes écailles oceanodromous NL NL NL
1217 Cypselurus opisthopus Black-finned flyingfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1218 Cypselurus poecilopterus Spotted flyingfish Exocel aile jaune Volador de ala amarilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
1219 Cypselurus simus Short-nosed flying fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1220 Cypsiurus parvus African palm swift Martinet des palmes Vencejo palmero africano Palmensegler NL NL NL
1221 Cystophora cristata Hooded seal Phoque à capuchon Klappmütze interoceanic NL NL NL
1222 Dacnis cayana Blue dacnis Dacnis bleu Blaukopfpitpit Groms migrant NL NL NL
1223 Danaus plexippus Monarch butterfly Papillon monarque Mariposa Monarca Monarchfalter intercontinental App II NL NL
1224 Danichthys ilma oceanodromous NL NL NL
1225 Daption capense Cape petrel Damier du Cap Petrel damero Kapsturmvogel partial NL NL NL
1226 Dasyatis akajei Red stingray Pastinaca Stechrochen oceanodromous NL NL NL
1227 Dasyatis laosensis Mekong stingray potamodromous NL EN NL
1228 Dasyatis zugei Pale-edged stingray amphidromous NL NL NL
1229 Datnioides undecimradiatus potamodromous NL NL NL
      Coius undecimradiatus (Synonym)
1230 Dayella malabarica Day's round herring amphidromous NL NL NL
1231 Daysciaena albida Bengal corvina amphidromous NL NL NL
1232 Decapterus scombrinus Mexican scad Macarela mexicana oceanodromous NL NL NL
1233 Delichon dasypus Asian house-martin Hirondelle de Bonaparte partial NL NL NL
      Chelidon dasypus (Synonym)
1234 Delichon nipalensis Nepal house-martin Hirondelle du Népal NL NL NL
1235 Delichon urbica Northern house-martin Hirondelle de fenêtre Avíon común Mehlschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
      Hirundo urbica (Synonym)
1236 Delphinapterus leucas White whale Belouga Beluga Weißwal partial App II VU II
1237 Delphinus capensis Longbeaked common dolphin Dauphin commun à bec large Delfín común a pico largo Gewöhnlicher Delphin mit langem Schnabel data deficient NL NL II
1238 Delphinus delphis Common dolphin Dauphin commun Delfín común Gemeiner Delphin intraoceanic App II (Pop) NL II
1239 Delphinus tropicalis Arabian common dolphin Dauphin commun de l'Arabe Delfín commún árabe Arabischer gewöhnlicher Delphin data deficient NL NL II
1240 Dendrocopos hyperythrus Rufous billed woodpecker Pic à ventre fauve Pico Ventrirrufo Braunkehlspecht intracontinental NL NL NL
1241 Dendrocopos major Great spotted woodpecker Pic épeiche Pico picapinos Buntspecht NL NL NL
1242 Dendrocygna arcuata Wandering whistling-duck Dendrocygne à lunules Suirirí capiotado Wanderpfeifgans nomadising App II NL NL
1243 Dendrocygna autumnalis Black-bellied whistling-duck Dendrocygne à ventre noir Suirirí piquirrojo Rotschnabel-Pfeifgans local migrant App II NL III
1244 Dendrocygna bicolor Fulvous whistling-duck Dendrocygne fauve Suirirí bicolcor Gelbbrust-Pfeifgans local migrant App II NL III
1245 Dendrocygna eytoni Plumed whistling-duck Dendrocygne d'Eyton Suirirí asutraliano Gelbfuß-Pfeifgans local migrant App II NL NL
1246 Dendrocygna javanica Lesser whistling-duck Dendrocygne siffleur Suirirí de Java Javapfeifgans partial App II NL NL
1247 Dendrocygna viduata White-faced whistling duck Dendrocygne veuf Suirirí cariblanco Witwenpfeifente local migrant App II NL III
1248 Dendroica aestiva Yellow Warbler NL NL NL
1249 Dendroica caerulescens Black-throated blue warbler Paruline bleue chipe azul-negro Blaurücken-Waldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1250 Dendroica castanea Bay-breasted warbler Paruline à poitrine baie chipe castaño Braunbrust-Waldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1251 Dendroica cerulea Cerulean warbler Paruline azurée chipe cerúleo Pappelwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1252 Dendroica chrysoparia Golden-cheeked warbler Paruline à dos noir chipe mejilla dorada intracontinental NL EN NL
1253 Dendroica coronata Yellow-rumped warbler Paruline à croupion jaune chipe coronado Kronwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1254 Dendroica discolor Prairie warbler Paruline des prés chipe de pradera Rotscheitelwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1255 Dendroica dominica Yellow-throated warbler Paruline à gorge jaune chipe garganta-amarilla Goldkehl-Waldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1256 Dendroica fusca Blackburnian warbler Paruline à gorge orangée chipe garganta naranja Fichtenwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1257 Dendroica graciae Grace's warbler Paruline de Grace chipe ceja amarilla NL NL NL
1258 Dendroica kirtlandii Kirtland's warbler Paruline de Kirtland Silbador de Kirtland Kirtlands Waldsänger intercontinental App I VU NL
1259 Dendroica magnolia Magnolia warbler Paruline à tête cendrée chipe de magnolia Hemlockwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1260 Dendroica nigrescens Black-throated grey warbler Paruline grise chipe negro-gris Trauerwaldsänger intracontinental NL NL NL
1261 Dendroica occidentalis Hermit warbler Paruline à tête jaune chipe cabeza-amarilla NL NL NL
1262 Dendroica palmarum Palm warbler Paruline à couronne rousse chipe playero Sumpfwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1263 Dendroica pensylvanica Chestnut-sided warbler Paruline à flancs marron chipe flanco castaño Gelbscheitelwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1264 Dendroica petechia Yellow warbler Paruline jaune chipe amarillo Goldwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1265 Dendroica pinus Pine warbler Paruline des pins chipe pinero Kiefernwaldsänger intracontinental NL NL NL
1266 Dendroica striata Blackpoll warbler Paruline rayée Arañero estriado intercontinental NL NL NL
1267 Dendroica tigrina Cape May warbler Paruline tigrée chipe atigrado Tigerwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1268 Dendroica townsendi Townsend's warbler Paruline de Townsend chipe negro-amarillo NL NL NL
1269 Dendroica virens Black-throated green warbler Paruline à gorge noire chipe dorso verde Grünwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1270 Dendronanthus indicus Forest wagtail Bergeronnette de forêt App II NL NL
1271 Dendrophysa russelii Goatee croaker Bourrugue chèvre Lambe chivato amphidromous NL NL NL
1272 Dentex macrophthalmus Large eyed dentex Daurade à gros yeux Cachocho Großaugen-Zahnbrasse oceanodromous NL NL NL
1273 Dermochelys coriacea Leatherback turtle Tortue luth Tortuga laúd Lederschildkröte interoceanic App I & II CR I
1274 Desmodema lorum Whiptail ribbonfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1275 Desmodus rotundus Vampire bat Vampire d'Azara Gemeiner Vampir possibly migratory NL NL NL
1276 Diaemus youngi White-winged vampire bat Vampire d'ailes blanches Weißschwingen-Vampir data deficient NL NL NL
      Desmodus youngii (Synonym)
1277 Diaphus aliciae oceanodromous NL NL NL
1278 Diaphus anderseni Andersen's lantern fish Linternilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
1279 Diaphus antonbruuni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1280 Diaphus bertelseni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1281 Diaphus brachycephalus Short-headed lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1282 Diaphus diadematus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1283 Diaphus dumerilii Lantern fish Pez linterna coliapagado oceanodromous NL NL NL
1284 Diaphus fragilis Fragile lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1285 Diaphus fulgens oceanodromous NL NL NL
1286 Diaphus holti Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1287 Diaphus hudsoni Hudson's lanternfish Lanternules de Hudson Linternillas de Hudson oceanodromous NL NL NL
1288 Diaphus jenseni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1289 Diaphus lucidus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1290 Diaphus luetkeni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1291 Diaphus malayanus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1292 Diaphus meadi Mead's lanternfish Lanternules de Mead Linternillas de Mead oceanodromous NL NL NL
1293 Diaphus mollis Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1294 Diaphus nielseni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1295 Diaphus ostenfeldi oceanodromous NL NL NL
1296 Diaphus parri oceanodromous NL NL NL
1297 Diaphus perspicillatus Transparent lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1298 Diaphus phillipsi Bolin's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1299 Diaphus problematicus Lanternfish Pez linterna problemático oceanodromous NL NL NL
1300 Diaphus rafinesquii White-spoted lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1301 Diaphus richardsoni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1302 Diaphus splendidus Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1303 Diaphus subtilis oceanodromous NL NL NL
1304 Diaphus termophilus Taaning's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1305 Diaphus thiollierei oceanodromous NL NL NL
1306 Diaphus vanhoeffeni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1307 Dicentrarchus labrax Bass Bog llubina Seebarsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
1308 Dicrostonyx groenlandicus Varying lemming Halsbandlemming emigration NL NL NL
1309 Dicrurus annectans Crow-billed drongo Drongo à gros bec NL NL NL
1310 Dicrurus bracteatus Spangled drongo Drongo pailleté NL NL NL
1311 Dicrurus hottentottus Hair-crested drongo Drongo à crinière NL NL NL
1312 Dicrurus leucophaeus Ashy drongo Drongo cendré NL NL NL
1313 Dicrurus macrocercus Black drongo Drongo royal NL NL NL
1314 Diogenichthys atlanticus Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1315 Diogenichthys panurgus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1316 Diomedea albatrus Short-tailed albatross Albatros à queue courte Albatros colicorto Kurzschwanzalbatros interoceanic App I VU I
      Phoebastria albatrus (Synonym)
1317 Diomedea amsterdamensis Amsterdam albatross Albatros d'Amsterdam Albatros de la Amsterdam Amsterdamalbatros intraoceanic App I CR NL
1318 Diomedea antipodensis Antipodean albatross intraoceanic App II VU NL
1319 Diomedea bulleri Buller's albatross Albatros de Buller Albatros de Buller Bulleralbatros partial App II VU NL
      Thalassarche bulleri (Synonym)
1320 Diomedea cauta Shy albatross Albatros à cape blanche Albatros frentiblanco Weißkappenalbatros partial App II VU NL
      Thalassarche cauta (Synonym)
1321 Diomedea chlororhynchos Yellow-nosed albatross Albatros à nez jaune Albatros clororrinco Gelbnasenalbatros intercontinental App II LRnt NL
      Thalassarche chlororhynchos (Synonym)
1322 Diomedea chrysostoma Grey-headed albatross Albatros à tête grise Albatros cabecigris Graukopfalbatros intercontinental App II VU NL
      Thalassarche chrysostoma (Synonym)
1323 Diomedea epomophora Royal albatross Albatros royal Albatros real Königsalbatros intercontinental App II VU NL
      Diomedea epomophora epomophora (Synonym)
1324 Diomedea exulans Wandering albatross Albatros hurleur Albatros viajero Wanderalbatros intercontinental App II VU NL
      Diomedea exulans exulans (Synonym)
1325 Diomedea immutabilis Laysan albatross Albatros de Laysan Albatros de Laysan Laysanalbatros intercontinental App II NL NL
      Phoebastria immutabilis (Synonym)
1326 Diomedea irrorata Waved albatross Albatros des Galapagos Albatros de las Galápagos Galapagos-Albatros intracontinental App II VU NL
      Phoebastria irrorata (Synonym)
1327 Diomedea melanophris Black-browed albatross Albatros à sourcils noirs Albatros ojeroso Mollymauk intercontinental App II LRnt NL
      Thalassarche melanophrys (Synonym)
1328 Diomedea nigripes Black-footed albatross Albatros à pieds noirs Albatros patinegro Schwarzfußalbatros intercontinental App II VU NL
      Phoebastria nigripes (Synonym)
1329 Diphylla ecaudata Hairy-legged vampire bat Diphylle sans queue Kleiner Blutsauger data deficient NL LRnt NL
1330 Diplodus cervinus cervinus Zebra seabream Sar a grosses lévres Sargo soldado oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1331 Diplodus puntazzo Sharpsnout seabream Sar tambour Sargo picudo oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1332 Diplodus sargus sargus White seabream Sar rayé Sargo Bindenbrasse oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1333 Diplodus vulgaris Common two-banded seabream Sar à téte noire Sargo seifa oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1334 Dipturus laevis Barndoor skate Grande raie oceanodromous NL VU NL
1335 Diptychus maculatus Scaly osman potamodromous NL NL NL
1336 Dissostichus eleginoides Patagonian toothfish Légine australe Merluza negra oceanodromous NL NL NL
1337 Distichodus rostratus Grass-eater potamodromous NL NL NL
1338 Diuca diuca Common diuca-finch Diuca gris Diuca común Braunsteißdiuca intracontinental NL NL NL
1339 Dolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink Goglu des prés tordo arrocero Reisstärling intercontinental NL NL NL
1340 Dolichopteryx longipes Brownsnout spookfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1341 Donacospiza albifrons Long-tailed reed-finch Donacospize des marais Cachilo canela Riedammerfink Groms migrant NL NL NL
1342 Dormitator latifrons Pacific fat sleeper Guavina amphidromous NL NL NL
1343 Dormitator lebretonis Lehmgrundel anadromous NL NL NL
1344 Dormitator maculatus Fat sleeper Gobie Guabina Gefleckte Schläfergrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
1345 Dorosoma cepedianum American gizzard shad Alose à gésier américaine Sábalo molleja anadromous NL NL NL
1346 Dorosoma petenense Threadfin shad Alose fil Sábalo de hilo anadromous NL NL NL
1347 Drepane longimana Concertina fish amphidromous NL NL NL
1348 Drepane punctata Spotted sicklefish Forgeron tacheté Catemo manchado amphidromous NL NL NL
1349 Dromaius novaehollandiae Emu Émeu d'Australie Emu Emu partial NL NL NL
1350 Dromas ardeola Crab plover Drome ardéole Cigüeñela cangrejera Reiherläufer partial App II NL NL
1351 Drombus globiceps Bighead goby amphidromous NL NL NL
1352 Dugong dugon Dugong Dugong Dugongo Dugong interoceanic App II VU I
1353 Dumetella carolinensis Grey catbird Moqueur chat maullador gris Katzendrossel intracontinental NL NL NL
1354 Dysalotus alcocki oceanodromous NL NL NL
1355 Dysalotus oligoscolus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1356 Ectopistes migratorius Passenger pigeon Tourte voyageuse Wandertaube intracontinental NL EX NL
1357 Egretta ardesiaca Black heron Aigrette ardoisée Garceta arzabache Glockenreiher local migrant NL NL NL
1358 Egretta caerulea Little blue heron Aigrette bleue Garceta azul Blaureiher intercontinental NL NL NL
1359 Egretta dimorpha Mascarene reef egret Aigrette dimorphe NL NL NL
1360 Egretta eulophotes Chinese egret Aigrette de Chine Garceta china Schneereiher intracontinental App I VU NL
1361 Egretta garzetta Little egret Aigrette garzette Garceta común Seidenreiher partial NL NL III
1362 Egretta gularis Western reef-heron Aigrette à gorge blanche Garceta común Küstenreiher nomadising NL NL NL
1363 Egretta novaehollandiae White-faced heron Aigrette à face blanche Garceta cariblanca Weißwangenreiher nomadising NL NL NL
1364 Egretta picata Pied heron Aigrette pie Garceta pie Elstereiher partial NL NL NL
1365 Egretta rufescens Reddish egret Aigrette roussâtre Garceta rojiza Rötelreiher partial NL NL NL
1366 Egretta sacra Pacific reef-egret Aigrette sacrée Garceta de arrecife Riffreiher NL NL NL
1367 Egretta thula Snowy egret Aigrette neigeuse Garceta nívea Schmuckreiher partial NL NL NL
1368 Egretta tricolor Tricolored heron Aigrette tricolore Garceta tricolor Dreifarbenreiher partial NL NL NL
1369 Egretta vinaceigula Slaty egret Aigrette vineuse Garceta gorgirroja Braunkehlreiher local migrant App II VU NL
1370 Ehirava fluviatilis Malabar sprat Sprat de Malabar Sardina de Malabar amphidromous NL NL NL
1371 Eidolon helvum Straw-coloured fruit bat possibly migratory NL NL NL
1372 Elaenia albiceps White-crested elaenia Élénie à cimier blanc Fiofío silbón Buschelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
1373 Elaenia chiriquensis Lesser elaenia Élénie menue Fiofío belicoso Schlankschnabelelaenie partial NL NL NL
1374 Elaenia flavogaster Yellow-bellied elaenia Élénie à ventre jaune Fiofío copetón Gelbbauchelaenie local migrant NL NL NL
1375 Elaenia mesoleuca Olivaceous elaenia Élénie olivâtre Fiofío oliváceo Schlichtelaenie local migrant NL NL NL
1376 Elaenia obscura Highland elaenia Élénie obscure Fiofío oscuro Olivkopfelaenie local migrant NL NL NL
1377 Elaenia parvirostris Small-billed elaenia Élénie à bec court Fiofío pico corto Kurzschnabelelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
1378 Elaenia spectabilis Large elaenia Élénie remarquable Fiofío grande Graubrustelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
1379 Elaenia strepera Slaty elaenia Élénie bruyante Fiofío plomizo Schieferelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
1380 Elanoides forficatus Swallow-tailed kite Milan à queue fourchue Elanio tijereta Schwalbenweih partial App II NL II
1381 Elanus axillaris Black-shouldered kite Élanion d'Australie Elanio australiano Australischer Gleitaar partial App II NL II
1382 Elanus caeruleus Common black-shouldered kite Élanion blac Elanio común Gleitaar nomadising App II NL II
1383 Elanus leucurus White-tailed kite Élanion à queue blanche Elanio maromero Weißschwanzaar partial App II NL II
1384 Elanus scriptus Letter-winged kite Élanion lettré Elanio escrito Schwarzachselaar range extension App II NL II
1385 Electrona antarctica oceanodromous NL NL NL
1386 Electrona carlsbergi oceanodromous NL NL NL
1387 Electrona paucirastra oceanodromous NL NL NL
1388 Electrona risso Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1389 Electrona subasper oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Electrona subaspera (Synonym)
1390 Eleginus gracilis amphidromous NL NL NL
1391 Eleginus navaga Navaga Morue arctique Bacalao navaga Navaga oceanodromous NL NL NL
1392 Eleothreptus anomalus Sickle-winged nightjar Engoulevent à faucilles Chotacabras pantanero Sichelschwingen-Nachtschwalbe Groms migrant NL LRnt NL
1393 Eleotris acanthopoma amphidromous NL NL NL
1394 Eleotris amblyopsis Large-scaled spinycheek sleeper amphidromous NL NL NL
1395 Eleotris fusca Brown gudgeon Bichique noir amphidromous NL NL NL
1396 Eleotris lutea Lutea sleeper amphidromous NL NL NL
1397 Eleotris melanosoma Black gudgeon Schwarzbauchgrundel amphidromous NL LRnt NL
1398 Eleotris oxycephala amphidromous NL NL NL
1399 Eleotris pisonis Spinycheek sleeper Morón catadromous NL NL NL
1400 Eleotris sandwicensis Sandwich Island sleeper amphidromous NL DD NL
1401 Eleotris tecta potamodromous NL NL NL
1402 Eleutheronema tetradactylum Fourfinger threadfin Barbure mamalí Barbudo mamalí amphidromous NL NL NL
1403 Elopichthys bambusa Yellowcheek potamodromous NL NL NL
1404 Elops affinis Pacific ladyfish Guinée machète du pacifique Chiro oceanodromous NL NL NL
1405 Elops hawaiensis Hawaiian ladyfish Guinée saumon Malacho salmón anadromous NL NL NL
1406 Elops machnata Springer Tarpon Malacho salmón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1407 Elops saurus Ladyfish Tarpon Sábalo Frauenfisch amphidromous NL NL NL
1408 Emberiza aureola Yellow-breasted bunting Bruant auréole Escribano aureolado Weidenammer intercontinental NL NL NL
1409 Emberiza bruniceps Red-headed bunting Bruant à tête rousse Escribano carirrojo NL NL NL
1410 Emberiza buchanani Grey-necked bunting Bruant à cou gris Escribano cabecigrís NL NL NL
1411 Emberiza caesia Cretzschmar's bunting Bruant cendrillard Escribano ceniciento Grauortolan intercontinental NL NL NL
1412 Emberiza calandra Corn bunting Bruant proyer Triguero Grauammer intracontinental NL NL NL
      Miliaria calandra (Synonym)
1413 Emberiza chrysophrys Yellow-browed unting Bruant à sourcils jaunes NL NL NL
1414 Emberiza cia Rock bunting Bruant fou Escribano montesino NL NL NL
1415 Emberiza cineracea Cinereous bunting Bruant cendré Escribano cinéreo Kleinasiatische Ammer intercontinental NL LRnt NL
1416 Emberiza citrinella Yellow-hammer Bruant jaune Escribano cerillo Goldammer partial NL NL NL
1417 Emberiza elegans Yellow-throated bunting Bruant élégant NL NL NL
1418 Emberiza fucata Chestnut-eared bunting Bruant à oreillons NL NL NL
1419 Emberiza hortulana Ortolan bunting Bruant ortolan Escribano hortelano Ortolan intercontinental NL NL NL
1420 Emberiza impetuani Lark-like bunting Bruant des rochers NL NL NL
1421 Emberiza leucocephalos Pine bunting Bruant à calotte blanche Escribano de gmelin NL NL NL
1422 Emberiza melanocephala Black-headed bunting Bruant mélanocéphale Escribano cabecinegro Kappenammer intercontinental NL NL NL
1423 Emberiza pallasi Pallas's bunting Bruant de Pallas Escribano de pallas NL NL NL
1424 Emberiza pusilla Little bunting Bruant nain Escribano pigmeo Zwergammer intercontinental NL NL NL
1425 Emberiza rustica Rustic bunting Bruant rustique Escribano rústico Waldammer intercontinental NL NL NL
1426 Emberiza rutila Chestnut bunting Bruant roux NL NL NL
1427 Emberiza schoeniclus Reed bunting Bruant des roseaux Escribano palustre Rohrammer partial NL NL NL
1428 Emberiza spodocephala Black-faced bunting Bruant masqué NL NL NL
1429 Emberiza stewarti Chestnut-breasted bunting Bruant de Stewart NL NL NL
1430 Emberiza sulphurata Yellow bunting Bruant du Japon range extension NL VU NL
1431 Emberiza tristrami Tristram's bunting Bruant de Tristram NL NL NL
1432 Emberiza variabilis Grey bunting Bruant gris NL NL NL
1433 Emberiza yessoensis Ochre-rumped bunting Bruant de Yéso NL LRnt NL
1434 Emmelichthyops atlanticus Slender bonnetmouth oceanodromous NL NL NL
1435 Emmelichthys ruber Red rover Andorrève Andorrero oceanodromous NL NL NL
1436 Empidonax albigularis White-throated flycatcher Moucherolle à gorge blanche mosquero garganta blanca NL NL NL
1437 Empidonax alnorum Alder flycatcher Moucherolle des aulnes mosquero ailero Erlentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1438 Empidonax difficilis Pacific-slope flycatcher Moucherolle côtier mosquero californiano Ufertyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
1439 Empidonax flaviventris Yellow-bellied flycatcher Moucherolle à ventre jaune Mosquerito Vientriamarillo Birkentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1440 Empidonax fulvifrons Buff-breasted flycatcher Moucherolle beige mosquero pecho leonado Braunbrusttyrann range extension NL NL NL
1441 Empidonax hammondii Hammond's flycatcher Moucherolle de Hammond mosquero de Hammond Tannentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1442 Empidonax minimus Least flycatcher Moucherolle tchébec Mosquerito Chebec Gartentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1443 Empidonax oberholseri Dusky flycatcher Moucherolle sombre mosquero oscuro Buschtyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1444 Empidonax occidentalis Cordilleran flycatcher Moucherolle des ravins mosquero barranqueño NL NL NL
1445 Empidonax traillii Willow flycatcher Moucherolle des saules Mosqueta boreal Weidentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1446 Empidonax virescens Acadian flycatcher Moucherolle vert Mosquerito Verdoso Buchentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
1447 Empidonax wrightii Grey flycatcher Moucherolle gris mosquero gris Beifußtyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
1448 Empidonomus varius Variegated flycatcher Tyran tacheté Fleckentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
1449 Enchelyopus cimbrius Fourbeard rockling Motelle à quatre barbillons Reinunculo Vierbärtelige Seequappe oceanodromous NL NL NL
1450 Encrasicholina heteroloba Blue anchovy Anchois douanier Boquerón aduanero oceanodromous NL NL NL
1451 Encrasicholina punctifer Anchovy Anchois boucanier Boquerón bucanero oceanodromous NL NL NL
1452 Engraulis anchoita Argentine anchovy Anchois d'Argentine Anchoíta oceanodromous NL NL NL
1453 Engraulis encrasicolus European anchovy Amplovo Boqueron Anchovis oceanodromous NL NL NL
1454 Engraulis japonicus Japanese anchovy Anchois japonais Boquerón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1455 Engraulis ringens oceanodromous NL NL NL
1456 Enicognathus ferruginea Austral parakeet Conure magellanique Cotorra austral Smaragdsittich partial NL NL II
1457 Enophrys lucasi Leister sculpin amphidromous NL NL NL
1458 Eophona migratoria Yellow-billed grosbeak Grosbec à bec jaune Gelbschnabel-Kernbeißer NL NL NL
1459 Eophona personata Japanese grosbeak Grosbec masque Maskenkernbeißer NL NL NL
1460 Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis Saddlebill Jabiru d'Afrique Jabirú africano Sattelstorch partial NL NL III
1461 Ephippus orbis Orbfish amphidromous NL NL NL
1462 Epinephelus aeneus White grouper Mérou bronzé Cherne oceanodromous NL NL NL
1463 Epinephelus guttatus Red hind Vieille rouge Tofia oceanodromous NL NL NL
1464 Epinephelus malabaricus Malabar grouper Mérou malabare Mero malabárico amphidromous NL NL NL
1465 Epinephelus nigritus Warsaw grouper Mérou Varsovie Mero negro oceanodromous NL CR NL
1466 Epinephelus polyphekadion Camouflage grouper Merou marbré Mero disfrazado oceanodromous NL NL NL
1467 Epinephelus striatus Nassau grouper Vieille Mero oceanodromous NL EN NL
1468 Epinephelus tauvina Greasy grouper Vieille nègre Mero lutria oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1469 Epiplatys bifasciatus bifasciatus Zweibandhechtling potamodromous NL NL NL
1470 Epiplatys sexfasciatus Sixbar panchax Sechsbandhechtling potamodromous NL NL NL
1471 Epiplatys spilargyreius potamodromous NL NL NL
1472 Eptesicus bottae Botta's serotine technical migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
1473 Eptesicus fuscus Big brown bat Sérotine de maison Große braune Fledermaus data deficient NL NL NL
1474 Eptesicus nilssonii Northern serotine bat Sérotine boréale Murciélago norteño Nordfledermaus partial App II (Pop) NL NL
1475 Eptesicus serotinus Serotine bat Grande sérotine Murciélago hortelano Breitflügelfledermaus technical migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
1476 Equus caballus Wild horse Cheval de Przewalski Caballo salvaje Przewalski-Pferd intracontinental NL EW I
      Equus przewalskii (Synonym)
1477 Equus grevyi Grevy's zebra Zèbre de Grevy Cebra de Grevy Grevy Zebra technical migrant App I EN I
1478 Equus hemionus Kulan Hémippe Hemiono Halbesel nomadising App II EN I/II
      Equus hemionus kulan (Synonym)
1479 Equus kiang Kiang Kiang Kiang Kiang intracontinental NL DD II
1480 Equus onager Onager Onagre Onagro Onager intracontinental NL EN I/II
      Equus hemionus onager (Synonym)
1481 Equus quagga Plain's zebra Zèbre des steppes Cebra común Steppenzebra partial NL EX NL
1482 Eremophila alpestris Horned lark Alouette hausse-col Alondra cornuda lapona Ohrenlerche partial NL NL NL
1483 Eremophila bilopha Temminck's lark NL NL NL
1484 Eremopterix leucotis Chestnut-backed sparrow-lark Moinelette à oreillons blancs Weißwangenlerche partial NL NL NL
1485 Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill turtle Tortue imbriquée Tortuga carey Echte Karettschildkröte intraoceanic App I & II CR I
1486 Erignathus barbatus Bearded seal Phoque à barbe Bartrobbe possibly migratory NL NL NL
1487 Erithacus akahige Japanese robin NL NL NL
1488 Erithacus rubecula Robin Rougegorge familier Petirrojo Rotkehlchen partial App II NL NL
1489 Erythrogonys cinctus Red-kneed dotterel Pluvier ceinturé Chorlitejo pechinegro Schwarzbrust-regenpfeifer NL NL NL
1490 Erythrotriorchis radiatus Red goshawk Autour rouge Azor rojo Fuchshabicht range extension App II VU II
1491 Eschrichtius robustus Grey whale Baleine grise Ballena gris Grauwal interoceanic NL CR I
1492 Escualosa thoracata Deep-bodied herring Alose blanche Sardina blanca amphidromous NL NL NL
1493 Esomus danricus Flying barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1494 Esox lucius Northern pike Poignards Lucio Heichit amphidromous? NL NL NL
1495 Ethmalosa fimbriata Bonga shad Ethmalose Machoello mario catadromous NL NL NL
1496 Etmopterus pusillus Slender lantern shark Sagre nain Negrito oceanodromous NL NL NL
1497 Etroplus canarensis Canara pearlspot amphidromous NL NL NL
1498 Etroplus maculatus Orange chromide Punktierter Buntbarsch amphidromous NL NL NL
1499 Etropus crossotus Fringed flounder Rombou petite gueule Lenguado boca chica oceanodromous NL NL NL
1500 Etropus microstomus Smallmouth flounder oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1501 Etrumeus teres Round herring Shadine ronde Sardineta canalera Rundhering oceanodromous NL NL NL
1502 Eubalaena australis Southern right whale Baleine australe Ballena franca austral Südkaper interoceanic App I LRcd I
      Balaena glacialis australis (Synonym)
1503 Eubalaena glacialis Northern right whale Baleine de Biscaye Ballena franca Nordkaper interoceanic App I EN I
      Balaena glacialis glacialis (Synonym)
1504 Eucinostomus melanopterus Flagfin mojarra Friture Mojarrita de ley amphidromous NL NL NL
1505 Eudocimus albus White ibis Ibis blanc Corocoro blanco Schneesichler local migrant NL NL NL
1506 Eudocimus ruber Scarlet ibis Ibis rouge Corocoro rojo Scharlachsichler partial NL NL II
1507 Eudontomyzon danfordi Carpathian lamprey Lamproie du Danube Donauneunauge potamodromous NL LRnt NL
1508 Eudontomyzon hellenicus Greek brook lamprey Lamproie de ruisseau grecque limnodromous NL VU NL
1509 Eudontomyzon mariae Ukrainian brook lamprey Lamproie de ruisseau ukrainienne Donau-Neunauge limnodromous NL DD NL
1510 Eudromias morinellus Eurasian dotterel Pluvier guignard Chorlito carambolo Mornellregenpfeifer intercontinental App II NL NL
      Charadrius morinellus (Synonym)
1511 Eudynamys scolopacea Common koel Coucou koel Koel común Indischer Koel partial NL NL NL
1512 Eudynamys taitensis Long-tailed koel Coucou de Nouvelle-Zélande Koel colilargo Langschwanzkoel intercontinental NL NL NL
1513 Eudyptes chrysocome Rockhopper penguin Gorfou sauteur Pingüino saltarrocas Felsenpinguin intraoceanic NL VU NL
1514 Eudyptes chrysolophus Macaroni penguin Gorfou doré Pingüino macarrones Goldschopfpinguin interoceanic NL VU NL
1515 Eudyptes pachyrhynchus Fiordland penguin Gorfou du Fiordland Pingüino de Fiordland Dickschnabelpinguin intracontinental NL VU NL
1516 Eudyptes robustus Snares penguin Gorfou des Snares Pingüino de las Snares Snaresinselpinguin intraoceanic NL VU NL
1517 Eudyptes schlegeli Royal penguin Gorfou de Schlegel Pingüino de Schlegel Haubenpinguin range extension NL VU NL
1518 Eudyptes sclateri Erect-crested penguin Gorfou huppé Pingüino de Sclater Sclaterpinguin intracontinental NL EN NL
1519 Eudyptula minor Little penguin Manchot pygmée Pingüino enano Zwergpinguin range extension NL NL NL
1520 Eugenes fulgens Magnificent hummingbird Colibri de Rivoli Colibrí magnífico Violettkron-Brilliantkolibri intercontinental NL NL II
1521 Euleptorhamphus viridis Long-finned garfish Demi-bec allongé Pajarito oceanodromous NL NL NL
1522 Eumetopias jubatus Steller sea lion Stellerscher Seelöwe partial NL EN NL
1523 Eumyias thalassina Verditer flycatcher Gobemouche vert intracontinental App II NL NL
1524 Euphagus carolinus Rusty blackbird Quiscale rouilleux tordo canadiense Roststärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
1525 Euphagus cyanocephalus Brewer's blackbird Quiscale de Brewer tordo ojo amarillo Purpurstärling intracontinental NL NL NL
1526 Eupodotis bengalensis Bengal florican Outarde du Bengale Sisón bengali Barttrappe intracontinental NL EN I
      Houbaropsis bengalensis (Synonym)
1527 Eupodotis hartlaubii Hartlaub's bustard Outarde de Hartlaub Sisón ventrinegro de Hartlaub Hartlaubtrappe nomadising NL NL II
      Lissotis hartlaubii (Synonym)
1528 Eupodotis indica Lesser florican Outarde passarage Sisón de penacho Flaggentrappe intracontinental NL EN II
      Sypheotides indica (Synonym)
1529 Eupodotis melanogaster Black-bellied bustard Outarde à ventre noir Sisón ventrinegro común Schwarzbauchtrappe partial NL NL II
      Lissotis melanogaster (Synonym)
1530 Eurostopodus argus Spotted nightjar Engoulevent argus Chotacabras Argos Argusnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1531 Eurostopodus mystacalis White-throated nightjar Engoulevent moustac Chotacabras bigotudo Bartnachtschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1532 Euryglossa orientalis Oriental sole Sole d'orient Lenguado oriental anadromous NL NL NL
1533 Eurynorhynchus pygmeus Spoon-billed sandpiper Bécasseau spatule Correlimos cuchareta Löffelstrandläufer intracontinental App I VU NL
1534 Eurystomus glaucurus Broad-billed roller Rolle violet Carraca picogorda Zimtroller partial NL NL NL
1535 Eurystomus orientalis Dollarbird Rolle oriental Carraca oriental Dollarvogel intercontinental NL NL NL
1536 Euscarthmus meloryphus Tawny-crowned pygmy-tyrant Tyranneau à huppe fauve Barullero Weißbauch-Todityrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
1537 Eusphyra blochii Winghead shark Requin-marteau planeur Cornuda planeadora amphidromous NL NL NL
1538 Eustomias curtifilis oceanodromous NL NL NL
1539 Euthynnus affinis Black skipjack Bonite de l'Inde Bonito Falscher Bonito oceanodromous NL NL NL
1540 Euthynnus alletteratus Atlantic little tuna Ravil Comevíveres Falscher Bonito oceanodromous NL NL NL
1541 Euthynnus lineatus Black skipjack Thonine noire Barrilete negro oceanodromous NL NL NL
1542 Eutropiichthys vacha Batchwa vacha potamodromous NL NL NL
1543 Evermannella balbo Balbo sabretooth oceanodromous NL NL NL
1544 Exocoetus gibbosus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1545 Exocoetus monocirrhus Barbel flyingfish Exocet barbu Pez volador oceanodromous NL NL NL
1546 Exocoetus obtusirostris Oceanic two-wing flyingfish Exocet bouledogue Pez volador oceanodromous NL NL NL
1547 Exocoetus peruvianus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1548 Exocoetus volitans Cosmopolitan flyingfish Poisson volant Lisa voladora Fliegender Fisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
1549 Falco alopex Fox kestrel Crécerelle renard Cernícalo zorruno Fuchsfalke partial App II NL II
1550 Falco amurensis Amur falcon Faucon de l'Amour Cernícalo del Amur Amurfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1551 Falco biarmicus Lanner falcon Faucon lanier Halcón borni Lannerfalke partial App II NL II
1552 Falco cenchroides Australian kestrel Crécerelle d'Australie Cernícalo australiano Graubartfalke partial App II NL II
1553 Falco cherrug Saker falcon Faucon sacre Halcón sacre Würgfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1554 Falco columbarius Merlin Faucon émerillon Esmerejón Merlin intercontinental App II NL II
1555 Falco concolor Sooty falcon Faucon concolore Halcón pizarroso Schieferfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1556 Falco eleonorae Eleonora's falcon Faucon d'Éléonore Halcón de Eleonora Eleonorenfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1557 Falco femoralis Aplomado falcon Faucon aplomado Halcón aleto Aplomadofalke partial App II NL II
1558 Falco hypoleucos Grey falcon Faucon gris Halcón gris Silberfalke partial App II LRnt II
1559 Falco longipennis Australian hobby Petit Faucon Alcotán australiano Australischer Baumfalke partial App II NL II
1560 Falco mexicanus Prairie falcon Faucon des prairies Halcón mejicano Präriefalke intracontinental App II NL II
1561 Falco naumanni Lesser kestrel Faucon crécerellette Cernícalo primilla Rötelfalke intercontinental App I & II VU II
1562 Falco novaeseelandiae New Zealand falcon Faucon de Nouvelle-Zélande Halcón maorí Maorifalke range extension App II LRnt II
1563 Falco peregrinus Peregrine falcon Faucon pèlerin Halcón peregrino Wanderfalke partial App II NL I
1564 Falco rusticolus Gyrfalcon Faucon gerfaut Halcón gerifalte Gerfalke partial App II NL I
1565 Falco severus Oriental hobby Faucon aldrovandin Alcotán Filipino Malaienbaumfalke partial App II NL II
1566 Falco sparverius American kestrel Crécerelle d'Amérique Cernical americano Buntfalke partial App II NL II
1567 Falco subbuteo Eurasian hobby Faucon hobereau Alcotán europeo Baumfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1568 Falco subniger Black falcon Faucon noir Halcón negro Rußfalke partial App II NL II
1569 Falco tinnunculus Common kestrel Faucon crécerelle Cernícalo vulgar Turmfalke partial App II NL II
1570 Falco vespertinus Red-footed falcon Faucon kobez Cernícalo patirrojo Rotfußfalke intercontinental App II NL II
1571 Feresa attenuata Pygmy killer whale Orque pygmée Orca pigmea Zwerggrindwal data deficient NL DD II
1572 Ficedula albicollis Collared flycatcher Gobemouche à collier Papamoscas collarino Halsbandschnäpper intercontinental App II NL NL
1573 Ficedula hodgsonii Slaty-backed flycatcher Gobemouche de Hodgson intracontinental App II NL NL
1574 Ficedula hypoleuca European pied flycatcher Gobemouche noir Papamoscas cerrojillo Trauerschnäpper intercontinental App II NL NL
1575 Ficedula mugimaki Mugimaki flycatcher Gobemouche mugimaki intracontinental App II NL NL
1576 Ficedula narcissus Narcissus flycatcher intracontinental App II NL NL
1577 Ficedula parva Red-breasted flycatcher Gobemouche nain Papamoscas papirrojo Zwergschnäpper intercontinental App II NL NL
1578 Ficedula sapphira Sapphire flycatcher Gobemouche saphir intracontinental App II NL NL
1579 Ficedula semitorquata Semicollared flycatcher Gobemouche à demi Papamoscas semicollarino intercontinental App II NL NL
1580 Ficedula strophiata Rufous-gorgeted flycatcher Gobemouche à bavette orange intracontinental App II NL NL
1581 Ficedula subrubra Kashmir flycatcher Gobemouche du Cachemire intracontinental App II VU NL
1582 Ficedula superciliaris Ultramarine flycatcher Gobemouche ultramarin intracontinental App II NL NL
1583 Ficedula tricolor Slaty-blue flycatcher Gobe-mouches tricolore Dreifarbenschnäpper intracontinental App II NL NL
1584 Ficedula zanthopygia Yellow-rumped flycatcher Gobemouche à croupion jaune intracontinental App II NL NL
1585 Fluvicola albiventer NL NL NL
1586 Fluvicola pica NL NL NL
1587 Fodiator acutus Sharpchin flyingfish Exocet bécune Volador picudo oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Fodiator acutus acutus (Synonym)
1588 Fratercula arctica Atlantic puffin Macareux moine Frailecillo atlántico Papageitaucher intercontinental NL NL NL
1589 Fratercula cirrhata Tufted puffin Macareux huppé Frailecillo coletudo Gelbschopflund intercontinental NL NL NL
1590 Fratercula corniculata Horned puffin Macareux cornu Frailecillo corniculado Hornlund intercontinental NL NL NL
1591 Fregata andrewsi Christmas frigatebird Frégate d'Andrews Rabihorcado de la christmas Wießbauch-Fregattvogel Possibly migratory NL CR NL
1592 Fregata aquila Ascension frigatebird Frégate aigel-de-mer Rabihorcado de ascensión Adlerfregattvogel Possibly migratory NL VU NL
1593 Fregata ariel Lesser frigatebird Frégate ariel Rabihorcado chico Arielfregattvogel Possibly migratory NL NL NL
1594 Fregata magnificens Magnificent frigatebird Frégate superbe Rabihorcado magnífico Prachtfregattvogel Possibly migratory NL NL NL
1595 Fregata minor Great frigatebird Frégate du pacifique Rabihorcado grande Bindenfregattvogel Possibly migratory NL NL NL
1596 Fregetta grallaria White-bellied storm-petrel Océanite à ventre blanc Paíño ventriblanco Weißbauch-Sturmschwalbe interoceanic NL NL NL
1597 Fregetta tropica Black-bellied storm-petrel Océanite à ventre noir Paíño ventrinegro Schwarzbauch-Sturmschwalbe intraoceanic NL NL NL
1598 Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch Pinson des arbres Pinzón vulgar Buchfink partial NL NL NL
1599 Fringilla montifringilla Brambling Pinson du Nord Pinzón real Bergfink intracontinental NL NL NL
1600 Fulica americana American coot Foulque d'Amérique Focha americana Amerikanisches Bläßhuhn intercontinental NL NL NL
1601 Fulica ardesiaca Andean coot Foulque ardoisée Focha andina Andenbläßhuhn range extension NL NL NL
1602 Fulica armillata Red-gartered coot Foulque à jarretières Focha de Ligas Gelbschnabel-Bläßhuhn local migrant NL NL NL
1603 Fulica atra Common coot Foulque macroule Focha común Bläßhuhn partial App II (Pop) NL NL
1604 Fulica cornuta Horned coot Foulque cornue Focha cornuda Rüsselbläßhuhn nomadising NL LRnt NL
1605 Fulica cristata Red-knobbed coot Foulque à crête Focha moruna Kammbläßhuhn nomadising NL NL NL
1606 Fulica gigantea Giant coot Foulque géante Focha gigante Riesenbläßhuhn range extension NL NL NL
1607 Fulica leucoptera White-winged coot Foulque leucoptère Focha aliblanca Weißflügel-Bläßhuhn intracontinental NL NL NL
1608 Fulica rufifrons Red-fronted coot Foulque à front rouge Focha frentirroja Rotstirn-Bläßhuhn local migrant NL NL NL
1609 Fulmarus glacialis Northern fulmar Fulmar boréal Fulmar boreal Eissturmvogel intercontinental NL NL NL
1610 Fulmarus glacialoides Southern fulmar Fulmar argenté Fulmar austral Silbersturmvogel intercontinental NL NL NL
1611 Fundulus grandis grandis Gulf killifish Golf-Killifisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1612 Furcina osimae oceanodromous NL NL NL
1613 Furnarius cristatus Crested hornero Fournier huppé Hornerito copetón Schopftöpfer local migrant NL NL NL
1614 Gadiculus argenteus thori oceanodromous NL NL NL
1615 Gadus macrocephalus Pacific cod Morue du Pacifique Bacalao del Pacifico Pazifischer Kabeljau oceanodromous NL NL NL
1616 Gadus morhua Atlantic cod Morue franche Bacalao Dorsch oceanodromous NL VU NL
1617 Gadus ogac Greenland cod Morue de roche Bacalao de Groenlandia Fjord-Dorsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
1618 Gaidropsarus mediterraneus Shore rockling Motelle de Méditerranée Mustelo Seequappe oceanodromous NL NL NL
1619 Galaxias argenteus Giant kokopu amphidromous NL VU NL
1620 Galaxias brevipinnis Koaro amphidromous NL NL NL
1621 Galaxias cleaveri Tasmanian mudfish Tasmanischer Schlammfisch amphidromous NL NL NL
1622 Galaxias fasciatus Banded kokopu amphidromous NL NL NL
1623 Galaxias johnstoni Clarence galaxias catadromous NL CR NL
1624 Galaxias maculatus Common galaxias Puye Gefleckte Galaxie catadromous NL NL NL
1625 Galaxias platei amphidromous NL NL NL
1626 Galaxias postvectis Shortjaw kokopu amphidromous NL VU NL
1627 Galaxias truttaceus Spotted mountain trout Forellen-Galaxie amphidromous NL NL NL
1628 Galeichthys feliceps White baggar Barbillon blanc Bagre barba blanca oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1629 Galeocerdo cuvier Tiger shark Requin demoiselle Tiburón tigre Tigerhai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
1630 Galeorhinus galeus Eastern school shark Gat Cazón de altura Australischer Hundshai oceanodromous NL LRcd NL
1631 Gallicrex cinerea Watercock Râle à crête Gallineta crestada Wasserhahn partial NL NL NL
1632 Gallinago gallinago Common snipe Bécassine des marais Agachadiza común Bekassine partial App II NL NL
1633 Gallinago hardwickii Latham's snipe Bécassine du Japon Agachadiza japonesa Japanbekassine intercontinental App II NL NL
1634 Gallinago media Great snipe Bécassine double Agachadizas real Doppelschnepfe intercontinental App II LRnt NL
1635 Gallinago megala Swinhoe's snipe Bécassine de Swinhoe Agachadiza del Baikal Waldbekassine intercontinental App II NL NL
1636 Gallinago nemoricola Wood snipe Bécassine des bois Agachadiza del Himalya Nepalbekassine intracontinental App II VU NL
1637 Gallinago nigripennis African snipe Bécassine africaine Agachadiza africana Afrikanische Bekassine nomadising App II NL NL
1638 Gallinago paraguaiae South American snipe Bécassine de Magellan Agachadiza suramericana Magellanbekassine partial App II NL NL
1639 Gallinago solitaria Solitary snipe Bécassine solitaire Agachadiza solitaria Einsiedlerbekassine partial App II NL NL
1640 Gallinago stenura Pintail snipe Bécassine à queue pointue Agachadiza corlirrara Spießbekassine intracontinental App II NL NL
1641 Gallinago stricklandii Fuegian snipe Bécassine de Strickland Agachadiza fueguina Kordillerenbekassine partial App II LRnt NL
1642 Gallinula angulata Lesser moorhen Gallinule africaine Gallineta chica Zwergteichhuhn nomadising NL NL NL
1643 Gallinula chloropus Common moorhen Gallinule poule Gallineta de Gough Tristanteichhuhn partial NL NL NL
1644 Gallinula melanops Spot-flanked gallinule Gallinule à face noire Maskenpfuhlhuhn intracontinental NL NL NL
      Porphyriops melanopus (Synonym)
1645 Gallinula tenebrosa Dusky moorhen Gallinule sombre Gallineta enlutada Papuateichhuhn nomadising NL NL NL
1646 Gallinula ventralis Black-tailed native-hen Gallinule aborigène Gallineta patirroja Rotfuß-Pfuhlhuhn possibly migratory NL NL NL
1647 Gallirallus philippensis Buff-banded rail Râle tiklin Rascón filipino Bindenralle possibly migratory NL NL NL
1648 Gallirallus striatus Slaty-breasted rail Râle strié Rascón rufigris Graubrustralle partial NL NL NL
1649 Gambusia affinis Mosquitofish Gambusie Gambusino Texaskärpfling amphidromous? NL NL NL
1650 Gambusia holbrooki Eastern mosquitofish potamodromous NL NL NL
1651 Gangra viridescens Huddah nangra potamodromous NL NL NL
1652 Garrodia nereis Grey backed storm petrel Océanite néréide Paíno dorsigrís Graurücken-Sturmschwalbe Possibly migratory NL NL NL
1653 Garrulax affinis Black-faced laughingthrush Garrulaxe à face noire local migrant NL NL NL
1654 Garrulax albogularis White-throated laughingthrush Garrulaxe à gorge blanche local migrant NL NL NL
1655 Garrulax erythrocephalus Chestnut-crowned laughingthrush Garrulaxe à tête rousse local migrant NL NL NL
1656 Garrulax henrici Brown-cheeked laughingthrush Garrulaxe d'Henri local migrant NL NL NL
1657 Garrulax striatus Striated laughingthrush Garrulaxe strié local migrant NL NL NL
1658 Garrulax variegatus Variegated laughingthrush Garrulaxe varié local migrant NL NL NL
1659 Gasterochisma fallai Slender tuna Thon élégant Atún lanzón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1660 Gasterochisma melampus Big-scaled mackerel Thon papillon Pez chauchera oceanodromous NL NL NL
1661 Gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus Banstickle Cordonnier Espinoso Dreistachliger Stichling anadromous NL NL NL
1662 Gavia adamsii White-billed diver Plongeon à bec blanc Colimbo de Adams Gelbschnabel-Eistaucher intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
1663 Gavia arctica Black-throated diver Plongeon arctique Colimbo ártico Prachttaucher intercontinental App II NL NL
1664 Gavia immer Great Northern diver Plongeon huard Colimbo grande Eistaucher intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
1665 Gavia stellata Red-throated diver Plongeon catmarin Colimbo chico Sterntaucher intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
1666 Gavialis gangeticus Gharial Gavial du Gange Gavial del Ganges Ganges-Gavial potamodromous App I EN I
1667 Gazella cuvieri Cuvier's gazelle Gazelle de Cuvier Gacela de Cuvier Atlasgazelle data deficient App I EN III
1668 Gazella dama Dama gazelle Gazelle dama Gacela dama Damagazelle intracontinental App I EN I
1669 Gazella dorcas Dorcas gazelle Gazelle Dorcas Gacela Dorcas Dorkasgazelle nomadising App I (Pop) VU III
1670 Gazella gazella Mountain gazelle Gazelle d' Edmi Gacela de la India Edmigazelle intracontinental App II (Pop) LRcd NL
1671 Gazella leptoceros Slender-horned gazelle Gazelle leptocère Gacela de astas delgadas Dünengazelle nomadising App I EN III
1672 Gazella subgutturosa Dzheiran Kropfgazelle intracontinental App II VU NL
1673 Gazella thomsonii Thomson's gazelle Gazelle de Thomson Gacela de Thompson Thomson Gazelle intracontinental NL LRnt NL
1674 Gempylus serpens Snake mackerel Escolier serpent Dómine añil oceanodromous NL NL NL
1675 Genypterus blacodes Australian rockling Lingue Dorado Leng oceanodromous NL NL NL
1676 Geophagus brasiliensis Pearl cichlid Brasilperlmutterfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1677 Geositta antarctica Short-billed miner Géositte à bec court Caminera patagónica Feuerland-Erdhacker intracontinental NL NL NL
1678 Geositta cunicularia Common miner Géositte mineuse Caminera común Kaninchenerdhacker local migrant NL NL NL
1679 Geositta rufipennis Rufous-banded miner Géositte à ailes rousses Caminera colorada Rotschwanzerdhacker Groms migrant NL NL NL
1680 Geothlypis aequinoctialis Masked yellowthroat Paruline équatoriale Arañero cara negra Maskengelbkehlchen intracontinental NL NL NL
1681 Geothlypis trichas Common yellowthroat Paruline masquée mascarita común Weidengelbkehlchen intercontinental NL NL NL
1682 Geotria australis Lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
1683 Geronticus calvus Southern bald ibis Ibis du cap Ibis calvo Kahlkopfrapp Possibly migratory NL VU II
1684 Geronticus eremita Hermit Ibis Ibis chauve Ibis eremita Waldrapp partial App I & II CR I
1685 Gerres cinereus Yellow fin mojarra Blanche cendré Plateada amphidromous NL NL NL
1686 Gerres erythrourus Blue-backed silver biddy oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Gerres abbreviatus (Synonym)
1687 Gerres filamentosus Filamentous mojarra Blanche fil Mojarra de hebra amphidromous NL NL NL
1688 Gerres lucidus Saddleback silver-biddy Blanche selles Mojarra ensillada amphidromous NL NL NL
1689 Gerres poieti Strongspine silver-biddy Blanche armée Mojarra espinuda amphidromous NL NL NL
1690 Gerres setifer Small Bengal silver-biddy amphidromous NL NL NL
1691 Gila cypha Humpback chub potamodromous NL VU NL
1692 Gila elegans Bonytail potamodromous NL EN NL
1693 Gilchristella aestuarius Gilchrist's round herring diadromous NL NL NL
1694 Girella melanichthys oceanodromous NL NL NL
1695 Girella punctata oceanodromous NL NL NL
1696 Glareola cinerea Grey pratincole Glaréole grise Canastera gris Graubrachschwalbe range extension NL NL NL
1697 Glareola lactea Small pratincole Glaréole lactée Canastera chica Sandbrachschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1698 Glareola maldivarum Oriental pratincole Glaréole orientale Canastera oriental Orientbrachschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
1699 Glareola nordmanni Black-winged pratincole Glaréole à ailes noires Canastera alinegra Schwarzflügelbrachschwalbe intercontinental App II DD NL
1700 Glareola nuchalis Rock pratincole Glaréole auréolée Canastera sombría Halsbandbrachschwalbe range extension NL NL NL
1701 Glareola ocularis Madagascar pratincole Glaréole malgache Canastera malgache Madagaskarbrachschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
1702 Glareola pratincola Collared pratincole Glaréole à collier Canastera Rotflügelbrachschwalbe intercontinental App II NL NL
1703 Glaucidium nanum Austral pygmy-Owl Chevêchette du Pérou Mochuelo peruano Araukanerkauz partial NL NL II
1704 Globicephala macrorhynchus Short-finned pilot whale Deductuer Calderón de aletas cortas Kurzflossen Grindwal nomadising NL LRcd II
1705 Globicephala melas Long-finned pilot whale Globicéphale noir Calderón negro Grindwal intraoceanic App II (Pop) NL II
1706 Glossogobius aureus Golden tank goby amphidromous NL NL NL
1707 Glossogobius biocellatus Sleepy goby amphidromous NL LRnt NL
1708 Glossogobius celebius Celebes goby amphidromous NL NL NL
1709 Glossogobius giuris Bar eyed goby Flachkopfgrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
1710 Glossophaga commissarisi Commissaris's long-tongued bat data deficient NL NL NL
1711 Glossophaga leachii Grey long-tongued bat data deficient NL NL NL
1712 Glossophaga morenoi Western long-tongued bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
1713 Glossophaga soricina Pallas's long-tongued bat data deficient NL NL NL
1714 Glyphis gangeticus Ganges shark Requin du Ganges Tiburón del Ganges amphidromous NL CR NL
1715 Glyptocephalus cynoglossus Craig fluke Plie cynoglosse Mendo falsó lenguado Hundszunge oceanodromous NL NL NL
1716 Glyptocephalus stelleri Blackfin flounder oceanodromous NL NL NL
1717 Glyptothorax telchitta potamodromous NL NL NL
1718 Gobio gobio Gudgeon Troga Gobio Gründling amphidromous? NL NL NL
1719 Gobiomorphus australis Striped gudgeon Streifengrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
1720 Gobiomorphus cotidianus Common bully amphidromous NL NL NL
1721 Gobiomorphus coxii Cox's gudgeon potamodromous NL NL NL
1722 Gobiomorphus gobioides Giant bully amphidromous NL NL NL
1723 Gobiomorphus hubbsi Bluegilled bully amphidromous NL NL NL
1724 Gobiomorphus huttoni Redfinned bully Rotflossen-Schläfergrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
1725 Gobiomorus dormitor Bigmouth sleeper Guavina catadromous NL NL NL
1726 Gobiopsis macrostoma Longjaw goby amphidromous NL NL NL
1727 Gobiopterus chuno Glass goby Glasgrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
1728 Gobius cobitis Giant goby Gobie céphalote Gobito de roca oceanodromous NL NL NL
1729 Gobius cruentatus Red-mouthed goby Gobie ensanglanté Gobit oceanodromous NL NL NL
1730 Gobius paganellus Rock goby Gobie paganel Bobi Paganellgrundel oceanodromous NL NL NL
1731 Gonialosa manmina Ganges river gizzard shad amphidromous NL NL NL
1732 Gonialosa modesta Burmese river gizzard shad amphidromous NL NL NL
1733 Gonialosa whiteheadi Southern Burmese river gizzard shad amphidromous NL NL NL
1734 Gonichthys barnesi oceanodromous NL NL NL
1735 Gonichthys cocco Lanternfish Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Gonichthys coccoi (Synonym)
1736 Gonorynchus forsteri oceanodromous NL NL NL
1737 Gorilla gorilla Gorilla Gorille Gorila Gorilla nomadising App I (Pop) CR I
1738 Gorsachius goisagi Japanese night-heron Bihoreau goisagi Martinete japonés Rotscheitelreiher intracontinental App I EN NL
      Nycticorax goisagi (Synonym)
1739 Gorsachius leuconotus White-backed night-heron Bihoreau à dos blanc Martinete encapuchado Weissrückenreiher range extension NL NL NL
      Nycticorax leuconotus (Synonym)
1740 Gorsachius magnificus White-eared night-heron Bihoreau superbe Martinete magnífico Hainanreiher intracontinental NL EN NL
      Nycticorax magnificus (Synonym)
1741 Gorsachius melanolophus Malayan night-heron Bihoreau malais Martinete malayo Wellenreiher partial NL NL NL
      Nycticorax melanolophus (Synonym)
1742 Goslinia platynema Slobbering catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
1743 Grallina cyanoleuca Magpie-lark Gralline pie NL NL NL
1744 Grammatorycnus bicarinatus Double-lined mackerel Tazard à larges écailles Carite cazón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1745 Grammatorycnus bilineatus Biturchturch Thazard-kusara Carite cazón pintado oceanodromous NL NL NL
1746 Grammoplites scaber Rough flathead amphidromous NL NL NL
1747 Grampus griseus Risso's dolphin Dauphin de Risso Delfín de Risso Rundkopfdelphin range extension App II (Pop) DD II
1748 Grantiella picta Painted honeyeater Méliphage peint NL LRnt NL
1749 Griseotyrannus aurantioatrocristatus Crowned slaty flycatcher Tyran oriflamme Tuquito gris Inkatyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
      Empidonomus aurantioatrocristatus (Synonym)
1750 Grus americana Whooping crane Grue blanche Grulla blanca Schreikranich intracontinental App II EN I
1751 Grus antigone Sarus crane Grue antigone Grulla Sarus Saruskranich partial App II VU II
1752 Grus canadensis Sandhill crane Grue du Canada Grulla del Canada Kanadischer Kranich partial App II NL I/II
1753 Grus carunculatus Wattled crane Grue caronculée Grulla carunculada Klunkerkranich nomadising App II VU II
      Bugeranus carunculatus (Synonym)
1754 Grus grus Common crane Grue cendrée Grulla común Graukranich intercontinental App II NL II
1755 Grus japonensis Red-crowned crane Grue du Japon Grulla de Manchuria Mandschurenkranich intracontinental App I & II EN I
1756 Grus leucogeranus Siberian crane Grue de Sibérie Grulla siberiana Schneekranich intracontinental App I & II CR I
1757 Grus monacha Hooded crane Grue moine Grulla capachina Mönchskranich intracontinental App I & II VU I
1758 Grus nigricollis Black-necked crane Grue à cou noir Grulla cuellinegra Schwarzhalskranich intracontinental App I & II VU I
1759 Grus paradisea Blue crane Grue de paradis Grulla del paraiso Paradieskranich local migrant App II VU II
      Anthropoides paradisea (Synonym)
1760 Grus vipio White-naped crane Grue à cou blanc Grulla de cuelle blanco Weißnacken-Kranich intracontinental App I & II VU I
1761 Grus virgo Demoiselle crane Grue demoiselle Grulla Damisela Jungfernkranich intracontinental App II NL II
      Anthropoides virgo (Synonym)
1762 Guavina guavina Guavina de mar oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1763 Gudusia chapra Indian river shad potamodromous NL NL NL
1764 Gudusia variegata Burmese river shad amphidromous NL NL NL
1765 Guiraca caerulea Blue grosbeak Guiraca bleu picogordo azul Azurbischof intracontinental NL NL NL
1766 Gygis alba White tern Gygis blanche Charrán blanco Feenseeschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1767 Gymnarchus niloticus Aba Nilhecht potamodromous NL NL NL
1768 Gymnocephalus cernuus Ruffe Roi Pfaffenlaus potamodromous NL NL NL
1769 Gymnocypris przewalskii potamodromous NL NL NL
1770 Gymnosarda unicolor Dogtooth tuna Thon dents de chien Casarte ojón oceanodromous NL NL NL
1771 Gymnoscopelus bolini oceanodromous NL NL NL
1772 Gymnoscopelus braueri oceanodromous NL NL NL
1773 Gymnoscopelus fraseri oceanodromous NL NL NL
1774 Gymnoscopelus hintonoides oceanodromous NL NL NL
1775 Gymnoscopelus microlampas oceanodromous NL NL NL
1776 Gymnoscopelus nicholsi oceanodromous NL NL NL
1777 Gymnoscopelus opisthopterus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1778 Gymnoscopelus piabilis oceanodromous NL NL NL
1779 Gymnothorax afer Dark moray Murène obscure Morena oscura amphidromous NL NL NL
1780 Gymnothorax polyuranodon Freshwater moray catadromous NL NL NL
1781 Gymnothorax tile Freshwater moray anadromous? NL NL NL
1782 Gymnotus carapo Banded knifefish Gymnote rayée Gebänderter Messerfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
1783 Gypaetus barbatus Lammergeier Gypaète barbu Quebrantahuesos Bartgeier App II NL II
1784 Gypohierax angolensis Palm-nut vulture Palmiste africain Buitre plamero Palmgeier nomadising App II NL II
1785 Gyps coprotheres Cape griffon Vautour chassefiente Buitre del Cabo Kapgeier range extension App II VU II
1786 Gyps fulvus Eurasian griffon Vautour fauve Buitre leonado Gänsegeier partial App II NL II
1787 Gyps himalayensis Himalayan griffon Vautour de l'Himalaya Buitre del Himalaya Schneegeier range extension App II NL II
1788 Gyps rueppellii Rueppell's griffon Vautour de Rüppell Buitre moteado Sperbergeier nomadising App II NL II
1789 Gyrinocheilus aymonieri Siamese algae-eater Zitronen-Saugschmerle (Zuchtform) potamodromous NL NL NL
1790 Gyrinocheilus pennocki Spotted algae eater potamodromous NL NL NL
1791 Haematopus ater Blackish oystercatcher Huîtrier noir Ostrero negro suramericano Südamerikanischer-Austernfischer partial NL NL NL
1792 Haematopus bachmani American black oystercatcher Huîtrier de Bachman Ostrero negro norteamericano Klippenausternfischer local migrant NL NL NL
1793 Haematopus leucopodus Magellanic oystercatcher Huîtrier de Garnot Ostrero magallánico Magellanausternfischer intracontinental NL NL NL
1794 Haematopus longirostris Pied oystercatcher Huîtrier à long bec Ostrero pio australiano Australischer Austernfischer range extension NL NL NL
1795 Haematopus moquini African Black oystercatcher Huîtrier de Moquin Ostrero Negro Africano Schwarzer Austernfischer Adults sedentary NL LRnt NL
1796 Haematopus ostralegus Eurasian oystercatcher Huîtrier pie Ostrero euroasiatico Austernfischer intercontinental NL NL NL
1797 Haematopus palliatus American oystercatcher Huîtrier d'Amérique Ostrero pio americano Braunmantel-Austernfischer partial NL NL NL
1798 Haematospiza sipahi Scarlet finch Cipaye écarlate NL NL NL
1799 Haemulon parra Sailor's grunt Gorette marchand Bocayate blanco oceanodromous NL NL NL
1800 Halcyon albiventris Brown-hooded kingfisher Martin-chasseur à tête brune Alción cabecipardo Braunkopfliest partial NL NL NL
1801 Halcyon coromanda Ruddy kingfisher Martin-chasseur violet Alción rojizo Feuerliest partial NL NL NL
1802 Halcyon leucocephala Grey-headed kingfisher Martin-chasseur à tête grise Alción cabeciblanco Graukopfliest partial NL NL NL
1803 Halcyon pileata Black-capped kingfisher Martin-chasseur à coiffe noire Alción capirotado Kappenliest partial NL NL NL
1804 Halcyon senegalensis Woodland kingfisher Martin-chasseur du Sénégal Alción senegalés Senegalliest partial NL NL NL
1805 Haliaeetus albicilla White-tailed eagle Pygargue à queue blanche Pigargo europeo Seeadler partial App I & II LRnt I
1806 Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald eagle Pygargue à tête blanche Pigargo americano Weißkopf-Seeadler partial App II NL I
1807 Haliaeetus leucoryphus Pallas's fish-eagle Pygargue de Pallas Pigargo de Pallas Bindenseeadler partial App I VU II
1808 Haliaeetus pelagicus Steller's sea eagle Pygargue empereur Pigargo gigante Riesenseeadler intracontinental App I & II VU II
1809 Haliastur indus Brahminy kite Milan sacré Milano brahmán Brahminenweih nomadising App II NL II
1810 Haliastur sphenurus Whistling kite Milan siffleur Milano silbador Keilschwanzweih partial App II NL II
1811 Halichoerus grypus Grey seal Phoque gris Foca gris Kegelrobbe partial App II (Pop) EN NL
1812 Halobaena caerulea Blue petrel Prion bleu Petrel azulado Blausturmvogel partial NL NL NL
1813 Hamirostra melanosternon Black-breasted buzzard Milan à plastron Milano pechinegro Schwarzbrustmilan partial App II NL II
1814 Hampala dispar potamodromous NL NL NL
1815 Hampala macrolepidota Hampala barb Große Flußbarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
1816 Haplophryne mollis Tiefseeangler oceanodromous NL NL NL
1817 Harpadon nehereus Bombay duck Bombay duck (Inde) Bumalo oceanodromous NL NL NL
1818 Harpagus diodon Rufous-thighed kite Milan diodon Milano muslirrufo Braunschenkelweih data deficient App II NL II
1819 Helicophagus waandersii potamodromous NL NL NL
1820 Heliomaster furcifer Blue-tufted starthroat Colibri d'Angèle Colibrí de Barbijo Blaubartkolibri intracontinental NL NL II
1821 Heliopais personata Masked finfoot Grébifoulque d'Asie Avesol asiático Maskenbinsenralle intracontinental NL VU NL
1822 Helmitheros vermivorus Worm-eating warbler Paruline vermivore chipe gusanero Haldenwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
1823 Helostoma temminckii Kissing gourami Küssender Gurami potamodromous NL NL NL
1824 Hemibagrus nemurus Asian redtail catfish Asiatischer Rotflossenwels potamodromous NL NL NL
1825 Hemibagrus wyckii potamodromous NL NL NL
      Mystus wyckii (Synonym)
1826 Hemibagrus wyckioides potamodromous NL NL NL
1827 Hemibarbus labeo Barbel steed amphidromous NL NL NL
1828 Hemichromis bimaculatus Jewelfish Cichlide à deux taches Wald-Juwelenbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
1829 Hemichromis fasciatus Banded jewelfish Hemichromis potamodromous NL NL NL
1830 Hemiodus microlepis Julilla potamodromous NL NL NL
1831 Hemipimelodus borneensis potamodromous NL NL NL
1832 Hemiprocne mystacea Moustached treeswift Hémiprocné à moustaches Vencejo arborícola bigotudo Bartbaumsegler NL NL NL
      Cypselus mystaceus (Synonym)
1833 Hemiramphus saltator Longfin halfbeak Demi-bec oisillon Saltador oceanodromous NL NL NL
1834 Hemisilurus mekongensis potamodromous NL NL NL
1835 Hemithraupis guira Guira tanager Tangara guira Saíra dorada Guiratangare Groms migrant NL NL NL
1836 Henicorhynchus cryptopogon potamodromous NL NL NL
1837 Henicorhynchus siamensis Siamese mud carp potamodromous NL NL NL
1838 Hepsetus odoe Kafue pike Guineischer Lachssalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
1839 Herklotsichthys gotoi Black-spot herring anadromous NL NL NL
1840 Herklotsichthys koningsbergeri Koningsberger's herring anadromous NL NL NL
1841 Hesperiphona vespertina Evening grosbeak Gros-bec errant Pepitero mexicano Abendkernbeißer Groms migrant NL NL NL
1842 Heterobranchus isopterus potamodromous NL NL NL
1843 Heterobranchus longifilis Vundu potamodromous NL NL NL
1844 Heterodontus portusjacksoni Bullhead Requin dormeur taureau Dormilón toro oceanodromous NL NL NL
1845 Heteronetta atricapilla Black-headed duck Hétéronette à tête noire Pato rinconero Kuckucksente partial App II NL NL
1846 Heterophasia capistrata Rufous sibia Sibia casquée local migrant NL NL NL
1847 Heterophasia gracilis Grey sibia Sibia grise local migrant NL NL NL
1848 Heterophasia pulchella Beautiful sibia Sibia superbe local migrant NL NL NL
1849 Heteroxolmis dominicana Black-and-white monjita Pépoaza dominicain Monjita dominica Groms migrant NL VU NL
      Xolmis dominicana (Synonym)
1850 Hexagrammos agrammus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1851 Hexagrammos otakii oceanodromous NL NL NL
1852 Hexanchus griseus Bluntnose sixgill shark Chien de mer Albajar Grauhai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
1853 Hieraaetus ayresii Ayres's hawk-eagle Aigle d'Ayres Águila-azor de Ayres Fleckenadler nomadising App II NL II
1854 Hieraaetus fasciatus Bonelli's eagle Aigle de Bonelli Águila-azor perdicera Habichtsadler range extension App II NL II
1855 Hieraaetus pennatus Booted eagle Aigle botté Águila Calzada Zwergadler intercontinental App II NL II
1856 Hilsa kelee Five spot herring Alose palli Sábalo chandano anadromous NL NL NL
1857 Himantopus himantopus Black-winged stilt Échasse blanche Cigüenuela común Stelzenläufer partial App II NL NL
1858 Himantopus novaezelandiae Black stilt Échasse noire Cigüenuela negra Schwarzer Stelzenläufer partial App II CR NL
1859 Himantura bleekeri Bleeker's whipray amphidromous NL NL NL
1860 Himantura chaophraya Freshwater whipray potamodromous NL CR NL
1861 Himantura fluviatilis Ganges stingray potamodromous NL EN NL
1862 Himantura imbricata Scaly whipray amphidromous NL NL NL
1863 Himantura marginata Blackedge whipray amphidromous NL NL NL
1864 Himantura uarnak Honeycomb stingray Raie bouclee Indo-Australischer Tüpfelrochen amphidromous NL NL NL
1865 Hintonia candens oceanodromous NL NL NL
1866 Hiodon alosoides Goldeye La Queche potamodromous NL NL NL
1867 Hippocamelus bisulcus South Andean deer Cerf des Andes méridionales Huemul Südandenhirsch technical migrant App I EN I
1868 Hippocampus fuscus Sea pony amphidromous NL VU II
1869 Hippocampus kuda Spotted seahorse Hippocampe doré oceanodromous NL VU II
1870 Hippoglossoides dubius Flathead flounder Balai japonais oceanodromous NL NL NL
1871 Hippoglossoides elassodon Cigarette paper oceanodromous NL NL NL
1872 Hippoglossoides platessoides American plaice Plie canadienne Platija americana Doggerscharbe oceanodromous NL NL NL
1873 Hippoglossoides robustus Bering flounder Plie de Bering oceanodromous NL NL NL
1874 Hippoglossus hippoglossus Atlantic halibut Flétan de l'Atlantique Hipogloso Heilbutt oceanodromous NL EN NL
1875 Hippoglossus stenolepis Halibut Flétan du Pacifique Halibut del Pacifico Pazifischer Heilbutt oceanodromous NL NL NL
1876 Hippolais caligata Booted warbler HypolaÔs bottée Zarcero escita intercontinental App II NL NL
1877 Hippolais icterina Icterine warbler Hypolaïs ictérine Zarcero icterino Gelbspötter intercontinental App II NL NL
1878 Hippolais languida Upcher's warbler Hypolaïs d'Upcher Zarcero de upcher Dornspötter intercontinental App II NL NL
1879 Hippolais olivetorum Olive-tree warbler Hypolaïs des oliviers Zarcero grande Olivenspötter intercontinental App II NL NL
1880 Hippolais pallida Olivaceous warbler Hypolaïs pâle Zarcero pálido Blaßspötter intercontinental App II NL NL
1881 Hippolais polyglotta Melodious warbler Hypolaïs polyglotte Zarcero común Orpheusspötter intercontinental App II NL NL
1882 Hipposideros commersoni Grant leaf-nosed bat Riesen-Rundblattnase data deficient NL NL NL
1883 Hipposideros ruber Noack's Roundleaf bat data deficient NL NL NL
1884 Hirundapus caudacutus White-throated needletail Martinet épineux Vencejo mongol Stachelschwanzsegler partial NL NL NL
1885 Hirundapus cochinchinensis Silver-backed needletail Martinet de Cochinchine Vencejo de la cochinchina Graukehlsegler intracontinental NL NL NL
1886 Hirundapus giganteus Brown-backed Needletail Martinet géant Vencejo gigante Eilsegler NL NL NL
      Cypselus giganteus (Synonym)
1887 Hirundichthys affinis Rondelet's flying fish Volant Volador de 4 alas Flugfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
1888 Hirundichthys albimaculatus Whitespot flyingfish Exocet à tache blanche Volador de mancha blanca oceanodromous NL NL NL
1889 Hirundichthys coromandelensis Coromandel flyingfish Exocet coromandel Volador coromandélico oceanodromous NL NL NL
1890 Hirundichthys marginatus Banded flyingfish Exocet bandé Volador de banda oceanodromous NL NL NL
1891 Hirundichthys oxycephalus Bony flyingfish Exocet casque Pez volador oceanodromous NL NL NL
1892 Hirundichthys rondeletii Black wing flyingfish Exocet aile noire Volador de alas negras oceanodromous NL NL NL
1893 Hirundichthys socotranus oceanodromous NL NL NL
1894 Hirundichthys speculiger Cuvier's flying fish Exocet miroir Volador espejo oceanodromous NL NL NL
1895 Hirundinea ferruginea Cliff Flycatcher Moucherolle hirondelle intracontinental NL NL NL
1896 Hirundo abyssinica Lesser striped-swallow Hirondelle striée Maidschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1897 Hirundo aethiopica Ethiopian swallow partial NL NL NL
1898 Hirundo albigularis White-throated swallow intracontinental NL NL NL
1899 Hirundo angolensis Angolan swallow partial NL NL NL
1900 Hirundo ariel Fairy martin partial NL NL NL
      Collocalia ariel (Synonym)
1901 Hirundo atrocaerulea Blue swallow Hirondelle bleue Stahlschwalbe intracontinental App I & II VU NL
1902 Hirundo concolor Dusky crag martin partial NL NL NL
1903 Hirundo cucullata Greater striped-swallow Hirondelle à tête rousse Kapschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
1904 Hirundo daurica Red-rumped swallow Hirondelle rousseline Golondrina daúrica Rötelschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
1905 Hirundo dimidiata Pearl-breasted swallow Hirondelle à gorge perlée Perlbrustschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1906 Hirundo fluvicola Streak-throated swallow Hirondelle fluviatile range extension NL NL NL
1907 Hirundo fuliginosa Forest swallow Hirondelle de forêt local migrant NL NL NL
1908 Hirundo fuligula Rock martin partial NL NL NL
1909 Hirundo fulva Cave swallow Hirondelle à front brun golondrina pueblera Höhlenschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
1910 Hirundo leucosoma Pied-winged swallow partial NL NL NL
1911 Hirundo neoxena Welcome swallow partial NL NL NL
1912 Hirundo nigricans Tree martin NL NL NL
      Hirundo nigricans (Synonym)
1913 Hirundo preussi Preuss's swallow partial NL NL NL
      Lecythoplastes preussi (Synonym)
1914 Hirundo pyrrhonota Cliff swallow Hirondelle à front blanc Golondrina rabadilla canela Fahlstirnschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
      Petrochelidon pyrrhonota (Synonym)
1915 Hirundo rufigula Red-throated swallow range extension NL NL NL
1916 Hirundo rupestris Eurasian crag martin Hirondelle de rochers Avíon roquero Felsenschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1917 Hirundo rustica Barn swallow Hirondelle rustique Golondrina Tijerita Rauchschwalbe intercontinental NL NL NL
1918 Hirundo semirufa Rufous-chested swallow Hirondelle à ventre roux Rotbrustschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1919 Hirundo senegalensis Mosque swallow Hirondelle des mosquées Senegalschwalbe partial NL NL NL
1920 Hirundo smithii Wire-tailed swallow Hirondelle à longs brins partial NL NL NL
1921 Hirundo spilodera South African cliff swallow Hirondelle Sud-Afrique Klippenschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
1922 Hirundo striolata Striated swallow partial NL NL NL
1923 Histrio histrio Sargassumfish Pez sargazo oceanodromous NL NL NL
1924 Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin duck Arlequin plongeur Pato arlequin Kragenente range extension App II NL NL
1925 Histriophoca fasciata Ribbon seal Phoque à bandes Bandrobbe possibly migratory NL NL NL
1926 Hodgsonius phaenicuroides White-bellied redstart intracontinental App II NL NL
1927 Homaloptera thamicola potamodromous NL VU NL
1928 Hoplias aimara Poisson tigre potamodromous NL NL NL
1929 Hoplias malabaricus Trahira Poisson tigre Tararira Tigersalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
1930 Hoplostethus atlanticus Deep-sea perch Hoplostete rouge Reloj Granatbarsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
1931 Horabagrus brachysoma Günther's catfish Mondfinsternis-Stachelwels amphidromous NL NL NL
1932 Howella brodiei Pelagic basslet oceanodromous NL NL NL
1933 Hucho bleekeri potamodromous NL NL NL
1934 Hucho hucho Danube salmon Huchon Huchen potamodromous NL EN NL
1935 Hucho perryi Japanese huchen anadromous NL NL NL
1936 Hucho taimen Taimen anadromous NL NL NL
1937 Huso dauricus Kaluga Kaluga-Hausen anadromous App II EN II
1938 Huso huso Giant sturgeon Grand esturgeon Esturión Hausen anadromous App II EX II
1939 Hydrobates pelagicus European storm-petrel Océanite tempête Paíño europeo Sturmschwalbe interoceanic NL NL NL
1940 Hydrochous gigas Waterfall swift Salangane géante Salangana gigante Riesensalangane NL NL NL
      Collocalia gigas (Synonym)
1941 Hydrocynus brevis Tiger-fish potamodromous NL NL NL
1942 Hydrocynus forskalii Tiger fish potamodromous NL NL NL
1943 Hydrocynus vittatus Tiger fish Tigersalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
1944 Hydrodamalis gigas Steller's sea-cow data deficient NL EX NL
1945 Hydrophasianus chirurgus Pheasant-tailed jacana Jacana à longue queue Jacana colilarga Wasserfasan partial NL NL NL
1946 Hydropsalis brasiliana Scissor-tailed nightjar Engoulevent à queue en ciseaux Chotacabras tijereta Scherenschwanz-Nachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
      Hydropsalis torquata (Synonym)
1947 Hydrurga leptonyx Leopard seal Leopard de mer Seeleopard intercontinental NL NL NL
1948 Hygophum benoiti Benoit's lanternfish Lanterne benoite oceanodromous NL NL NL
1949 Hygophum hanseni oceanodromous NL NL NL
1950 Hygophum hygomii Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1951 Hygophum macrochir Large-finned lanterfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1952 Hygophum proximum Lantern fish Pez linterna cabezo oceanodromous NL NL NL
1953 Hylonycteris underwoodi Underwood's long-tongued bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
1954 Hymenops perspicillatus Spectacled tyrant Ada clignot Pico de Plata Brillentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
      Hymenops perspicillata (Synonym)
1955 Hypentelium nigricans Northern hog sucker potamodromous NL NL NL
1956 Hyperlophus vittatus Sandy sprat amphidromous NL NL NL
1957 Hyperoglyphe japonica oceanodromous NL NL NL
1958 Hyperoodon ampullatus North Atlantic bottlenose whale Hyperoodon boréale Ballena morro de botella Dögling partial App II LRcd I
1959 Hyperoodon planifrons Southern bootlenose whale Hyperoodon austral Ballena hocico de botella del sur Südlicher Entenwal interoceanic NL LRcd I
1960 Hyperopisus bebe bebe potamodromous NL NL NL
1961 Hyperoplus lanceolatus Great sandeel Lançon commun Plón Tobis oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
1962 Hyphessobrycon bifasciatus Yellow tetra Messingtetra potamodromous NL NL NL
1963 Hyphessobrycon luetkenii potamodromous NL NL NL
1964 Hypocolius ampelinus Grey hypocolius Hypocolius gris intercontinental NL NL NL
1965 Hypomesus chishimaensis limnodromous NL NL NL
1966 Hypomesus japonicus anadromous NL NL NL
1967 Hypomesus nipponensis Japanese smelt anadromous NL NL NL
1968 Hypomesus olidus anadromous NL NL NL
1969 Hypomesus transpacificus Delta smelt anadromous NL EN NL
1970 Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Chinese schemer Carpe argentée Carpa plateada Silberkarpfen potamodromous NL NL NL
1971 Hypophthalmus edentatus Highwaterman catfish Jamégouté Maparate potamodromous NL NL NL
1972 Hypophthalmus fimbriatus potamodromous NL NL NL
1973 Hypophthalmus marginatus Maparate potamodromous NL NL NL
1974 Hyporhamphus intermedius amphidromous NL NL NL
1975 Hyporhamphus limbatus Congaturi halfbeak Demi-bec congsturi Agujeta congaturí potamodromous NL NL NL
1976 Hyporhamphus sajori amphidromous NL NL NL
1977 Hyporhamphus unifasciatus amphidromous NL NL NL
1978 Hypostomus commersoni potamodromous NL NL NL
1979 Hypseleotris compressa Empire gudgeon Australische Kärpflingsgrundel potamodromous NL NL NL
1980 Hypseleotris cyprinoides Tropical carp-gudgeon Cabot amphidromous NL NL NL
1981 Hypseleotris guentheri Rainbow prigi Kärpflingsgrundel diadromous NL NL NL
1982 Hypseleotris klunzingeri Western carp gudgeon Westliche Kärpflingsgrundel potamodromous NL NL NL
1983 Hypselobarbus curmuca Curmuca barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1984 Hypselobarbus dubius Nilgiris barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1985 Hypselobarbus jerdoni Jerdon's carp potamodromous NL NL NL
1986 Hypselobarbus kolus Kolus potamodromous NL NL NL
1987 Hypselobarbus lithopidos Canara barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1988 Hypselobarbus micropogon Korhi barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1989 Hypselobarbus thomassi Red Canarese barb potamodromous NL NL NL
1990 Hypsibarbus lagleri potamodromous NL NL NL
1991 Hypsibarbus pierrei potamodromous NL NL NL
1992 Hypsibarbus wetmorei potamodromous NL NL NL
1993 Hypsipetes leucocephalus Black bulbul Bulbul noir NL NL II
1994 Ibidorhyncha struthersii Ibisbill Bec-d'ibis tibétain Picoibis Ibisschnabel local migrant NL NL NL
1995 Ichthyocampus carce Freshwater pipefish amphidromous NL NL NL
1996 Ichthyomyzon unicuspis Silver lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
1997 Icichthys australis Southern driftfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
1998 Icteria virens Yellow-breasted chat Paruline polyglotte buscabreña Gelbbrust-Waldsänger intracontinental NL NL NL
1999 Icterus cucullatus Hooded oriole Oriole masqué bolsero encapuchado Maskentrupial range extension NL NL NL
2000 Icterus galbula Northern oriole Oriole du Nord bolsero de Baltimore Baltimoretrupial intercontinental NL NL NL
2001 Icterus parisorum Scott's oriole Oriole jaune bolsero tunero Scott-Trupial intracontinental NL NL NL
2002 Icterus spurius Orchard oriole Oriole des vergers bolsero castaño Gartentrupial intercontinental NL NL NL
2003 Ictinia mississippiensis Mississippi kite Milan du Mississippi Elanio del Mississippí Mississippiweih intercontinental App II NL II
2004 Ictinia plumbea Plumbeous kite Milan bleuâtre Elanio plomizo Schwebeweih partial App II NL II
2005 Idionycteris phyllotis Allen's big-eared bat data deficient NL NL NL
2006 Ilisha filigera Coromandel ilisha anadromous NL NL NL
2007 Ilisha kampeni Kampen's ilisha amphidromous NL NL NL
2008 Ilisha megaloptera Big eye ilisha Alose à gros yeux Sardineta ojigrande anadromous NL NL NL
2009 Ilisha melastoma Indian ilisha Alose indienne Sardineta indica amphidromous NL NL NL
2010 Ilisha novacula Burmese River ilisha amphidromous NL NL NL
2011 Ilisha sirishai Lobejaw ilisha anadromous NL NL NL
2012 Indopacetus pacificus Indo-Pacific whale Baleine à bec de Longman Zifio de Longman Pazifischer Schnabelwal data deficient NL DD II
2013 Indoreonectes evezardi potamodromous NL DD NL
2014 Inezia inornata Plain tyrannulet Tyranneau terne Piojito picudo Graukopf-Inezia intracontinental NL NL NL
2015 Inia geoffrensis Amazon river dolphin Dauphin de l'Amazon Delfín rosado del Amazonas Amazonas-Delphin range extension App II VU II
2016 Irania gutturalis White-throated robin Iranie à gorge blanche Ruiseñor pintado intercontinental App II NL NL
2017 Irediparra gallinacea Comb-crested jacana Jacana à crête Jacana crestada Kammblatthühnchen nomadising NL NL NL
2018 Isistius brasiliensis Cigar shark Squalelet féroce Tiburón puro oceanodromous NL NL NL
2019 Isopsetta isolepis Butter sole oceanodromous NL NL NL
2020 Ispidina picta African pygmy-kingfisher Martin-pêcheur pygmée Martín pigmeo africano Natalzwergfischer partial NL NL NL
      Ceyx pictus (Synonym)
2021 Istiophorus albicans Atlantic sailfish Espadon Aguja vela Fächerfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2022 Istiophorus platypterus Bayonet fish Voilier indo-pacifique Velodor oceanodromous NL NL NL
2023 Isurus oxyrinchus Atlantic mako Requin-taupe bleu Dientuso Makrelenhai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
2024 Isurus paucus Longfin mako Petite taupe Dientuso prieto oceanodromous NL NL NL
2025 Ixobrychus cinnamomeus Cinnamon bittern Blongios cannelle Avetorillo canelo Zimtdommel partial NL NL NL
2026 Ixobrychus eurhythmus Schrenck's bittern Blongios de Schrenck Avetorillo manchu Mandschurendommel intracontinental NL NL NL
2027 Ixobrychus exilis Least bittern Petit Blongios Avetorillo panamericano Amerikanische Zwergdommel partial NL NL NL
2028 Ixobrychus flavicollis Black bittern Blongios à cou jaune Avetorillo negro Schwarzdommel partial NL NL NL
2029 Ixobrychus involucris Striped-backed bittern Blongios varié Mirasol común Streifendommel intracontinental NL NL NL
2030 Ixobrychus minutus Little bittern Blongios nain Avetorillo común Zwergdommel partial App II (Pop) NL NL
2031 Ixobrychus sinensis Yellow bittern Blongios de Chine Avetorillo chino Chinadommel partial NL NL NL
2032 Ixobrychus sturmii Dwarf bittern Blongios de Sturm Avetorillo plomizo Schieferdommel partial App II NL NL
2033 Ixos amaurotis Brown-eared bulbul Bulbul à oreillons bruns NL NL II
2034 Jabiru mycteria Jabiru Jabiru d'Amérique Jabirú americano Jabiru local migrant NL NL I
2035 Jacana jacana Wattled jacana Jacana noir Jacana suramericana Rotstirn-Blatthühnchen local migrant NL NL NL
2036 Johnius belangerii Belanger's croaker Courbine de Belanger Corvina de Belanger amphidromous NL NL NL
2037 Johnius carutta Karut croaker Courbine carutte Corvina carota amphidromous NL NL NL
2038 Johnius coitor Coitor croaker amphidromous NL NL NL
2039 Johnius dussumieri Sin croaker Courbine de Dussumier Corvina de Dussumier oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2040 Joturus pichardi Bobo mullet Mulet bobo Liza bobo catadromous NL NL NL
2041 Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed junco Junco ardoisé junco ojo oscuro Junko partial NL NL NL
2042 Jynx torquilla Eurasian Wryneck Torcol fourmilier Torcecuello Euroasiàtico Wendehals intercontinental NL NL NL
2043 Katsuwonus pelamis Arctic bonito Bonite Listado Bauchstreifiger Bonito oceanodromous NL NL NL
2044 Kneria auriculata Airbreathing shellear potamodromous NL NL NL
2045 Knipolegus aterrimus NL NL NL
2046 Knipolegus cyanirostris Blue-billed black-tyrant Ada à bec bleu Viudita pico celeste Blauschnabeltyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2047 Knipolegus hudsoni Hudson's black-tyrant Ada de Hudson Viudita chica Hudsontyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2048 Knipolegus nigerrimus Velvety black-tyrant Ada noir Kurzschopf-Mohrentyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
2049 Knipolegus striaticeps Cinereous tyrant Ada cendré Viudita chaqueña Schmalschwingentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2050 Kogia breviceps Pygmy sperm whale Cachalot pygmée Cachalote pigmeo Zwergpottwal data deficient NL NL II
2051 Kogia sima Dwarf sperm whale Cachalot nain Cachalote enano Kleinpottwal data deficient NL NL II
      Kogia simus (Synonym)
2052 Konosirus punctatus Dotted gizzard shad gefleckter Pazifikhering oceanodromous NL NL NL
2053 Krefftichthys anderssoni oceanodromous NL NL NL
2054 Kryptopterus apogon potamodromous NL NL NL
      Micronema apogon (Synonym)
2055 Kryptopterus cheveyi potamodromous NL NL NL
2056 Kryptopterus cryptopterus potamodromous NL NL NL
2057 Kuhlia marginata Dark-margined flagtail catadromous NL NL NL
2058 Kuhlia rupestris Jungle perch Carpe d'eau douce Felsen-Flaggenbarsch catadromous NL NL NL
2059 Kuhlia sandvicensis Hawaiian flagtail catadromous NL NL NL
2060 Kyphosus bigibbus Grey sea chub Petit wiwa oceanodromous NL NL NL
2061 Kyphosus vaigiensis Brassy chub Calicagère bleue oceanodromous NL NL NL
2062 Labeo altivelis Hunyani labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2063 Labeo angra Angra labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2064 Labeo ariza Reba potamodromous NL NL NL
      Cirrhinus ariza (Synonym)
2065 Labeo bata Bata potamodromous NL NL NL
2066 Labeo boga Boga labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2067 Labeo chrysophekadion Black sharkminnow Schwarzer Fransenlipper potamodromous NL NL NL
      Morulius chrysophekadion (Synonym)
2068 Labeo congoro Mucise potamodromous NL NL NL
2069 Labeo coubie African carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2070 Labeo cylindricus Redeye labeo Berglabeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2071 Labeo dussumieri Common labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2072 Labeo dyocheilus potamodromous NL NL NL
2073 Labeo erythropterus potamodromous NL NL NL
2074 Labeo fimbriatus Fringed-lipped peninsula carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2075 Labeo gonius Kuria labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2076 Labeo horie potamodromous NL NL NL
2077 Labeo kawrus Deccan labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2078 Labeo kontius Pigmouth carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2079 Labeo lunatus Upper Zambesi labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2080 Labeo mesops African carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2081 Labeo molybdinus Leaden labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2082 Labeo nandina potamodromous NL NL NL
2083 Labeo pangusia Pangusia labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2084 Labeo parvus African carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2085 Labeo rohita Rohu potamodromous NL NL NL
2086 Labeo rosae Rednose labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2087 Labeo rubromaculatus Tugela labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2088 Labeo ruddi Silver labeo Limpopo-Labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2089 Labeo seeberi Clanwilliam sandfish potamodromous NL CR NL
2090 Labeo senegalensis African carp potamodromous NL NL NL
2091 Labeo umbratus Moggel potamodromous NL NL NL
2092 Labeo victorianus Ningu potamodromous NL NL NL
2093 Labiobarbus leptocheilus Cuviers Fransenlipper potamodromous NL NL NL
2094 Labiobarbus ocellatus potamodromous NL NL NL
2095 Lagenodelphis hosei Fraser's dolphin Dauphin de Fraser Delfín de Borneo Borneo-Delphin possibly migratory NL DD II
2096 Lagenorhynchus acutus Atlantic white-sided dolphin Dauphin à flancs blancs Delfín de costados blancos Weißseitendelphin nomadising App II (Pop) NL II
2097 Lagenorhynchus albirostris White-beaked dolphin Dauphin à bec blanc Delfín de pico blanco Weißschnauzendelphin partial App II (Pop) NL II
2098 Lagenorhynchus australis Peale's dolphin Dauphin de Peale Delfín austral Peale Delphin range extension App II DD II
2099 Lagenorhynchus cruciger Hourglass dolphin Dauphin crucigère Delfín cruzado Stundenglas-Delphin data deficient NL NL II
2100 Lagenorhynchus obliquidens Pacific whitesided dolphin Dauphin à flancs blancs del Pacifico Delfín de costados blancos del Pacifico Weißstreifendelphin intraoceanic NL NL II
2101 Lagenorhynchus obscurus Dusky dolphin Dauphin obscur Delfín oscuro Schwarzdelphin nomadising App II DD II
2102 Lagocephalus lagocephalus lagocephalus Oceanic blaasop Compère lièvre Tamboril liebre oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Lagocephalus lagocephalus (Synonym)
2103 Lagocephalus lunaris Green rough-backed puffer oceanodromous NL NL NL
2104 Lagocephalus spadiceus Half-smooth golden pufferfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2105 Lagopus lagopus Willow grouse Lagopède des saules Lagópodo común Moorschneehuhn partial NL NL NL
2106 Laides hexanema potamodromous NL NL NL
2107 Lalage tricolor White-winged triller Échenilleur tricolore NL NL NL
2108 Lamiopsis temmincki Broadfin shark Requin grandes ailes Tiburón aletón amphidromous NL NL NL
2109 Lamna ditropis Salmon shark Taupe de mer Tauló Pazifischer Heringshai oceanodromous NL DD NL
2110 Lamna nasus Porbeagle Requin-taupe commun Cailón Heringshai oceanodromous NL LRcd NL
2111 Lampadena anomala Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2112 Lampadena chavesi Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2113 Lampadena dea oceanodromous NL NL NL
2114 Lampadena luminosa oceanodromous NL NL NL
2115 Lampadena notialis oceanodromous NL NL NL
2116 Lampadena speculigera Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2117 Lampadena urophaos atlantica oceanodromous NL NL NL
2118 Lampanyctodes hectoris Hector's lanternfish Lanternules de Hector Linternillas de Hector oceanodromous NL NL NL
2119 Lampanyctus achirus Lantern fish Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
2120 Lampanyctus alatus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2121 Lampanyctus ater Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2122 Lampanyctus australis Southern lanternfish Lanternules de Sud Linternillas del Sur oceanodromous NL NL NL
2123 Lampanyctus crocodilus Jewel lanternfish Madre de la anchoa oceanodromous NL NL NL
2124 Lampanyctus cuprarius oceanodromous NL NL NL
2125 Lampanyctus festivus Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2126 Lampanyctus intricarius Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2127 Lampanyctus isaacsi oceanodromous NL NL NL
2128 Lampanyctus lepidolychnus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2129 Lampanyctus lineatus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2130 Lampanyctus macdonaldi Rakery beaconlamp Lanterne-bouée râtelière oceanodromous NL NL NL
2131 Lampanyctus nobilis Noble lampfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2132 Lampanyctus photonotus Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2133 Lampanyctus pusillus Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2134 Lampanyctus reinhardtii Reinhardt's lanternfish Linternilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Hygophum reinhardtii (Synonym)
2135 Lampanyctus steinbecki Longfin lampfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2136 Lampanyctus tenuiformis oceanodromous NL NL NL
2137 Lampanyctus turneri oceanodromous NL NL NL
2138 Lampanyctus vadulus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2139 Lampetra alaskensis potamodromous NL NL NL
2140 Lampetra ayresi Parasitic river lamprey Lamproie à queue noir anadromous NL NL NL
      Lampetra ayresii (Synonym)
2141 Lampetra fluviatilis European river lamprey Lamproie de rivière Lamprea de río Flußneunauge anadromous NL LRnt NL
2142 Lampetra lanceolata Turkish brook lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
2143 Lampetra morii Korean lamprey limnodromous NL NL NL
      Eudontomyzon morii (Synonym)
2144 Lampetra planeri European brook lamprey Lamprea de arroyo Bachneunauge potamodromous NL LRnt NL
2145 Lampetra reissneri Far Eastern brook lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
2146 Lampetra tridentata Pacific lamprey Lamproie du Pacifique Lamprea del Pacifico anadromous NL NL NL
      Entosphenus tridentatus (Synonym)
2147 Lampichthys procerus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2148 Lampornis clemenciae Blue-throated hummingbird Colibri à gorge bleue Colibrí gorgiazul Blaukehlnymphe partial NL NL II
2149 Lampris guttatus Jerusalem haddock Poisson lune Opa Gotteslachs oceanodromous NL NL NL
2150 Lanius bucephalus Bull-headed shrike Pie-grièche bucéphale Büffelwürger partial NL NL NL
2151 Lanius collurio Red-backed shrike Pie-grièche écorcheur Alcaudón dorsirrojo Neuntöter intercontinental NL NL NL
2152 Lanius collurioides Burmese shrike Pie-grièche à dos marron Burmawürger intracontinental NL NL NL
2153 Lanius cristatus Brown shrike Pie-grièche brune Rotschwanzwürger intercontinental NL NL NL
2154 Lanius excubitor Northern shrike Pie-grièche grise Alcaudón real Raubwürger intracontinental NL NL NL
2155 Lanius isabellinus Rufous-tailed shrike Pie-grièche isabelle intercontinental NL NL NL
2156 Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead shrike Pie-grièche migratrice alcaudón verdugo Louisianawürger intracontinental NL NL NL
2157 Lanius meridionalis Southern grey shrike Alcaudón meridional NL NL NL
2158 Lanius minor Lesser grey shrike Pie-grièche à poitrine rose Alcaudón chico Schwarzstirnwürger intercontinental NL NL NL
2159 Lanius nubicus Masked shrike Pie-grièche masquée Alcaudón enmascarado Maskenwürger intercontinental NL NL NL
2160 Lanius senator Woodchat shrike Pie-grièche à tête rousse Alcaudón común Rotkopfwürger intercontinental NL NL NL
2161 Lanius tephronotus Gray-backed shrike Pie-grièche du Tibet Tibetwürger intracontinental NL NL NL
2162 Lanius tigrinus Tiger shrike Pie-grièche tigrine Tigerwürger intracontinental NL NL NL
2163 Larimichthys polyactis Yellow croaker Verrugato de Manchuria oceanodromous NL NL NL
2164 Larosterna inca Inca tern Sterne inca Charrán Inca Inkaseeschwalbe nomadising NL NL NL
2165 Larus argentatus Herring gull Goéland argenté Gaviota argentea Silbermöwe partial NL NL NL
2166 Larus armenicus Armenian gull Goéland d'Arménie Gaviota armenia Armenienmöwe partial App II NL NL
2167 Larus atlanticus Olrog's gull Goéland d'Olrog Gaviota de Olrog Olrogmöwe range extension App I VU NL
2168 Larus atricilla Laughing gull Mouette atricille Gaviota guanaguanare Aztekenmöwe partial NL NL NL
2169 Larus audouinii Audouin's gull Goéland d'Audouin Gaviota de Audouin Korallenmöwe partial App I & II LRnt NL
2170 Larus belcheri Band-tailed gull Goéland siméon Gaviota simeon Schwanzbandmöwe data deficient NL NL NL
2171 Larus brunnicephalus Brown-headed gull Mouette du Tibet Gaviota centroasiática Braunkopfmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2172 Larus bulleri Black-billed gull Mouette de Buller Gaviota maori Maorimöwe local migrant NL VU NL
2173 Larus cachinnans Yellow-legged gull Goéland leucophée Gaviota patiamarilla Weißkopfmöwe partial NL NL NL
2174 Larus californicus California gull Goéland de Californie Gaviota californiana Kaliforniermöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2175 Larus canus Common gull Goéland cendré Gaviota cana Sturmmöwe oceanodromous NL NL NL
2176 Larus cirrocephalus Grey headed gull Mouette à tête grise Gaviota cabecigris Graukopfmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2177 Larus crassirostris Black-tailed gull Goéland à queue noire Gaviota japonesa Japanmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2178 Larus delawarensis Ring-billed gull Goéland à bec cerclé Gaviota de Delaware Ringschnabelmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2179 Larus dominicanus Kelp gull Goéland dominicain Gaviota cocinera Dominikanermöwe partial NL NL NL
2180 Larus fuscus Lesser black-backed gull Goéland brun Gaviota sombria Heringsmöwe intercontinental NL NL NL
2181 Larus genei Slender-billed gull Goéland railleur Gaviota picofina Dünnschnabelmöwe partial App II NL NL
2182 Larus glaucescens Glaucous-winged gull Goéland à ailes grises Gaviota de Bering Beringmöwe partial NL NL NL
2183 Larus glaucoides Iceland gull Goéland arctique Gaviota groenlandesa Polarmöwe partial NL NL NL
2184 Larus hartlaubii King gull Mouette de Hartlaub Gaviota plateda surafricana Hartlaubmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2185 Larus heermanni Heermann's gull Goéland de Heermann Gaviota mexicana Heermannmöwe range extension NL LRnt NL
2186 Larus hemprichii Sooty gull Goéland d'Hemprich Gaviota de Adén piquiverde Hemprichmöwe range extension App II NL NL
2187 Larus heuglini Heuglin's gull Goéland de Heuglin Gaviota de Heuglin NL NL NL
      Larus fuscus heuglini (Synonym)
2188 Larus hyperboreus Glaucous gull Goéland bourgmestre Gavión hiperbóreo Eismöwe partial NL NL NL
2189 Larus ichthyaetus Great black-headed gull Goéland ichthyaète Gavión cabecinegro Fischmöwe intercontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
2190 Larus leucophthalmus White-eyed gull Goéland à iris blanc Gaviota de Adén piquirroja Weißaugenmöwe range extension App I & II LRnt NL
2191 Larus livens Yellow-footed gull Goéland de Cortez Gaviota de Cortes Gelbfußmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2192 Larus maculipennis Brown-hooded gull Mouette de Patagonie Gaviota cahuil Patagonienmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2193 Larus marinus Great black-backed gull Goéland marin Gavión atlántico Mantelmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2194 Larus melanocephalus Mediterranean gull Mouette mélanocéphale Gaviota cabecinegra Schwarzkopfmöwe intercontinental App II NL NL
2195 Larus minutus Little gull Mouette pygmée Gaviota enana Zwergmöwe intercontinental NL NL NL
2196 Larus modestus Grey gull Goéland gris Gaviota garuma Graumöwe range extension NL NL NL
2197 Larus novaehollandiae Silver gull Mouette argentée Gaviota plateda australiana Silberkopfmöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2198 Larus occidentalis Western gull Goéland d'Audubon Gaviota occidental Westmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2199 Larus pacificus Pacific gull Goéland austral Gaviota tasmania Dickschnabelmöwe range extension NL NL NL
2200 Larus philadelphia Bonaparte's gull Mouette de Bonaparte Gaviota de Bonaparte Bonapartemöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2201 Larus pipixcan Franklin's gull Mouette de Franklin Gaviota pipizcan Franklinmöwe intercontinental NL NL NL
2202 Larus relictus Relict gull Mouette relique Gaviota de Mongolia Gobi-Schwarzkopfmöwe intracontinental App I VU I
2203 Larus ridibundus Black-headed gull Mouette rieuse Gaviota reidora Lachmöwe partial NL NL NL
2204 Larus saundersi Saunder's gull Mouette de Saunders Gaviota de Saunders Kappenmöwe local migrant App I VU NL
2205 Larus schistisagus Slaty-backed gull Goéland à manteau ardoisé Gaviota de Kamschatka Kamschatkamöwe partial NL NL NL
2206 Larus scoresbii Dolphin gull Goéland de Scoresby Gaviota patagona Blutschnabelmöwe local migrant NL NL NL
      Leucophaeus scoresbii (Synonym)
2207 Larus serranus Andean gull Mouette des Andes Gaviota andina Andenmöwe partial NL NL NL
2208 Larus thayeri Thayer's gull Goéland de Thayer Gaviota esquimal Thayermöwe intracontinental NL NL NL
2209 Lasionycteris noctivagans Silver haired bat intracontinental NL NL NL
2210 Lasiurus borealis Red bat Chauve-souris boréale Rote Fledermaus intracontinental NL NL NL
2211 Lasiurus cinereus Hoary bat Chauve-souris cendrée Weißgraue Fledermaus intercontinental NL NL NL
      L. c. semotus (Synonym)
2212 Lateolabrax japonicus Japan sea bass catadromous NL NL NL
2213 Laterallus jamaicensis Black rail Râle noir Polluela negruzca Schieferralle intercontinental NL LRnt NL
2214 Lates calcarifer Asian seabass Barramundi Perca gigante Barramundi catadromous NL NL NL
2215 Lates niloticus Nile perch potamodromous NL NL NL
2216 Lathamus discolor Swift parrot Perruche de Latham Periquito migrador Schwalbenlori intracontinental NL EN II
2217 Lathrotriccus euleri Euler's flycatcher Moucherolle d'Euler Mosqueta parda intracontinental NL NL NL
2218 Lathrotriccus griseipectus Grey-breasted flycatcher NL NL NL
2219 Latoucheornis siemsseni Slaty bunting Bruant bleu NL NL NL
2220 Legatus leucophaius Piratic flycatcher Tyran pirate Tuquito chico Legat intracontinental NL NL NL
2221 Leiognathus bindus Orangefin ponyfish Sapsap voile orange Motambo naranjón amphidromous NL NL NL
2222 Leiognathus blochii Twoblotch ponyfish Sapsap à deux taches Motambo de dos manchas amphidromous NL NL NL
2223 Leiognathus brevirostris Shortnose ponyfish Sapsap nez court Motambo ñato amphidromous NL NL NL
2224 Leiognathus decorus Decorated ponyfish amphidromous NL NL NL
2225 Leiognathus equulus Common ponyfish Sapsap commun Motambo común diadromous NL NL NL
2226 Leiognathus splendens Splendid ponyfish Sap-sap soleil Motambo esplendor amphidromous NL NL NL
2227 Leiopotherapon unicolor Spangled perch Barcoo Barsch potamodromous NL NL NL
2228 Leiostomus xanthurus Spot croaker Tambour croca Verrugato croca oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2229 Lemmus lemmus Norwegian lemming Lemming des toundras Lemming común Berglemming emigration NL NL NL
2230 Lemmus trimucronatus Brown lemming Lemming commun emigration NL NL NL
2231 Lentipes armatus amphidromous NL NL NL
2232 Lentipes concolor Oopu alamoo amphidromous NL DD NL
2233 Lentipes whittenorum amphidromous NL VU NL
2234 Lepidocephalichthys guntea Guntea loach potamodromous NL NL NL
2235 Lepidochelys kempii Kemp's Ridley turtle Tortue de Ridley Tortuga lora Atlantische Bastardschildkröte intraoceanic App I & II CR I
      L. o. kempii (Synonym)
2236 Lepidochelys olivacea Ridley turtle Tortue batarde Tortuga olivácea Bastardschildkröte intraoceanic App I & II EN I
      L. o. olivacea (Synonym)
2237 Lepidocybium flavobrunneum Escolar Escolier noir Escolar oceanodromous NL NL NL
2238 Lepidophanes gaussi Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2239 Lepidophanes guentheri Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2240 Lepidopus caudatus Silver scabbardfish Sabre argenté Sable negro Degenfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2241 Lepidotrigla microptera oceanodromous NL NL NL
2242 Lepomis gibbosus Pumpkinseed Poisson tricolore Sonnenbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
2243 Leporinus elongatus potamodromous NL NL NL
2244 Leporinus friderici friderici Threespot leporinus Friderici-Salmler potamodromous NL NL NL
2245 Leporinus obtusidens potamodromous NL NL NL
2246 Leporinus octofasciatus Rotflossen-Leporinus potamodromous NL NL NL
2247 Leporinus striatus Lisa Gestreifter Leporinus potamodromous NL NL NL
2248 Leptasthenura fuliginiceps Brown-capped tit-spinetail Synallaxe à tête brune Coludito canela Rotscheitelschlüpfer local migrant NL NL NL
2249 Leptobarbus hoevenii Golden shark Siambarbe potamodromous NL NL NL
2250 Leptocottus armatus Cabezon amphidromous NL NL NL
2251 Leptocypris niloticus Afrikanisches Moderlieschen potamodromous NL NL NL
2252 Leptonychotes weddellii Weddell seal Phoque de Weddell Weddell-Robbe possibly migratory NL NL NL
2253 Leptonycteris curasoae Western long-nosed bat intraoceanic NL VU NL
2254 Leptonycteris nivalis Mexican long-nosed bat Chauve-souris de Mexique Langnasen-Fledermaus data deficient NL EN NL
2255 Leptoptilos crumeniferus Marabou Marabout d'Afrique Marabú africano Marabu partial NL NL III
2256 Leptoptilos dubius Greater adjutant Marabout argala Marabú argula Großer Adjutant nomadising NL EN NL
2257 Leptoptilos javanicus Lesser adjutant Marabout chevelu Marabú menor Kleiner Adjutant partial NL VU NL
2258 Lepturacanthus savala Savalani hairtail Poisson sabre cimeterre Pez sable savalai amphidromous NL NL NL
2259 Lessonia rufa Rufous-backed negrito Lessonie noire Sobrepuesto común Sporntyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2260 Lethenteron camtschaticum Arctic lamprey Lamproie arctique Arktische Lamprete anadromous NL NL NL
      Lethenteron japonicum (Synonym)
2261 Lethrinops microstoma Lethrinops yellow-black dorsal potamodromous NL NL NL
2262 Leucaspius delineatus Belica Able de Heckel Zwerglaube potamodromous NL NL NL
2263 Leuciscus cephalus European Chub Mulet Cacho Kaukasischer Döbel potamodromous NL NL NL
2264 Leuciscus idus Golden orfe Ide Cachoelo Aland potamodromous NL NL NL
2265 Leuciscus leuciscus Common dace Assée Hasel potamodromous NL NL NL
2266 Leuciscus waleckii waleckii Amur ide Waleckis Döbel potamodromous NL NL NL
2267 Leucochloris albicollis White-throated hummingbird Colibri à gorge blanche Colibrí gargantilla Weißkehlkolibri Groms migrant NL NL II
2268 Leucopsarion petersi anadromous NL NL NL
2269 Leucoraja erinacea Little skate Raie-hérisson oceanodromous NL NL NL
2270 Leucoraja garmani Freckled skate Raie rosette Raya germán oceanodromous NL NL NL
2271 Leucoraja ocellata Winter skate Raie tachetée oceanodromous NL NL NL
2272 Leucosoma chinensis Chinese icefish anadromous NL NL NL
      Salanx chinensis (Synonym)
2273 Leucosticte arctoa Asian rosy-finch Roselin brun NL NL NL
2274 Leucosticte atrata Black rosy-finch Roselin noir NL NL NL
2275 Leucosticte australis Brown-capped rosy-finch Roselin à tête brune NL NL NL
2276 Leucosticte brandti Black-headed mountain-finch Roselin de Brandt NL NL NL
2277 Leucosticte nemoricola Plain mountain-finch Roselin de Hodgson NL NL NL
2278 Leucosticte tephrocotis Grey-crowned rosy-finch Roselin à tête grise NL NL NL
2279 Lichia amia Leerfish Litcha Sorell de peña Stachelmakrele oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2280 Limanda limanda Dab Limande commune Limanda nordica Scharbe oceanodromous NL NL NL
2281 Limicola falcinellus Broad-billed sandpiper Bécasseau falcinelle Correlimos falcinelo Sumpfläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
2282 Limnodromus griseus Short-billed dowitcher Bécassin roux Agujeta gris Kleiner Schlammläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
2283 Limnodromus scolopaceus Long-billed dowitcher Bécassin à long bec Agujeta escolopácea Großer Schlammläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
2284 Limnodromus semipalmatus Asian dowitcher Bécassin d'Asie Agujeta asiática Steppenschlammläufer intercontinental App II LRnt NL
2285 Limnothlypis swainsonii Swainson's warbler Paruline de Swainson chipe corona café Swainsonwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2286 Limosa fedoa Marbled godwit Barge marbrée Aguja canela Marmorschnepfe intercontinental App II NL NL
2287 Limosa haemastica Hudsonian godwit Barge hudsonienne Aguja café Hudsonschnepfe intercontinental App II NL NL
2288 Limosa lapponica Bar-tailed godwit Barge rousse Aguja colipinta Pfuhlschnepfe intercontinental App II NL NL
2289 Limosa limosa Black-tailed godwit Barge à queue noire Aguja colinegra Uferschnepfe intercontinental App II NL NL
2290 Liopropoma dorsoluteum oceanodromous NL NL NL
2291 Liparis tanakae oceanodromous NL NL NL
2292 Lipotes vexillifer Yangtse river-dolphin Dauphin fluviatile de Chine Delfín de China Chinesischer Flußdelphin possibly migratory NL CR I
2293 Lissodelphis borealis Northern right-whale dolphin Dauphin à dos lisse boréal Delfín liso del norte Nördlicher Glattdelphin intraoceanic NL NL II
2294 Lissodelphis peronii Southern right-whale dolphin Dauphin aptère austral Tunina sinaleta Südlicher Glattdelphin possibly migratory NL DD II
2295 Lithodoras dorsalis Doras à écusson dorsaux potamodromous NL NL NL
2296 Lithognathus lithognathus White steenbras Marbré du Cap Herrera del Cabo amphidromous NL LRcd NL
2297 Liza abu Abu mullet catadromous NL NL NL
2298 Liza aurata Golden grey mullet Mujou-taco Lissa negra Goldmeeräsche catadromous NL NL NL
2299 Liza dumerili Grooved mullet Mulet Lisa acanalada catadromous NL NL NL
2300 Liza falcipinnis Sicklefin mullet Mulet Lisa aletona catadromous NL NL NL
2301 Liza grandisquamis Largescaled mullet Mulet écailleux Liza escamuda oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2302 Liza macrolepis Largescale mullet Mulet rond Lisa godeya oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2303 Liza melinoptera Otomebora mullet Mulet otomebora Lisa otomebora amphidromous NL NL NL
2304 Liza parsia Gold-spot mullet Mulet joue d'or Lisa mejilla dorada catadromous NL NL NL
2305 Liza ramada Thinlip mullet Mulet blanc Mule Dünnlippige Meeräsche catadromous NL NL NL
2306 Liza richardsonii South African mullet Mulet sudafricain Lisa sudafricana oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2307 Liza subviridis Greenback mullet Mulet dos vert Lisa lomo verde oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2308 Liza tade Tade mullet Mulet tade Lisa tade amphidromous NL NL NL
2309 Liza tricuspidens Striped mullet oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2310 Liza vaigiensis Squaretail mullet Mulet mopiro Lisa mopiro amphidromous NL NL NL
      Liza vaigensis (Synonym)
2311 Lobianchia dofleini Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2312 Lobianchia gemellarii Cocco's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2313 Lobocheilos melanotaenia potamodromous NL NL NL
2314 Lobocheilos quadrilineatus Lappen-Lipper potamodromous NL NL NL
2315 Lobodon carcinophaga Crabeater seal Phoque crabier Foca cangrejero Krabbenfresser intraoceanic NL NL NL
      Lobodon carcinophagus (Synonym)
2316 Lobotes surinamensis Atlantic tripletail Dormeur Viuda dormilona oceanodromous NL NL NL
2317 Locustella certhiola Pallas's grashopper warbler Locustelle de Pallas intracontinental App II NL NL
2318 Locustella fasciolata Gray's grashopper warbler Locustelle fasciée intracontinental App II NL NL
2319 Locustella fluviatilis Eurasian river warbler Locustelle fluviatile Buscarla fluvial Schlagschwirl intercontinental App II NL NL
2320 Locustella lanceolata Lanceolated warbler Locustelle lancéolée Buscarla lanceolada intracontinental App II NL NL
2321 Locustella luscinioides Savi's warbler Locustelle luscinioïde Buscarla unicolor Rohrschwirl intercontinental App II NL NL
2322 Locustella naevia Grasshopper warbler Locustelle tachetée Buscarla pintoja Feldschwirl intercontinental App II NL NL
2323 Locustella ochotensis Middendorf's grashopper warbler Locustelle de Middendorff intracontinental App II NL NL
2324 Locustella pleskei Styan's grashopper warbler Locustelle de Pleske intracontinental App II VU NL
2325 Locustella pryeri Japanese swamp warbler intracontinental App II NL NL
      Megalurus pryeri (Synonym)
2326 Lonchorhina aurita Tomes's sword-nosed bat data deficient NL NL NL
2327 Lontra felina Southern marine otter Loutre de mer Chungungo Meerotter technical migrant App I EN I
      Lutra felina (Synonym)
2328 Lontra provocax Southern river otter Loutre du Chili Huillín Südlicher Flussotter technical migrant App I EN I
      Lutra provocax (Synonym)
2329 Lophius americanus American angler Baudroie d'Amérique Rape americano oceanodromous NL NL NL
2330 Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded merganser Harle couronné Serreta capuchona Kappensänger partial App II NL NL
      Mergus cucullatus (Synonym)
2331 Lophoictinia isura Square-tailed kite Milan à queue carrée Milano colicuadrado Schopfmilan partial App II NL II
2332 Lophospingus pusillus Black-crested finch Lophospingue à huppe noire Soldadito común Schwarzhauben-Zwergkardinal Groms migrant NL NL NL
2333 Lophotus lacepede Crested bandfish Lophotes Cordunita oceanodromous NL NL NL
2334 Loricariichthys anus potamodromous NL NL NL
2335 Lota lota Burbot Palmo Lota Trüsche potamodromous NL NL NL
2336 Lovettia sealii Derwent smelt anadromous NL NL NL
2337 Loweina interrupta Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2338 Loweina rara Laura's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2339 Loxia curvirostra Red crossbill Bec-croisé des sapins Piquituerto Común Fichtenkreuzschnabel NL NL NL
2340 Loxia leucoptera White-winged crossbill Bec-croisé bifascié Piquituerto Franjeado Bindenkreuzschnabel NL NL NL
2341 Loxia pytyopsittacus Parrot crossbill Bec-croisé perroquet Piquituerto Lorito Kiefernkreuzschnabel NL NL NL
2342 Loxodonta africana African elephant Eléphant d'Afrique Elefante africano Afrikanischer Elefant nomadising App II EN I/II
2343 Lucania parva Rainwater killifish amphidromous NL NL NL
2344 Luciogobius guttatus amphidromous NL NL NL
2345 Luciogobius pallidus amphidromous NL DD NL
2346 Lugensa brevirostris Kerguelen petrel Pétrel de Kerguelen Petrel de las Kerguelen Kerguelensturmvogel interoceanic NL NL NL
      Pterodroma brevirostris (Synonym)
2347 Lullula arborea Wood lark Alouette lulu Totovía Heidelerche partial NL NL NL
2348 Luscinia brunnea Indian blue robin Rossignol indien NL NL NL
2349 Luscinia calliope Siberian rubythroat Rossignol calliope Ruiseñor calíope intracontinental App II NL NL
2350 Luscinia cyane Siberian blue robin Rossignol bleu Ruiseñor coliazul Blaunachtigall intracontinental App II NL NL
      Erithacus cyane (Synonym)
2351 Luscinia luscinia Thrush nightingale Rossignol progné Ruiseñor ruso Sprosser intercontinental App II NL NL
2352 Luscinia megarhynchos Nightingale Rossignol philomèle Ruiseñor común Nachtigall intercontinental App II NL NL
2353 Luscinia obscura Black-throated blue robin Rossignol à gorge noire intracontinental App II VU NL
2354 Luscinia pectardens Firethroat Rossignol de David intracontinental App II LRnt NL
2355 Luscinia pectoralis White-tailed rubythroat Rossignol à gorge rubis intracontinental App II NL NL
2356 Luscinia ruficeps Rufous-headed robin Rossignol à tête rousse intracontinental App II VU NL
2357 Luscinia sibilans Rufous-tailed robin Rossignol siffleur intracontinental App II NL NL
2358 Luscinia svecica Bluethroat Gorgebleue à miroir Pechiazul Blaukehlchen intercontinental App II NL NL
2359 Lutjanus argentimaculatus Mangrove jack Vivaneau des mangroves Pargo de manglar Mangrovenbarsch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2360 Lutjanus goldiei Papuan black bass Vivaneau de Papua Pargo de Papua catadromous NL NL NL
2361 Lutjanus johnii John's snapper Ziebelo Pargo jaspeado oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2362 Lutjanus ophuysenii Spotstripe snapper oceanodromous NL NL NL
2363 Luvarus imperialis Louvar Louvareau Emperador oceanodromous NL NL NL
2364 Lycaon pictus African wild dog Afrikanischer Wildhund nomadising NL EN NL
2365 Lycengraulis grossidens Atlantic sabretooth anchovy Anchois goulard Anchoa anadromous NL NL NL
2366 Lycothrissa crocodilus Sabretoothed thryssa potamodromous NL NL NL
2367 Lymnocryptes minimus Jack snipe Bécassine sourde Agachadiza chica Zwergschnepfe intercontinental App II NL NL
2368 Maccullochella peelii peelii Murray cod potamodromous NL NL NL
2369 Machetornis rixosus Cattle tyrant Moucherolle querelleur Picabuey Stelzentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2370 Macquaria ambigua Golden perch Australischer Goldbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
2371 Macquaria australasica Macquarie perch Macquarie's Barsch potamodromous NL DD NL
2372 Macquaria colonorum Estuary perch potamodromous NL NL NL
2373 Macquaria novemaculeata Australian bass catadromous NL NL NL
2374 Macrodipteryx longipennis Standard-winged nightjar Engoulevent à balanciers Chotacabras portaestandarte Fahnennachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
2375 Macrodipteryx vexillarius Pennant-winged nightjar Engoulevent porte-étendard Chotacabras cuelgacintas Flaggennachtschwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
2376 Macrognathus aculeatus Lesser spiny eel Augenfleck-Stachelaal potamodromous NL NL NL
2377 Macronectes giganteus Antarctic giant petrel Pétrel géant Abanto-marino antárctico Riesensturmvogel intercontinental App II VU NL
2378 Macronectes halli Northern giant petrel Pétrel de Hall Abanto-marino subantárctico Hallsturmvogel intercontinental App II LRnt NL
2379 Macrophyllum macrophyllum Long-legged bat Macrophylle Langbein-Fledermaus data deficient NL NL NL
2380 Macrospinosa cuja Cuja bola anadromous NL NL NL
2381 Macrotus californicus California leaf-nosed bat data deficient NL VU NL
2382 Macrotus waterhousii Waterhouse's leaf-nosed bat data deficient NL NL NL
2383 Macrourus whitsoni Whitson's grenadier oceanodromous NL NL NL
2384 Macruronus magellanicus Argentine straptail Grenadier patagonien Huilca oceanodromous NL NL NL
2385 Macruronus novaezelandiae oceanodromous NL NL NL
2386 Makaira indica Black marlin Makaire noir Marlin Marlin oceanodromous NL NL NL
2387 Makaira mazara Blue marlin fish Empereur bleu Marlín negro oceanodromous NL NL NL
2388 Makaira nigricans Atlantic blue marlin Makaire bleu Prieta Blauer Marlin oceanodromous NL NL NL
2389 Malacoraja senta Smooth skate Raie lissée oceanodromous NL NL NL
2390 Malacorhynchus membranaceus Pink eared duck Canard à oreilles roses Pato pachón Rosenohrente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
2391 Malapterurus electricus Electric catfish Zitterwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2392 Mallotus villosus Capelin Capelan Capelan Lodde oceanodromous NL NL NL
2393 Manta birostris Atlantic manta Diable de mer Manta atlántica gigante Teufelsrochen oceanodromous NL NL NL
2394 Marcusenius cyprinoides potamodromous NL NL NL
2395 Marcusenius furcidens potamodromous NL NL NL
2396 Marcusenius macrolepidotus Bulldog Großschuppiger Nilhecht potamodromous NL NL NL
2397 Marcusenius macrolepidotus angolensis potamodromous NL NL NL
2398 Marcusenius senegalensis senegalensis potamodromous NL NL NL
2399 Marcusenius ussheri potamodromous NL NL NL
2400 Margrethia valentinae oceanodromous NL NL NL
2401 Marilyna pleurosticta anadromous? NL NL NL
2402 Marmaronetta angustirostris Marbled teal Marmaronette marbrée Cerceta pardilla Marmelente partial App I & II VU NL
2403 Mastacembelus armatus Tiretrack eel Stachelaal potamodromous NL NL NL
2404 Mastacembelus unicolor potamodromous NL NL NL
2405 Mecocerculus calopterus NL NL NL
2406 Megaceryle alcyon Belted kingfisher Martin-pêcheur d'Amérique Martín gigante norteamericano Gürtelfischer partial NL NL NL
2407 Megaceryle torquata Ringed kingfisher Martin-pêcheur à ventre roux Martín gigante neotropical Rotbrustfischer intracontinental NL NL NL
      Ceryle torquata (Synonym)
2408 Megachasma pelagios Megamouth shark Requin grande gueule Tiburón bocudo oceanodromous NL DD NL
2409 Megadyptes antipodes Yellow-eyed penguin Manchot antipode Pingüino ojigualdo Gelbaugenpinguin partial NL EN NL
2410 Megalops atlanticus Tarpon Tarpon argenté Tarpón Tarpon amphidromous NL NL NL
2411 Megalops cyprinoides Bastard mullet Tarpon Tarpón Indo-Pacífico pazifischer Tarpun anadromous NL NL NL
2412 Megalurus pryeri Marsh grassbird Mégalure du Japon intracontinental App II VU NL
2413 Megaptera novaeangliae Humpback whale Mégaptère Yubarta Buckelwal interoceanic App I VU I
      Megaptera longimana (Synonym)
2414 Megarynchus pitangua Boat-billed flycatcher Tyran pitangua Pitanguá Bauchschnabeltyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2415 Mekongina erythrospila potamodromous NL NL NL
2416 Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied woodpecker Pic à ventre roux Carpintero de Carolina Carolinaspecht Groms migrant NL NL NL
2417 Melanerpes erythrocephalus Red-headed woodpecker Pic à tête rouge Carpintero Cabecirrojo Rotkopfspecht Groms migrant NL NL NL
2418 Melanerpes lewis Lewis's woodpecker Pic de Lewis Carpintero de Lewis Blutgesichtsspecht Groms migrant NL NL NL
2419 Melanitta fusca Velvet scoter Macreuse brune Negrón especulado Samtente intracontinental App II NL NL
2420 Melanitta nigra Common scoter Macreuse noire Negrón común Trauerente partial App II NL NL
2421 Melanitta perspicillata Surf scoter Macreuse à front blanc Negrón careto Brillenente intercontinental App II NL NL
2422 Melanocorypha bimaculata Bimaculated lark Alouette monticole Calandria bimaculada Bergkalanderlerche intracontinental NL NL NL
2423 Melanocorypha calandra Calandra lark Alouette calandre Calandria NL NL NL
2424 Melanocorypha leucoptera White-winged lark Alouette leucoptère Calandria aliblanca NL NL NL
2425 Melanocorypha mongolica Mongolian lark Alouette de Mongolie NL NL NL
2426 Melanocorypha yeltoniensis Black lark Alouette nègre Calandria negra NL NL NL
2427 Melanodera xanthogramma Yellow-bridled finch Mélanodère à sourcils jaunes Zügelammerfink intracontinental NL NL NL
2428 Melanogrammus aeglefinus Haddock Aiglefin Eglefino Schellfisch oceanodromous NL VU NL
2429 Melanonus gracilis Pelagic cod oceanodromous NL NL NL
2430 Melanonus zugmayeri Arrowtail oceanodromous NL NL NL
2431 Melanoplus spretus Rocky-Mountain grasshopper NL NL NL
2432 Melanotaenia duboulayi Duboulay's rainbowfish potamodromous NL NL NL
2433 Melanotrochilus fuscus Black jacobin Colibri demi-deuil Colibrí negro Schwarzkolibri Groms migrant NL NL II
2434 Meliphaga chrysops Yellow-faced honeyeater Gelbgesicht-Honigesser NL NL NL
2435 Melithreptus lunatus White-naped honeyeater Weissnacken-Honigesser NL NL NL
2436 Melophus lathami Crested lunting Bruant huppé NL NL NL
2437 Melospiza georgiana Swamp sparrow Bruant des marais gorrión pantanero Sumpfammer intracontinental NL NL NL
2438 Melospiza lincolnii Lincoln's sparrow Bruant de Lincoln gorrión de Lincoln Lincolnammer intracontinental NL NL NL
2439 Melospiza melodia Song sparrow Bruant chanteur gorrión cantor Singammer partial NL NL NL
2440 Menidia menidia Atlantic silverside Capucette nord-americaine Mondährenfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2441 Menticirrhus americanus Southern kingcroaker Bourrugue de crique Rastreador oceanodromous NL NL NL
2442 Menticirrhus littoralis Gulf kingcroaker Bourrugue du Golfe Lambe verrugato oceanodromous NL NL NL
2443 Mergellus albellus Smew Harle piette Serreta chica Zwergsäger intracontinental App II NL NL
2444 Mergus merganser Goosander Grand Harle Serreta grande Gänsesäger partial App II NL NL
2445 Mergus serrator Redbreasted merganser Harle huppé Serreta mediana Mittelsäger partial App II NL NL
2446 Mergus squamatus Scaly-sided merganser Harle de Chine Serreta china Schuppensänger partial App II VU NL
2447 Merlangius merlangus English whiting Nasellu Liba Wittling oceanodromous NL NL NL
2448 Merluccius australis Haddock Merlu magellanique Merluza austral Seehecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
2449 Merluccius bilinearis Atlantic hake Merlan Merluzza atlántica Nordamerikanischer Seehecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
2450 Merluccius capensis Cape hake Merluche Merluza del Cabo Kaphecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
2451 Merluccius gayi gayi oceanodromous NL NL NL
2452 Merluccius gayi peruanus Silver hake Pescadilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
2453 Merluccius hubbsi Argentine hake Merlu argentin Merluza común Argentinischer Seehecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
2454 Merluccius senegalensis Black hake Merlu noir Merluza del Senegal Seehecht oceanodromous NL NL NL
2455 Merops albicollis White-throated bee-eater Guêpier à gorge blanche Abejaruco gorgiblanco Weißkehlspint intracontinental NL NL NL
2456 Merops apiaster European bee-eater Guêpier d'Europe Abejaruco europeo Bienenfresser intercontinental App II NL NL
2457 Merops gularis Black bee-eater Guêpier noir Abejaruco negro Purpurspint partial NL NL NL
2458 Merops hirundineus Swallow-tailed bee-eater Guêpier à queue d'aronde Abejaruco golondrina Schwalbenschwanzspint nomadising NL NL NL
2459 Merops leschenaulti Chestnut-headed bee-eater Guêpier de Leschenault Abejaruco cabecirrufo Braunkopfspint range extension NL NL NL
2460 Merops malimbicus Rosy bee-eater Guêpier gris-rose Abejaruco de malimba Rosenspint partial NL NL NL
2461 Merops nubicus Northern carmine bee-eater Guêpier écarlate Abejaruco carmesí Karminspint intracontinental NL NL NL
2462 Merops oreobates Cinnamon-chested bee-eater Guêpier montagnard Abejaruco montano Bergspint local migrant NL NL NL
2463 Merops orientalis Little green bee-eater Guêpier d'Orient Abejaruco esmeralda Smaragdspint partial NL NL NL
2464 Merops ornatus Rainbow bee-eater Guêpier arc-en-ciel Abejaruco australiano Regenbogenspint intercontinental NL NL NL
2465 Merops persicus Blue-cheeked bee-eater Guêpier de Perse Abejaruco persa Blauwangenspint intercontinental NL NL NL
2466 Merops philippinus Blue-tailed bee-eater Guêpier à queue d'azur Abejaruco coliazul Blauschwanzspint partial NL NL NL
2467 Merops pusillus Little bee-eater Guêpier nain Abejaruco chico Zwergspint partial NL NL NL
2468 Merops superciliosus Madagascar bee-eater Guêpier de Madagascar Abejaruco Malgache Madagaskarspint partial NL NL NL
2469 Merops viridis Blue-throated bee-eater Guêpier à gorge bleue Abejaruco gorgiazul Malaienspint range extension NL NL NL
2470 Mesophoyx intermedia Intermediate egret Héron intermédiaire Garceta intermedia Mittelreiher partial NL NL NL
      Egretta intermedia (Synonym)
2471 Mesoplodon bahamondi Bahamonde's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Bahamonde Zifio de Bahamonde Bahamonde's-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL NL II
2472 Mesoplodon bidens Sowerby's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Sowerby Ballena de pico de Sowerby Sowerby-Zweizahlwal possibly migratory NL DD II
2473 Mesoplodon bowdoini Andrews' beaked whale Mésoplodon de Bowdoin Ballena de pico de Andrew Andrews-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2474 Mesoplodon carlhubbsi Hubbs' beaked whale Mésoplodon de Hubbs Ballena de pico de Hubbs Hubbs-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2475 Mesoplodon densirostris Blainville's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Blainville Ballena de pico de Blainville Blainville-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2476 Mesoplodon europaeus Gervais' beaked whale Mésoplodon de Gervais Ballena de pico de Gervais Gervais-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2477 Mesoplodon ginkgodens Ginkgo-toothed whale Mésoplodon de Nishiwaki Zifio de Nishiwaki Japanischer Schnabelwal data deficient NL DD II
2478 Mesoplodon grayi Gray's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Gray Ballena de pico de Gray Gray-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2479 Mesoplodon hectori Hector's beaked whale Mésoplodon d'Hector Ballena de pico de Héctor Hector Schnabelwal data deficient NL DD II
2480 Mesoplodon layardii Layard's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Layard Ballena de pico de Layard Layard-Zweizahnwal possibly migratory NL DD II
2481 Mesoplodon mirus True's beaked whale Mésoplodon de True Ballena de pico de True True-Zahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2482 Mesoplodon peruvianus Pygmy whale Mésoplodon pygmée Ballena picuda Peruanischer Schnabelwal data deficient NL DD II
2483 Mesoplodon stejnegeri Stejneger's beaked whale Mésoplodon de Stejneger Ballena de pico de Stejneger Stejneger-Zweizahnwal data deficient NL DD II
2484 Mesopristes argenteus Silver grunter diadromous NL NL NL
2485 Mesopristes cancellatus Tapiroid grunter amphidromous NL NL NL
2486 Mesopristes kneri Orange-spotted therapon catadromous NL NL NL
2487 Metelectrona herwigi oceanodromous NL NL NL
2488 Metelectrona ventralis oceanodromous NL NL NL
2489 Micralestes acutidens Sharptooth tetra Spitzzahnsalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
2490 Micralestes comoensis potamodromous NL NL NL
2491 Micralestes elongatus potamodromous NL NL NL
2492 Micrathene whitneyi Elf owl Chevêchette des saguaros Mochuelo de los saguaros Elfenkauz partial NL NL II
2493 Microcanthus strigatus Stripey oceanodromous NL NL NL
2494 Microgadus proximus Pacific tomcod Poulamon du Pacifique oceanodromous NL NL NL
2495 Microgadus tomcod Atlantic tomcod Poulamon Microgado Tomcod anadromous NL NL NL
2496 Micromesistius australis Southern blue whiting Poutassou Polaca oceanodromous NL NL NL
2497 Micromesistius poutassou Blue whiting Merlan de Paris Bacalá Blauer Wittling oceanodromous NL NL NL
2498 Micronema bleekeri potamodromous NL NL NL
2499 Micronycteris brachyotis Yellow-throated big-eared bat data deficient NL NL NL
2500 Micronycteris megalotis Little big-eared bat data deficient NL NL NL
2501 Micronycteris sylvestris Tri-colored big-eared bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
2502 Micropalama himantopus Stilt sandpiper Bécasseau à échasses Correlimos zancolín Bindenstrandläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
2503 Microphis brachyurus brachyurus Opossum pipefish anadromous NL NL NL
2504 Microphis brachyurus lineatus Opossum pipefish Trompetero colinegro oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2505 Microphis cuncalus Crocodile-tooth pipefish potamodromous NL NL NL
2506 Microphis deocata Deocata pipefish amphidromous NL NL NL
2507 Microphis dunckeri amphidromous NL NL NL
2508 Microphis insularis Andaman pipefish potamodromous NL NL NL
2509 Microphis leiaspis Barhead pipefish amphidromous NL NL NL
2510 Microphis ocellatus Ocellated pipefish potamodromous NL NL NL
2511 Microphis spinachioides Spinach pipefish diadromous NL DD NL
2512 Micropogonias furnieri Cro cro Tambour rayé Verrugato oceanodromous NL NL NL
2513 Microstomus kitt Lemon sole Limande-sole commune Mendo limón lengua lisa Rotzunge oceanodromous NL NL NL
2514 Miichthys miiuy Mi-iuy croaker oceanodromous NL NL NL
2515 Milvago chimango Chimango caracara Caracara chimango Caracara chimango Chimangokarakara partial App II NL II
2516 Milvus migrans Black kite Milan noir Milano negro Schwarzmilan partial App II NL II
2517 Milvus milvus Red kite Milan royal Milano real Rotmilan partial App II NL II
2518 Mimon bennettii Golden bat Vespertilion doré Madagassische Haftscheiben-Fledermaus data deficient NL NL NL
2519 Mimus patagonicus Patagonian mockingbird Moqueur de Patagonie Calandria mora Rostflanken-Spottdrossel intracontinental NL NL NL
2520 Mimus polyglottos Northern mockingbird Moqueur polyglotte centzontle norteño Spottdrossel partial NL NL NL
2521 Mimus triurus White-banded mockingbird Moqueur à ailes blanches Calandria real Weißbinden-Spottdrossel intracontinental NL NL NL
2522 Miniopterus inflatus High-crowned bat große Langflügelfledermaus data deficient NL NL NL
2523 Miniopterus schreibersi Schreiber's bent-winged bat Minoptère à longues ailes Murciélago de Cueva Langflügelfledermaus intracontinental App II (Pop) LRnt NL
2524 Minla ignotincta Red-tailed minla Minla à queue rousse local migrant NL NL NL
2525 Mionectes oleagineus NL NL NL
2526 Mirafra cordofanica Kordofan lark Alouette du Kordofan Kordofanlerche Groms migrant NL NL NL
2527 Mirounga angustirostris Northern elephant seal Eléphant de mer Elefante marino Nördlicher See-Elefant intracontinental NL NL NL
2528 Mirounga leonina Southern elephant Eléphant de mer Elefante marino Südlicher See-Elefant intercontinental NL NL II
2529 Misgurnus fossilis Weatherfish Misgurne Schlammpeitzger potamodromous NL LRnt NL
2530 Mitrephanes phaeocercus NL NL NL
2531 Mniotilta varia Black-and-white warbler Paruline noir et blanc chipe trepador Kletterwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2532 Mobula diabola Lesser-devil ray Diable de mer Zwergteufelsrochen oceanodromous NL NL NL
2533 Mobula mobular Devil fish Mante Manta Kleiner Teufelsrochen oceanodromous NL VU NL
2534 Mobula munkiana Munk's devil ray Mante de Munk Diabolo manta oceanodromous NL NL NL
2535 Mobula tarapacana Chilean devil ray Mante chilienne Raya cornuda oceanodromous NL NL NL
2536 Mochokus niloticus Nil-Zwergfiederbartwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2537 Mola mola Giant sunfish Môle commun Pez luna Mondfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2538 Molothrus aeneus Bronzed cowbird Vacher bronzé tordo ojo rojo Rotaugen-Kuhstärling range extension NL NL NL
2539 Molothrus ater Brown-headed cowbird Vacher à tête brune tordo cabeza café Braunkopf-Kuhstärling range extension NL NL NL
2540 Molothrus badius Bay-winged cowbird Vacher à ailes baies Tordo músico Braunkuhstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
2541 Molothrus bonariensis Shiny cowbird Vacher luisant Tordo renegrido Seidenkuhstärling Groms migrant NL NL NL
2542 Molva molva Ling Tutchuela Maruca Lengfisch oceanodromous NL NL NL
2543 Monachus monachus Mediterranean monk seal Phoque moine de Méditerranée Foca monje del Mediterráneo Mittelmeer-Mönchsrobbe range extension App I & II CR I
2544 Monachus schauinslandi Hawaiian monk seal Phoque moine de Hawai Foca fraile de Hawai Hawaii-Mönchrobbe data deficient NL EN I
2545 Monachus tropicalis Caribbean monk seal Phoque moine des Indes occidentales Foca fraile del Caribe Karibische Mönchsrobbe data deficient NL EX I
2546 Monarcha melanopsis Black-faced monarch Monarque à face noire intercontinental App II NL NL
2547 Monarcha trivirgatus Spectacled monarch Monarque à lunettes partial App II NL NL
2548 Monodactylus falciformis Full moony Lune pleine oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2549 Monodon monoceros Narwhal Narval Narval Narwal intraoceanic App II DD II
2550 Monophyllus redmani West Indian long-tongued bat data deficient NL NL NL
2551 Monopterus albus Swamp eel Ostasiatischer Kiemenschlitzaal potamodromous NL NL NL
2552 Monticola cinclorhynchus Blue-capped rock-thrush Monticole à croupion roux intracontinental App II NL NL
2553 Monticola gularis White-throated rock-thrush Monticole à gorge blanche intracontinental App II NL NL
2554 Monticola rufiventris Chestnut-bellied rock-thrush Monticole à ventre marron local migrant NL NL NL
2555 Monticola rufocinereus Little rock-thrush Monticole rougequeue Schluchtenrötel local migrant NL NL NL
2556 Monticola saxatilis Rufous-tailed rock-thrush Monticole merle-de-roche Roquero rojo Steinrötel intercontinental App II NL NL
2557 Monticola solitarius Blue rock-thrush Monticole merle-bleu Roquero solitario Blaumerle partial App II NL NL
2558 Montifringilla blanfordi Plain-backed snowfinch Niverolle de Blanford NL NL NL
2559 Montifringilla ruficollis Rufous-necked snowfinch Niverolle à cou roux NL NL NL
2560 Montifringilla taczanowskii White-rumped snowfinch Niverolle de Taczanowski NL NL NL
2561 Mordacia lapicida Chilean lamprey anadromous NL DD NL
2562 Mordacia mordax Australian lamprey anadromous NL NL NL
2563 Mordacia praecox Non-parasitic lamprey potamodromous NL VU NL
2564 Mormoops blainvillii West Indian leaf-chinned bat data deficient NL LRnt NL
2565 Mormoops megalophylla Ghost-faced bat data deficient NL NL NL
2566 Mormyrops anguilloides Cornish jack potamodromous NL NL NL
2567 Mormyrus hasselquistii Elephant snout potamodromous NL NL NL
2568 Mormyrus longirostris potamodromous NL NL NL
2569 Mormyrus macrophthalmus Mormyrids potamodromous NL NL NL
2570 Mormyrus rume Mormyrids potamodromous NL NL NL
2571 Morone americana White perch Cernier atlantique Seebarsch anadromous NL NL NL
2572 Morone chrysops White bass Bar blanc Seebarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
2573 Morone saxatilis Rock Bar d'Amérique Lubina estriada anadromous NL NL NL
2574 Morulius calbasu Orange-fin labeo potamodromous NL NL NL
2575 Morus bassanus Northern gannet Fou de Bassan Alcatraz atlantico Basstölpel interoceanic NL NL NL
      Sula bassana (Synonym)
2576 Morus capensis Cape gannet Fou du Cap Alcatraz del Cabo Kaptölpel partial NL VU NL
      Sula capensis (Synonym)
2577 Morus serrator Australasian gannet Fou austral Alcatraz australiano Australtölpel partial NL NL NL
      Sula serrator (Synonym)
2578 Motacilla alba White wagtail Bergeronnette grise Lavandera blanca Weiße Bachstelze partial NL NL NL
2579 Motacilla cinerea Grey wagtail Bergeronnette des ruisseaux Lavandera cascadeña Gebirgstelze intercontinental NL NL NL
2580 Motacilla citreola Citrine wagtail Bergeronnette citrine Lavandera cetrina NL NL NL
2581 Motacilla flava Yellow wagtail Bergeronnette printanière Lavandera boyera Schafstelze intercontinental NL NL NL
2582 Motacilla lugens Black-backed wagtail Bergeronnette lugubre NL NL NL
2583 Mugil cephalus Black mullet Mulet Lissa amaria Großköpfige Meeräsche catadromous NL NL NL
2584 Mugil curema White mullet Mulet de mer Plateado Meeräsche catadromous NL NL NL
2585 Mugil platanus catadromous NL NL NL
2586 Mugil soiuy So-iuy mullet catadromous NL NL NL
2587 Mugilogobius abei catadromous NL NL NL
2588 Mugilogobius fusculus Obscure goby diadromous NL NL NL
2589 Mullus surmuletus Striped red mullet Rouget-barbet de roche Salmonete de roche Streifenbarbe oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2590 Muraenesox bagio Common pike conger Morénésoce commun Morenocio común oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2591 Muraenesox cinereus Daggertooth pike conger Murene japonaise Morenocio dentón Hechtmurane oceanodromous NL NL NL
2592 Muscicapa dauurica Asian brown flycatcher Gobemouche brun intracontinental App II NL NL
2593 Muscicapa ferruginea Ferruginous flycatcher Gobemouche ferrugineux intracontinental App II NL NL
2594 Muscicapa griseisticta Grey-streaked flyxatcher Gobemouche à taches grises intracontinental App II NL NL
2595 Muscicapa muttui Brown-breasted flycatcher Gobemouche muttui intracontinental App II NL NL
2596 Muscicapa sibirica Dark-sided flycatcher Gobemouche de Sibérie intracontinental App II NL NL
2597 Muscicapa striata Spotted flycatcher Gobemouche gris Papamoscas gris Grauschnäpper intercontinental App II NL NL
2598 Muscicapella hodgsoni Pygmy blue-flycatcher Gobemouche pygmée local migrant NL NL NL
2599 Muscipipra vetula Shear-tailed gray tyrant Moucherolle à queue-de-pie Viudita coluda Kerbschwanztyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
2600 Muscisaxicola albilora White-browed ground-tyrant Dormilon à sourcils blancs Dormilona ceja blanca Rotkäppchentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2601 Muscisaxicola capistrata Cinnamon-bellied ground-tyrant Dormilon à ventre roux Dormilona canela Zügeltyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2602 Muscisaxicola cinerea Cinereous ground-tyrant Dormilon cendré Graunackentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2603 Muscisaxicola flavinucha Ochre-naped ground-tyrant Dormilon à nuque jaune Dormilona fraile Gelbnackentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2604 Muscisaxicola frontalis Black-fronted ground-tyrant Dormilon à front noir Dormilona frente negra Schwarzstirntyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2605 Muscisaxicola macloviana Dark-faced ground-tyrant Dormilon bistré Dormilona cara negra Maskentyrann partial NL NL NL
2606 Muscisaxicola maculirostris Spot-billed ground-tyrant Dormilon à bec maculé Dormilona chica Lerchentyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
2607 Muscisaxicola rufivertex Rufous-naped ground-tyrant Dormilon à calotte rousse Dormilona gris Rotnackentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2608 Musonycteris harrisoni Trumped-nosed bat data deficient NL VU NL
2609 Mustelus antarcticus Australian smooth hound Emissole gommée Musola Australischer Glatthai oceanodromous NL LRcd NL
2610 Mustelus canis Dusky smooth hound Palloun Musola dentuda punktierter Glatthai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
2611 Mustelus lenticulatus Gummy shark Emissole grivelée Musola manchada oceanodromous NL LRcd NL
2612 Mustelus schmitti Narrownose smooth-hound Emissole gatuso Gatuso oceanodromous NL NL NL
2613 Myadestes townsendi Townsend's solitaire Solitaire de Townsend clarín norteño Bergklarino intracontinental App II NL NL
2614 Mycerobas affinis Collared grosbeak Grosbec à collier Gelbschenkel-Kernbeißer NL NL NL
2615 Mycerobas carnipes White-winged grosbeak Grosbec à ailes blanches Wacholder-Kernbeißer NL NL NL
2616 Mycerobas icterioides Black-and-yellow grosbeak Grosbec jaune Goldkernbeißer NL NL NL
2617 Mycerobas melanozanthos Spot-winged grosbeak Grosbec tacheté Fleckenkernbeißer NL NL NL
2618 Mycteria americana Wood stork Tantale d'Amérique Tántalo americano Waldstorch partial NL NL NL
2619 Mycteria cinerea Milky stork Tantale blanc Tántalo malayo Milchstorch range extension NL VU I
2620 Mycteria ibis Yellow-billed stork Tantale ibis Tántalo africano Nimmersatt partial App II NL NL
2621 Mycteria leucocephala Painted stork Tantale indien Tántalo indio Buntstorch local migrant NL LRnt NL
2622 Mycteroperca microlepis Gag Badèche baillou Cuna aguají oceanodromous NL VU NL
2623 Mycteroperca phenax Scamp Badèche galopin Cuna garopa oceanodromous NL NL NL
2624 Myctophum affine Lutken's lantern fish Lanterne metallique Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
2625 Myctophum asperum Prickly lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2626 Myctophum aurolaternatum Golden-flanked lanternfish Linternilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
2627 Myctophum fissunovi oceanodromous NL NL NL
2628 Myctophum nitidulum Spotted lanternfish Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
2629 Myctophum obtusirostre oceanodromous NL NL NL
2630 Myctophum phengodes oceanodromous NL NL NL
2631 Myctophum punctatum Spotted lanternfish Lanterne ponctuée Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
2632 Myctophum selenops Wisner's lantern fish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2633 Myctophum spinosus Spinose lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2634 Myiagra cyanoleuca Satin flycatcher Monarque satiné NL NL NL
2635 Myiagra rubecula Leaden flycatcher Monarque rougegorge NL NL NL
2636 Myiarchus cinerascens Ash-throated flycatcher Tyran à gorge cendrée papamoscas cenizo Graukehltyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2637 Myiarchus crinitus Great crested flycatcher Tyran huppé Copeton Viajero Schnäppertyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
2638 Myiarchus sagrae NL NL NL
2639 Myiarchus swainsoni Swainson's flycatcher Tyran de Swainson Burlisto pico canela Swainsontyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2640 Myiarchus tuberculifer Dusky-capped flycatcher Tyran olivâtre Burlisto corona negra Kappentyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
2641 Myiarchus tyrannulus Brown-crested flycatcher Tyran de Wied Burlisto cola castaña Cayennetyrann range extension NL NL NL
2642 Myioborus pictus Painted redstart Paruline à ailes blanches chipe ala blanca Rotbrustwaldsänger range extension NL NL NL
2643 Myiodynastes luteiventris Sulphur-bellied flycatcher Tyran tigré Mosquero Vientriazufrado Weißstirntyrann intercontinental NL NL NL
2644 Myiodynastes maculatus Streaked flycatcher Tyran audacieux Benteveo rayado Streifentyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2645 Myiopagis caniceps Grey elaenia Élénie grise Fiofío ceniciento Graukopfelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
2646 Myiopagis viridicata Greenish elaenia Élénie verdâtre Fiofío corona dorada Grünelaenie intracontinental NL NL NL
2647 Myiophobus fasciatus Bran-colored flycatcher Moucherolle fascié Mosqueta estriada Rosttyrann intracontinental NL NL NL
2648 Myiozetetes similis Vermillion-crowned flycatcher Tyran sociable Benteveo mediano Rotkrontyrann Groms migrant NL NL NL
2649 Myleus pacu Pacupeba Pakou Pacu potamodromous NL NL NL
2650 Myleus ternetzi Pakousi potamodromous NL NL NL
2651 Mylopharyngodon piceus Black carp Carpa negra potamodromous NL NL NL
2652 Mylossoma aureum Palometa Goldener Mühlsteinsalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
2653 Mylossoma duriventre Palometa Mühlsteinsalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
2654 Myotis adversus Australian large-footed myotis Groms migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
2655 Myotis austroriparius Southeastern myotis data deficient NL NL NL
2656 Myotis bechsteini Bechstein's bat Vespertilion de Bechstein Murciélago de Bechstein Bechstein-Fledermaus technical migrant App II (Pop) VU NL
2657 Myotis blythii Lesser mouse-eared bat petit murin Ratonero mediano Kleines Mausohr intracontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
      Myotis oxygnathus (Synonym)
2658 Myotis brandtii Brandt's bat Vespertilion de Brandt Murciélago de Brandt Großbartfledermaus data deficient App II (Pop) NL NL
2659 Myotis californicus California myotis Groms migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
2660 Myotis capaccinii Long-fingered bat Vespertilion de Capaccini Murciélago patudo Langfußfledermaus data deficient App II (Pop) VU NL
2661 Myotis dasycneme Pond bat Vespertilion des marais Murciélago lagunero Teichfledermaus intracontinental App II (Pop) VU NL
2662 Myotis daubentonii Daubenton's bat Vespertilion de Daubenton Murciélago ribereño Wasserfledermaus partial App II (Pop) NL NL
2663 Myotis emarginatus Geoffroy's bat Vespertilion à oreilles échancrées Murciélago de Geoffroy Wimperfledermaus partial App II (Pop) VU NL
2664 Myotis evotis Long-eared myotis data deficient NL NL NL
2665 Myotis grisescens Grey myotis data deficient NL EN NL
2666 Myotis keenii Keen's bat data deficient NL NL NL
2667 Myotis leibii Small-footed myotis data deficient NL NL NL
2668 Myotis lucifugus Little brown myotis Kleine braune Fledermaus intracontinental NL NL NL
2669 Myotis myotis Greater mouse-eared bat Grand murin Murciélago ratonero grande Großes Mausohr partial App II (Pop) LRnt NL
2670 Myotis mystacinus Whiskered bat Vespertilion à moustaches Murciélago bigotudo Kleine Bartfledermaus technical migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
2671 Myotis nattereri Natterer's bat Vespertilion de Natterer Murciélago de Natterer Fransenfledermaus technical migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
2672 Myotis schaubi Schaub´s myotis technical migrant App II (Pop) EN NL
2673 Myotis sodalis Indiana bat Indiana Fledermaus intracontinental NL EN NL
2674 Myotis thysanodes Fringed myotis data deficient NL NL NL
2675 Myotis tricolor Mouse-eared bat Dreifarbiges Mausohr data deficient NL NL NL
2676 Myotis velifer Cave myotis data deficient NL NL NL
2677 Myotis volans Long-legged myotis data deficient App II (Pop) NL NL
2678 Myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus Great sculpin amphidromous NL NL NL
2679 Mystus bleekeri Day's mystus Bleeker's Stachelwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2680 Mystus bocourti Königsstachelwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2681 Mystus cavasius Gangetic mystus amphidromous NL NL NL
2682 Mystus gulio Long whiskers catfish anadromous NL NL NL
2683 Mystus malabaricus Jerdon's mystus amphidromous NL NL NL
2684 Mystus microphthalmus Irrawaddy mystus potamodromous NL NL NL
2685 Mystus mysticetus potamodromous NL NL NL
2686 Mystus nigriceps potamodromous NL NL NL
2687 Mystus singaringan potamodromous NL NL NL
2688 Myxocyprinus asiaticus Chinese sucker Wimpelkarpfen potamodromous NL NL NL
2689 Myxus capensis Freshwater mullet catadromous NL NL NL
2690 Myxus elongatus Sand grey mullet anadromous? NL NL NL
2691 Myxus petardi catadromous NL NL NL
2692 Nanichthys simulans Dwarf saury Balaou Paparda enana oceanodromous NL NL NL
2693 Nannocharax ansorgii potamodromous NL NL NL
2694 Nannocharax fasciatus Afrikanischer Bodensalmler potamodromous NL NL NL
2695 Nannocharax occidentalis potamodromous NL NL NL
2696 Natalus micropus Cuban funnel-eared bat data deficient NL NL NL
2697 Natalus tumidirostris Funnel-eared bat Vespertilion à couleur de paille Trichterohr data deficient NL NL NL
2698 Natator depressus Flatback turtle Tortue marine à dos plat Tortuga Kikila Australische Suppenschildkröte intraoceanic App II VU I
      Chelonia depressa (Synonym)
2699 Neafrapus cassini Cassin's spinetail Martinet de cassin Vencejo de cassin Cassinsegler NL NL NL
      Chaetura cassini (Synonym)
2700 Nealotus tripes Black snake mackerel Escolier reptile Escolar negro oceanodromous NL NL NL
2701 Nectarinia famosa Malachite sunbird Souimanga malachite Malachitnektarvogel partial NL NL NL
2702 Nectarinia osea Palestine sunbird NL NL NL
      Cinnyris ostea (Synonym)
2703 Negaprion brevirostris Lemon shark Requin citron Tiburón amarillo Zitronenhai oceanodromous NL LRnt NL
2704 Nemacheilus corica potamodromous NL NL NL
2705 Nematalosa erebi Australian river gizzard shad Australischer Süßwasserhering potamodromous NL NL NL
2706 Nematalosa galatheae Galathea gizzard shad anadromous NL NL NL
2707 Nematalosa nasus Bloch's gizzard shad Chardin gros nez Machuelo narigón anadromous NL NL NL
2708 Nematalosa vlaminghi Western Australian gizzard shad anadromous NL NL NL
2709 Neoceratodus forsteri Australian lungfish Australischer Lungenfisch potamodromous NL NL II
2710 Neochelidon tibialis White-thighed swallow local migrant NL NL NL
      Petrochelidon tibialis (Synonym)
2711 Neocrex erythrops Paint-billed crake Râle à bec peint Polluela picopinta Goldschnabel-Sumpfhuhn range extension NL NL NL
2712 Neocyttus rhomboidalis Spiky dory oceanodromous NL NL NL
2713 Neolebias ansorgii Roter Neolebias potamodromous NL NL NL
2714 Neophema chrysogaster Orange-bellied parrot Perruche à ventre orange Periquito ventrinaranja Goldbauchsittich intracontinental NL CR I
2715 Neophema chrysostoma Blue-winged parrot Perruche à bouche d'or Periquito crisostomo Feinsittich intracontinental NL NL II
2716 Neophema petrophila Rock parrot Perruche de rochers Periquito roquero Klippensittich partial NL NL II
2717 Neophoca cinerea Australian sea lion Lion de mer d'Australie Australischer Seelöwe possibly migratory NL NL NL
2718 Neophocaena phocaenoides Finless porpoise Marsouin noir Marsopa negra Indischer Schweinswal range extension App II EN I
2719 Neophron percnopterus Egyptian vulture Vautour percnoptère Alimoche común Schmutzgeier partial App II NL II
2720 Neosalanx anderssoni anadromous NL NL NL
2721 Neosalanx brevirostris anadromous NL NL NL
2722 Neosalanx jordani anadromous NL NL NL
2723 Neosalanx regani Ariakehimeshirauo anadromous NL VU NL
2724 Neosilurus hyrtlii Glencoe tandan Gelbflossensaumwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2725 Neotis denhami Stanley bustard Outarde de Denham Avutarda cafre Kafferntrappe partial NL LRnt II
2726 Neotis ludwigii Ludwig's bustard Outarde de Ludwig Avutarda de Namibia Ludwigtrappe partial NL NL II
2727 Neoxolmis rufiventris Chocolate-vented tyrant Pépoaza à ventre rougeâtre Monjita chocolate Weißschultermonjita intracontinental NL NL NL
2728 Nesofregetta fuliginosa Polynesian storm-petrel Océanite à gorge blanche Paíño gorgiblanco Weißkehl-Sturmschwalbe intraoceanic NL VU NL
2729 Netta erythrophthalma Southern pochard Nette brune Pato morado Rotaugenente local migrant App II NL NL
2730 Netta peposaca Rosy-billed pochard Nette demi-deuil Pato picazo Rosenschnabelente partial App II NL NL
2731 Netta rufina Red-crested pochard Nette rousse Pato colorado Kolbenente partial App II NL NL
2732 Nettapus auritus African pygmy-goose Anserelle naine Gansito africano Rostbrust-Zwerggans local migrant App II NL III
2733 Nettapus coromandelianus Cotton pygmy-goose Anserelle de Coromandel Gansito asiático Koromandel-Zwergente partial App II NL NL
2734 Nettapus pulchellus Green pygmy goose Anserelle élégante Gansito australiano Australische Zwergente Possibly migratory NL NL NL
2735 Netuma barba White sea catfish Mâchoiron blanc Bagre de mar oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2736 Netuma planifrons oceanodromous NL NL NL
2737 Nibea chui Chu's croaker oceanodromous NL NL NL
2738 Nibea soldado Soldier croaker Courbine soldat Corvina soldado diadromous NL NL NL
2739 Niltava davidi Fujian niltava Gobemouche de David intracontinental App II NL NL
2740 Niltava grandis Large niltava Grand Gobemouche local migrant NL NL NL
2741 Niltava macgrigoriae Small niltava Gobemouche de McGrigor local migrant NL NL NL
2742 Ninox scutulata Brown hawk-owl Ninoxe hirsute Ninox pardo Falkenkauz partial NL NL II
2743 Nipponia nippon Crested ibis Ibis nippon Ibis nipón Nipponibis NL EN I
2744 Noctilio leporinus Greater bulldog bat data deficient NL NL NL
2745 Nomophila noctuella NL NL NL
2746 Notesthes robusta Kroki Bullrout catadromous NL NL NL
2747 Notiochelidon cyanoleuca Blue-and-white swallow Hirondelle bleu et blanc Golondrina barranquera Schwarzsteiß-Schwalbe intracontinental NL NL NL
2748 Notiochelidon pileata Black-capped swallow local migrant NL NL NL
      Atticora pileata (Synonym)
2749 Notolychnus valdiviae Topside lampfish Pez linterna de Valdivia oceanodromous NL NL NL
2750 Notopterus notopterus Bronze featherback potamodromous NL NL NL
2751 Notoscopelus bolini Lanternfish oceanodromous NL NL NL
2752 Notoscopelus caudispinosus Lobisomem oceanodromous NL NL NL
2753 Notoscopelus elongatus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2754 Notoscopelus kroyeri Lancet fish Lanterne de kroyer Pez linterna oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Notoscopelus kroeyeri (Synonym)
2755 Notoscopelus resplendens Patchwork lampfish Linternilla oceanodromous NL NL NL
2756 Notothenia rossii Marbled notothen Colin de Kerguelen Trama jaspeada oceanodromous NL NL NL
2757 Nucifraga caryocatactes Spotted nutcracker Cassenoix moucheté Cascanueces NL NL NL
2758 Nucifraga columbiana Clark's nutcracker Cassenoix d'Amérique cascanueces americano NL NL NL
2759 Numenius americanus Long-billed curlew Courlis à long bec Zarapito americano Rostbrachvogel intracontinental App II LRnt NL
2760 Numenius arquata Eurasian curlew Courlis cendré Zarapito real Großer Brachvogel partial App II NL NL
2761 Numenius borealis Eskimo curlew Courlis esquimau Zarapito boreal Eskimo-Brachvogel intercontinental App I & II CR I
2762 Numenius madagascariensis Far eastern curlew Courlis de Sibérie Zarapito siberiano Isabellbrachvogel intercontinental App II LRnt NL
2763 Numenius minutus Little curlew Courlis nain Zarapito chico Zwergbrachvogel intercontinental App II NL NL
2764 Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel Courlis corlieu Zarapito trinador Regenbrachvogel intercontinental App II NL NL
2765 Numenius tahitiensis Bristle-thighed curlew Courlis d'Alaska Zarapito del Pacífico Borstenbrachvogel intercontinental App II VU NL
2766 Numenius tenuirostris Slender-billed curlew Courlis à bec grêle Zarapito de pico fino Dünnschnabel-Brachvogel intercontinental App I & II CR I
2767 Nyctalus lasiopterus Greater noctule bat Grand noctule Nóctulo gigante Riesenabendsegler possibly migratory App II (Pop) LRnt NL
2768 Nyctalus leisleri Leisler's bat Noctule de Leisler Nóctulo pequeño Kleiner Abendsegler partial App II (Pop) LRnt NL
2769 Nyctalus noctula Noctule bat Noctule Nóctulo común Abendsegler intracontinental App II (Pop) NL NL
2770 Nyctea scandiaca Snowy owl Harfang des neiges Buho nival Schnee-Eule partial NL NL II
2771 Nycteris macrotis West African slit-faced bat Großohr-Schlitznase data deficient NL NL NL
2772 Nycteris thebaica Egyptian slit-faced bat Geoffroy-Schlitznase data deficient NL NL NL
2773 Nyctibius griseus Common potoo Ibijau gris Nictibio urutaú Urutau-Tagschläfer Groms migrant NL NL NL
2774 Nycticorax caledonicus Rufous night-heron Bihoreau cannelle Martinete canelo Rotrückenreiher NL NL NL
2775 Nycticorax nycticorax Black-crowned night-heron Bihoreau gris Martinet común Nachtreiher partial NL NL NL
2776 Nycticorax violaceus Yellow-crowned night-heron Bihoreau violace Martinete coronado Krabbenreiher partial NL NL NL
      Nyctanassa violacea (Synonym)
2777 Nyctinomops aurispinosus Peale's free-tailed bat data deficient NL NL NL
2778 Nyctinomops femorosaccus Pocketed free-tailed bat data deficient NL NL NL
2779 Nyctinomops laticaudatus Broad-eared bat data deficient NL NL NL
2780 Oblada melanura Saddled seabream Oblade Oblada oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2781 Oceanites gracilis Elliot's storm-petrel Océanite d'Elliot Paíno de Elliot Elliotsturmschwalbe Possibly migratory NL DD NL
2782 Oceanites oceanicus Wilson's storm-petrel Océanite de Wilson Paíño de Wilson Buntfuß-Sturmschwalbe intraoceanic NL NL NL
2783 Oceanodroma castro Band-rumped storm-petrel Océanite de Castro Paíño de Madeiran Madeirawellenläufer partial NL NL NL
2784 Oceanodroma furcata Fork-tailed storm-petrel Océanite à queue fourchue Paíño rabihorcado Gabelschwanzwellenläufer intraoceanic NL NL NL
2785 Oceanodroma homochroa Ashy storm-petrel Océanite cendré Paíño ceniciento Kalifornienwellenläufer range extension NL LRnt NL
2786 Oceanodroma hornbyi Hornby's storm-petrel Océanite de Hornby Paíño acollarado Kragenwellenläufer range extension NL DD NL
2787 Oceanodroma leucorhoa Leach's storm-petrel Océanite cul Paíño boreal Wellenläufer interoceanic NL NL NL
2788 Oceanodroma macrodactyla Guadalupe Storm Petrel Océanite de Guadalupe paíño de Guadalupe possibly migratory NL CR NL
2789 Oceanodroma markhami Markham's storm-petrel Océanite de Markham Paíño ahumado Rußwellenläufer intraoceanic NL DD NL
2790 Oceanodroma matsudairae Matsudaira's storm-petrel Océanite de Matsudaira Paíño de Matsudaira Matsudairawellenläufer interoceanic NL DD NL
2791 Oceanodroma melania Black storm-petrel Océanite noir Paíño negro Schwarzwellenläufer intraoceanic NL NL NL
2792 Oceanodroma microsoma Least storm-petrel Océanite minute Paíño menudo Zwergsturmschwalbe range extension NL NL NL
      Halocyptena microsoma (Synonym)
2793 Oceanodroma monorhis Swinhoe's storm-petrel Océanite de Swinhoe Paíño de Swinhoe Swinhoewellenläufer interoceanic NL NL NL
2794 Oceanodroma tethys Wedge-rumped storm-petrel Océanite téthys Paíño de las Galápagos Galapagoswellenläufer partial NL NL NL
2795 Oceanodroma tristrami Tristram's storm-petrel Océanite de Tristram Paíño de Tristram Tristramwellenläufer intraoceanic NL LRnt NL
2796 Odobenus rosmarus Walrus Morse Walroß intraoceanic NL DD III
2797 Odocoileus hemionus Mule deer Cerf mulet Venado Bura Maultierhirsch local migrant NL EN NL
2798 Odontamblyopus rubicundus Rubicundus eelgoby Aalgrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
2799 Odonus niger Redtoothed triggerfish Bourse manène Pejepuerco dentirojo oceanodromous NL NL NL
2800 Oena capensis Namqua dove Tourterelle masquée Tortolita rabilarga Kaptäubchen partial NL NL III
2801 Oenanthe cypriaca Cyprus wheatear Traquet de Chypre intercontinental App II NL NL
2802 Oenanthe deserti Desert wheatear Traquet du désert Collalba desértica Wüstensteinschmätzer intracontinental App II NL NL
2803 Oenanthe finschii Finsch's wheatear Traquet de Finsch Collalba de Finsch Felsensteinschmätzer intracontinental App II NL NL
2804 Oenanthe hispanica Black-eared wheatear Traquet oreillard Collalba rubia Mittelmeerschmätzer intercontinental App II NL NL
2805 Oenanthe isabellina Isabelline wheatear Traquet isabelle Collalba isabel Isabellsteinschmätzer intracontinental App II NL NL
2806 Oenanthe leucopyga White-tailed wheatear Traquet à tête blanche Saharaschmätzer partial App II NL NL
2807 Oenanthe lugens Mourning wheatear Traquet deuil Schwarzrückenschmätzer partial App II NL NL
2808 Oenanthe monacha Hooded wheatear Traquet à capuchon Kappenschmätzer partial App II NL NL
2809 Oenanthe oenanthe Northern wheatear Traquet motteux Collalba gris Steinschmätzer intercontinental App II NL NL
2810 Oenanthe picata Variable wheatear Traquet variable intracontinental App II NL NL
2811 Oenanthe pileata Capped wheatear Traquet du Cap Erdschmätzer local migrant NL NL NL
2812 Oenanthe pleschanka Pied wheatear Traquet pie Collalba pía intercontinental App II NL NL
2813 Oenanthe xanthoprymna Rufous-tailed wheatear Traquet à queue rousse Collalba colirroja Rostbürzel-Steinschmätzer intercontinental App II NL NL
2814 Okamejei kenojei Ocellate spot skate oceanodromous NL NL NL
2815 Oligolepis acutipennis Sharptail goby amphidromous NL NL NL
2816 Oligosarcus jenynsii potamodromous NL NL NL
2817 Oligosarcus robustus potamodromous NL NL NL
2818 Ommatophoca rossii Ross seal Phoque de ross Ross-Robbe data deficient NL NL NL
2819 Ompok bimaculatus Butter catfish Doppelfleck-Glaswels potamodromous NL NL NL
2820 Ompok malabaricus Goan catfish amphidromous NL NL NL
2821 Ompok pabda Pabdah catfish potamodromous NL NL NL
2822 Oncorhynchus clarki bouvieri potamodromous NL NL NL
2823 Oncorhynchus clarki clarki Cutthroat trout Truite anadromous NL NL NL
2824 Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi potamodromous NL NL NL
2825 Oncorhynchus clarki pleuriticus Colorado River Cutthroat potamodromous NL NL NL
2826 Oncorhynchus gorbuscha Humpback Saumon rose Salmón rosado Buckellachs anadromous NL NL NL
2827 Oncorhynchus keta Chum Saumon-keta Salmon 'chum' Hundslachs anadromous NL NL NL
2828 Oncorhynchus kisutch Coho Saumon coho Coho Silberlachs anadromous NL NL NL
2829 Oncorhynchus masou macrostomus anadromous NL NL NL
2830 Oncorhynchus masou masou Cherry salmon Saumon du Danube Masu-Lachs anadromous NL NL NL
2831 Oncorhynchus masou rhodurus anadromous NL NL NL
      Oncorhynchus rhodurus (Synonym)
2832 Oncorhynchus mykiss Coast rainbow trout Truite-arc-en-ciel Trucha arcoiris Regenbogenforelle anadromous NL NL NL
2833 Oncorhynchus nerka Blue-back Kokani Salmón Blaurücken anadromous NL NL NL
2834 Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Blackmouth Saumon chinook Salmón chinook Königslachs anadromous NL NL NL
2835 Ophieleotris aporos Aporos sleeper Manilaschläfergrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
2836 Ophiocara porocephala Northern mud gudgeon Bichique Schlangenkopfschläfergrundel diadromous NL NL NL
2837 Ophiodon elongatus Buffalo cod Terpuga oceanodromous NL NL NL
2838 Ophisternon bengalense Onegilled eel diadromous NL NL NL
2839 Ophisternon candidum Blind cave eel potamodromous NL DD NL
2840 Opisthopterus tardoore Tardoore Poisson-papier tarture Arenquillo tardore amphidromous NL NL NL
2841 Oplegnathus fasciatus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2842 Oplegnathus punctatus Spotted knifejaw oceanodromous NL NL NL
2843 Oporornis agilis Connecticut warbler Paruline à gorge grise Augenring-Waldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2844 Oporornis formosus Kentucky warbler Paruline du Kentucky chipe patilludo Kentuckywaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2845 Oporornis philadelphia Mourning warbler Paruline triste chipe enlutado Graukopf-Waldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2846 Oporornis tolmiei MacGillivray's warbler Paruline des buissons chipe de Tolmie NL NL NL
2847 Opsaridium microcephalum Lake trout potamodromous NL NL NL
2848 Opsaridium microlepis Lake salmon potamodromous NL NL NL
2849 Orcaella brevirostris Irrawaddy dolphin Dauphin de l'Irrawaddy Delfín del Río Irrawaddy Irrawadi Delphin potamodromous App II CR I
2850 Orcinus orca Killer whale Orque Orca Schwertwal partial App II LRcd II
2851 Orcynopsis unicolor Plain bonito Palomette Tasarte Einfarb-Pelamide oceanodromous NL NL NL
2852 Oreochromis aureus Blue tilapia Tilapia azul Goldtilapia potamodromous NL NL NL
2853 Oreochromis mossambicus Mozambique tilapia Tilapia du Mozambique Tilapia mozámbica Weißkehlbarsch amphidromous NL NL NL
2854 Oreochromis niloticus niloticus Nile tilapia Tilapia du Nil Tilapia nilótica Tilapie potamodromous NL NL NL
2855 Oreopholus ruficollis Tawny-throated dotterel Pluvier oréophile Chorlito cabezón Orangekehl-Regenpfeifer possibly migratory App II NL NL
2856 Oreoscoptes montanus Sage thrasher Moqueur des armoises cuitlacoche de chías Bergspottdrossel intracontinental NL NL NL
2857 Oriolus chinensis Black-naped oriole Loriot de Chine NL NL NL
2858 Oriolus mellianus Silver oriole Loriot argenté intracontinental NL VU NL
2859 Oriolus oriolus Golden oriole Loriot d'Europe Oropéndola Pirol intercontinental NL NL NL
2860 Oriolus sagittatus Olive-backed oriole Loriot sagittal NL NL NL
2861 Oriolus tenuirostris Slender-billed oriole Loriot à bec effilé NL NL NL
2862 Oriolus xanthornus Black-hooded oriole Loriot à capuchon noir NL NL NL
2863 Orthopristis chrysoptera Grunt Goret mule Burro oceanodromous NL NL NL
2864 Ortyxelos meiffrenii Lark buttonquail Turnix à ailes blanches Torillo alaudino Lerchenlaufhühnchen intracontinental NL NL NL
2865 Oryx dammah Scimitar-horned oryx Oryx gazelle Orix cimitarra Säbelantilope intracontinental App I & II EW I
2866 Oryzias latipes Japanese rice fish Medaka amphidromous NL NL NL
2867 Oryzoborus maximiliani Great-billed seed-finch Sporophile de Maximilien NL NL NL
2868 Osmerus eperlanus European smelt Éperlan Eperlon Stint anadromous NL DD NL
2869 Osmerus mordax dentex Arctic rainbow smelt Éperlan arc-en-ciel anadromous NL NL NL
2870 Osmerus mordax mordax Atlantic rainbow smelt Éperlan arc-en-ciel Amerikanischer Stint anadromous NL NL NL
2871 Osphronemus exodon Elephant ear gourami potamodromous NL NL NL
2872 Osteochilus hasseltii Nilem carp Nilem potamodromous NL NL NL
2873 Osteochilus lini potamodromous NL NL NL
2874 Osteochilus melanopleurus potamodromous NL NL NL
2875 Osteochilus waandersii potamodromous NL NL NL
2876 Osteogeneiosus militaris Soldier catfish Mâchoiron soldat Bagre soldado potamodromous NL NL NL
2877 Otaria flavescens South American sea lion Otarie à crinière d'Amérique du Sud León marino sudamericano, lobo común, Léon marino austral Mähnenrobbe data deficient App II NL NL
2878 Otis tarda Great bustard Grande Outarde Avutarda euroasiática Großtrappe partial App I (Pop) & II VU II
2879 Otolithes ruber Tiger-toothed croaker Grande verrue tigre Bombache tigre mayor amphidromous NL NL NL
2880 Otolithoides biauritus Bronze croaker Verrue bronzée Bombache bronzeado amphidromous NL NL NL
2881 Otolithoides pama Pama croaker amphidromous NL NL NL
2882 Otonycteris hemprichi Desert long-eared bat technical migrant App II (Pop) NL NL
2883 Otus brucei Pallid scops-owl Petit-duc de Bruce Autillo persa Streifenohreule partial NL NL II
2884 Otus flammeolus Flammulated owl Petit-duc nain Autillo flamulado Ponderosaeule intercontinental NL NL II
2885 Otus scops Eurasian scops-owl Petit-duc scops Autillo europeo Zwergohreule partial NL NL II
2886 Otus sunia Oriental scops-owl Petit-duc d'Orient Autillo oriental Orient-Zwergohreule partial NL NL II
2887 Ovibos moschatus Musk ox Bœuf musqué Toro almizclero Moschusochse intracontinental NL NL NL
2888 Oxuderces dentatus amphidromous NL NL NL
2889 Oxyeleotris marmorata Marble goby Marmorgrundel potamodromous NL NL NL
2890 Oxyporhamphus micropterus micropterus Beaked flyingfish Demi-bec à aile longue Pajarito de aleta larga oceanodromous NL NL NL
2891 Oxyruncus cristatus Sharpbill Oxyrhynque huppé NL NL NL
2892 Oxyura andina Ruddy duck Erismature rousse Malvasía canela Schwarzkopf-Ruderente Groms migrant NL NL NL
2893 Oxyura australis Blue-billed duck Érismature australe Malvasía argentina Schwarzkinn-Ruderente partial App II NL NL
2894 Oxyura dominica Masked duck Érismature routoutou Malvasía enmascarada Maskenruderente Groms migrant App II NL NL
2895 Oxyura jamaicensis Ruddy duck Érismature rousse Malvasía canela Schwarzkopf-Ruderente partial App II NL NL
2896 Oxyura leucocephala White-headed duck Érismature à tête blanche Malvasía Weißkopfruderente partial App I & II EN II
2897 Oxyura maccoa Maccoa duck Erismature maccoa Malvasia maccoa Afrikaruderente NL NL NL
2898 Oxyura vittata Lake duck Érismature ornée Malvasía argentina Bindenruderente partial App II NL NL
2899 Oxyurichthys formosanus amphidromous NL NL NL
2900 Oxyurichthys microlepis Maned goby amphidromous NL NL NL
2901 Oxyurichthys tentacularis amphidromous NL NL NL
2902 Pachyptila belcheri Slender-billed prion Prion de Belcher Pato-petrel picofino Dünnschnabel-Sturmvogel interoceanic NL NL NL
2903 Pachyptila crassirostris Fulmar prion Prion à bec épais Pato-petrel picogrueso Dickschnabel-Sturmvogel local migrant NL NL NL
2904 Pachyptila desolata Antarctic prion Prion de la désolation Pato-petrel antárctico Taubensturmvogel interoceanic NL NL NL
2905 Pachyptila salvini Medium-billed prion Prion de Salvin Pato-petrel de Salvin Kleiner Entensturmvogel interoceanic NL NL NL
2906 Pachyptila turtur Fairy prion Prion colombe Pato-petrel piquicorto Feensturmvogel intraoceanic NL NL NL
2907 Pachyptila vittata Broad-billed prion Prion de Forster Pato-petrel piquiancho Großer Entensturmvogel partial NL NL NL
2908 Pachyramphus minor Pink-throated becard Bécarde de Lesson Rotkehlbekarde Groms migrant NL NL NL
2909 Pachyramphus polychopterus White-winged becard Bécarde à ailes blanches Anambé común Weißflügelbekarde intracontinental NL NL NL
2910 Pachyramphus validus Crested becard Bécarde huppée Schopfbekarde intracontinental NL NL NL
2911 Pachyurus francisci San Francisco croaker potamodromous NL NL NL
2912 Pagellus acarne Axillary seabream Pageot blanc Pancho picudo Meerbrasse oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2913 Pagodroma nivea Snow petrel Fulmar des neiges Petrel níveo Schneesturmvogel Possibly migratory NL NL NL
2914 Pagophila eburnea Ivory gull Mouette blanche Gaviota marfileña Elfenbeinmöwe intercontinental NL NL NL
2915 Pagophilus groenlandicus Harp seal Phoque de Groenland Sattelrobbe interoceanic NL NL NL
2916 Pagrus auriga Redbanded seabream Pagre rayé Pargo sémola oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2917 Pagrus caeruleostictus Bluepointed porgy Daurade rose Zapata blanca oceanodromous NL NL NL
2918 Pagrus major Japanese seabream Spare japonais Pargo japonés Seebrasse oceanodromous NL NL NL
2919 Pagrus pagrus Common seabream Pagre commun Pargo-colorado Sackbrasse oceano-estuarine NL EN NL
2920 Palpita unionalis NL NL NL
2921 Pampus argenteus Silver pomfret Aileron argenté Palometón platero oceanodromous NL NL NL
2922 Pampus chinensis Chinese silver pomfret Aileron chinois Palometón chino amphidromous NL NL NL
2923 Pan troglodytes Chimpanzee Chimpanzé Chimpancé Schimpanse nomadising NL EN I
2924 Pandion haliaetus Osprey Balbuzard pêcheur Águila pescadora Fischadler partial App II NL II
2925 Pangasius bocourti potamodromous NL NL NL
2926 Pangasius conchophilus potamodromous NL NL NL
2927 Pangasius djambal potamodromous NL NL NL
2928 Pangasius gigas Giant catfish Silure de verre géant Siluro gigante Riesenwels potamodromous App I EN I
      Pangasianodon gigas (Synonym)
2929 Pangasius hypophthalmus Sutchi catfish Haiwels potamodromous NL NL NL
      Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Synonym)
2930 Pangasius krempfi potamodromous NL NL NL
2931 Pangasius larnaudii Spot pangasius potamodromous NL NL NL
2932 Pangasius macronema potamodromous NL NL NL
      Pangasius siamensis (Synonym)
2933 Pangasius micronemus potamodromous NL NL NL
      Pangasius micronema (Synonym)
2934 Pangasius pangasius Pangas catfish Schwarzflossen-Haiwels potamodromous NL NL NL
2935 Pangasius pleurotaenia potamodromous NL NL NL
2936 Pangasius polyuranodon potamodromous NL NL NL
2937 Pangasius sanitwongsei Giant pangasius potamodromous NL DD NL
2938 Pantholops hodgsonii Chiru Antilope du Tibet Antilope del Tibet Tibetantilope intracontinental NL EN I
2939 Pantodon buchholzi Freshwater butterflyfish Poisson papillon Schmetterlingsfisch potamodromous NL NL NL
2940 Panurus biarmicus Bearded parrotbill Panure à moustaches Bigotudo partial App II NL NL
2941 Panyptila sanctihieronymi Great swallow-tailed swift Martinet de san geronimo Vencejo tijereta grande Großer Schwalbensegler NL NL NL
2942 Papasula abotti Abott´s Booby Fou d´ Abott Piquero de Abott Abbott-Tölpel nomadising NL NL I
      Sula abotti (Synonym)
2943 Parablennius yatabei oceanodromous NL NL NL
2944 Parabramis pekinensis White amur bream Pekingbrassen amphidromous NL NL NL
2945 Parachanna obscura Snake-head Dunkelbäuchiger Schlangenkopf potamodromous NL NL NL
2946 Parachromis dovii Guapote Guapote blanco Leopardenbuntbarsch oceano-estuarine NL NL NL
2947 Paradiplogrammus bairdi Lancer dragonet Dragoncillo coralino oceanodromous NL NL NL
2948 Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris Black-browed parrotbill Paradoxornis à sourcils noirs local migrant NL NL NL
2949 Paradoxornis unicolor Brown parrotbill Paradoxornis unicolore local migrant NL NL NL
2950 Parailia pellucida Glass schilbid Niglaswels potamodromous NL NL NL
2951 Paralaubuca typus potamodromous NL NL NL
2952 Paralepis atlantica Duckbill barracudina oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Magnisudis atlantica (Synonym)
2953 Paralepis coregonoides oceanodromous NL NL NL
2954 Paralichthys californicus California flounder Cardeau californien Lenguado de California oceanodromous NL NL NL
2955 Paralichthys dentatus Summer flounder Cardeau d'été oceanodromous NL NL NL
2956 Paralichthys olivaceus Bastard halibut Cardeau hirame Falso halibut del Japón oceanodromous NL NL NL
2957 Paralichthys orbignyana oceanodromous NL NL NL
2958 Parambassis ranga Indian glassy fish Indischer Glasbarsch potamodromous NL NL NL
2959 Paramonacanthus japonicus Hairfinned leatherjacket oceanodromous NL NL NL
2960 Parapimelodus nigribarbis potamodromous NL NL NL
2961 Parapocryptes rictuosus amphidromous NL NL NL
2962 Parapocryptes serperaster Rillengrundel amphidromous NL NL NL
2963 Parapristipoma trilineatum oceanodromous NL NL NL
2964 Parastromateus niger Black pomfret Castagnoline noire Palometa negra amphidromous NL NL NL
2965 Pardirallus maculatus Spotted rail Râle tacheté Rascón overo Fleckenralle range extension NL NL NL
2966 Pardirallus sanguinolentus Plumbeous rail Râle à bec ensanglanté Rascón gallineta Grauralle possibly migratory NL NL NL
2967 Pareutropius buffei Schwalbenschwanz-Glaswels potamodromous NL NL NL
2968 Parexocoetus brachypterus Sailfin flyingfish Poisson volant Volador aleton oceanodromous NL NL NL
2969 Parexocoetus hillianus oceanodromous NL NL NL
2970 Parexocoetus mento African sailfin flyingfish Exocet-voilier africain Volador aletón africano oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Parexocoetus mento mento (Synonym)
2971 Parexocoetus mento atlanticus African sailfin-flyingfish Exocet volier africain oceanodromous NL NL NL
2972 Parophrys vetula English sole Carlottin anglais Platija inglesa oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Parophrys vetulus (Synonym)
2973 Parula americana Northern parula Paruline à collier parula norteña Meisenwaldsänger intercontinental NL NL NL
2974 Parula pitiayumi Tropical Parula NL NL NL
2975 Parus caeruleus Blue tit Mésange bleue Heberrillo común Blaumeise partial NL NL NL
      Cyanistes caeruleus (Synonym)
2976 Parus cristatus Crested tit Mésange huppée Heberrillo capuchino Haubenmeise partial NL NL NL
2977 Parus hudsonicus Boreal chickadee Mésange à tête brune NL NL NL
2978 Parus major Great tit Mésange charbonnière Carbonero común Kohlmeise partial NL NL NL
2979 Parus melanolophus Black-crested tit Mésange de Vigors NL NL NL
2980 Parus rufonuchalis Dark-grey tit Mésange à nuque rousse NL NL NL
2981 Parus venustulus Yellow-bellied tit Mésange gracieuse NL NL NL
2982 Passer domesticus House sparrow Moineau domestique Gorríon común NL NL NL
2983 Passer hispaniolensis Spanish sparrow Moineau espagnol Gorríon moruno Weidensperling partial NL NL NL
2984 Passer moabiticus Dead sea sparrow Moineau de la mer Morte NL NL NL
2985 Passer rutilans Russet sparrow Moineau rutilant NL NL NL
2986 Passerculus rostratus Large-billed sparrow NL NL NL
2987 Passerculus sandwichensis Savannah sparrow Bruant des prés gorrión sabanero Grasammer partial NL NL NL
2988 Passerella iliaca Fox sparrow Bruant fauve gorrión rascador Fuchsammer intracontinental NL NL NL
2989 Passerina amoena Lazuli bunting Passerin azuré colorín lázuli NL NL NL
2990 Passerina ciris Painted bunting Passerin nonpareil colorín sietecolores Papstfink intracontinental NL NL NL
2991 Passerina cyanea Indigo bunting Passerin indigo colorín azul Indigofink intracontinental NL NL NL
2992 Passerina versicolor Varied bunting Passerin varié colorín morado Vielfarbenfink intracontinental NL NL NL
2993 Pastinachus sephen Cowtail stingray Pastenague plumetée amphidromous NL NL NL
2994 Patagona gigas Giant hummingbird Colibri géant Colibrí gigante Riesenkolibri intracontinental NL NL II
2995 Pelagodroma marina White-faced storm-petrel Océanite frégate Paíño pechialbo Weißgesichts-Sturmschwalbe partial NL NL NL
2996 Pelecanoides garnotii Peruvian diving-petrel Puffinure de Garnot Potoyunco peruano Garnot-Lummensturmvogel intraoceanic App I EN NL
2997 Pelecanoides georgicus South Georgia diving-petrel Puffinure de Géorgie du Sud Potoyunco de Georgia Breitschnabel-Lummensturmvogel range extension NL NL NL
2998 Pelecanoides magellani Magellanic diving-petrel Puffinure de Magellan Potoyunco magallánico Magellan-Lummensturmvogel range extension NL NL NL
2999 Pelecanoides urinatrix Common diving-petrel Puffinure plongeur Potoyunco común Lummensturmvogel range extension NL NL NL
3000 Pelecanus conspicillatus Australian pelican Pélican à lunettes Pelicano australiano Brillenpelikan nomadising NL NL NL
3001 Pelecanus crispus Dalmatian pelican Pélican frisé Pelicano ceñudo Krauskopfpelikan partial App I & II LRcd I
3002 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American white pelican Pélican d'Amérique Pelicano norteamericano Nashornpelikan intracontinental NL NL NL
3003 Pelecanus occidentalis Brown pelican Pélican brun Pelicano alcatraz Braunpelikan range extension NL NL NL
3004 Pelecanus onocrotalus Great white pelican Pélican blanc Pelicano vulgar Rosapelikan partial App I (Pop) & II NL NL
3005 Pelecanus philippensis Spot-billed pelican Pélican à bec tacheté Pelicano oriental Graupelikan partial NL VU NL
3006 Pelecanus rufescens Pink-backed pelican Pélican gris Pelicano rosado Rötelpelikan local migrant NL NL NL
3007 Pelecus cultratus Ziege Ziege anadromous NL DD NL
3008 Pellona ditchela Ditchelee Alose-écaille indienne Sardineta indica anadromous NL NL NL
3009 Pellonula leonensis Smalltoothed pellonula Spratelle de Guinée Sardinita guineana anadromous NL NL NL
3010 Pellonula vorax Bigtoothed pellonula Sprat anadromous NL NL NL
3011 Pennahia argentata Croaker oceanodromous NL NL NL
3012 Peponocephala electra Melonheaded whale Péponocéphale Calderón pequeno Breitschnabeldelphin data deficient NL NL II
3013 Peprilus triacanthus American butterfish Stromaté fossette Palometa pintada oceanodromous NL NL NL
      Fishbase (Synonym)
3014 Perca fluviatilis European perch Perche fluviatile Perca europea Flußbarsch anadromous NL NL NL
3015 Percophis brasiliensis Brazilian flathead Platête brésilien Pez palo oceanodromous NL NL NL
3016 Pericrocotus cantonensis Brown-rumped minivet Minivet de Swinhoe NL NL NL
3017 Pericrocotus divaricatus Ashy minivet Minivet cendré Graumennigvogel Groms migrant NL NL NL
3018 Pericrocotus ethologus Long-tailed minivet Minivet rouge NL NL NL
3019 Pericrocotus roseus Rosy minivet Minivet rose NL NL NL
3020 Periophthalmodon schlosseri Giant mudskipper amphidromous NL NL NL
3021 Periophthalmodon septemradiatus amphidromous NL NL NL
3022 Periophthalmus barbarus Atlantic mudskipper Sauteur de vase atlantique Saltafango atlántico Schmetterlings-Schlammspringer amphidromous NL NL NL
3023 Periophthalmus novemradiatus Pearse's mudskipper amphidromous NL NL NL
3024 Periophthalmus weberi Weber's mudskipper amphidromous NL NL NL
3025 Perisoreus canadensis Grey jay Mésangeai du Canada NL NL NL
3026 Pernis apivorus European honey-buzzard Bondrée apivore Abejero europeo Wespenbussard intercontinental App II NL II
3027 Pernis ptilorhyncus Oriental honey-buzzard Bondree orientale Abejero oriental Schopfwespenbussard partial App II NL II
3028 Peropteryx kappleri Greater dog-like bat data deficient NL NL NL
3029 Peropteryx macrotis Lesser dog-like bat data deficient NL NL NL
3030 Petrocephalus bane bane potamodromous NL NL NL
3031 Petrocephalus bovei bovei Mormyrids potamodromous NL NL NL
3032 Petrocephalus catostoma catostoma Churchill potamodromous NL NL NL
3033 Petrocephalus simus Mormyrids potamodromous NL NL NL
3034 Petroica phoenicea Flame robin Miro embrasé partly migratory NL NL NL
3035 Petromyzon marinus Nannie nine eyes Lampria Pegatimôn Lamprete anadromous NL NL NL
3036 Petronia petronia Rock sparrow Moineau soulcie Gorríon chillón NL NL NL
3037 Petroscirtes breviceps Striped poison fangblenny mimic oceanodromous NL NL NL
3038 Peucedramus taeniatus Olive warbler Fauvine des pins Chipe oliváceo Trugwaldsänger Groms migrant NL NL NL
3039 Phacellodomus striaticeps Streak-fronted thornbird Synallaxe à front rayé NL NL NL
3040 Phaeomyias murina Mouse-colored tyrannulet Tyranneau souris Piojito pardo Brauenfliegenstecher intracontinental NL NL NL
3041 Phaethon aethereus Red-billed tropicbird Phaéton à bec rouge Rabijunco etero Rotschnabel-Tropikvogel partial NL NL NL
3042 Phaethon lepturus White-tailed tropicbird Phaéton à bec jaune Rabijunco menor Weißschwanz-Tropikvogel partial NL NL NL
3043 Phaethon rubricauda Red-tailed tropicbird Phaéton à brins rouges Rabijunco colirrojo Rotschwanz-Tropikvogel partial NL NL NL
3044 Phaetusa simplex Large-billed tern Sterne à gros bec Charrán picudo Großschnabel-Seeschwalbe local migrant NL NL NL
3045 Phainopepla nitens Phainopepla Phénopèple luisant capulinero negro Trauerseidenschnäpper partial NL NL NL
3046 Phalacrocorax africanus Long-tailed cormorant Cormoran africain Cormorán africano Riedscharbe local migrant NL NL NL
3047 Phalacrocorax aristotelis European shag Cormoran huppé Cormorán monudo Krähenscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3048 Phalacrocorax atriceps Imperial shag Cormoran impérial Cormorán imperial Blauaugenscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3049 Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested cormorant Cormoran à aigrettes Cormorán orejudo Ohrenscharbe partial NL NL NL
3050 Phalacrocorax bougainvillii Guanay cormorant Cormoran de Bougainville Cormorán guanay Guanoscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3051 Phalacrocorax bransfieldensis Antarctic shag Cormoran antarctique Cormoán antártico Antarktikscharbe Possibly migratory NL NL NL
3052 Phalacrocorax brasilianus Neotropic cormorant Cormoran vigua Cormorán biguá Olivenscharben local migrant NL NL NL
      Phalacrocorax olivaceus (Synonym)
3053 Phalacrocorax capensis Cape cormorant Cormoran du Cap Cormorán del Cabo Kapscharbe range extension NL LRnt NL
3054 Phalacrocorax capillatus Japanese cormorant Cormoran de Temminck Cormorán japones Japankormoran intraoceanic NL NL NL
3055 Phalacrocorax carbo Great cormorant Grand Cormoran Cormorán grande Kormoran partial NL NL NL
3056 Phalacrocorax coronatus Crowned cormorant Cormoran couronné Cormorán Coronado Kronenscharbe Sedentary NL LRnt NL
3057 Phalacrocorax fuscescens Black-faced cormorant Cormoran de Tasmanie Cormorán carinegro Schwarzgesichtscharbe local migrant NL NL NL
3058 Phalacrocorax magellanicus Rock shag Cormoran de Magellan Cormorán magallanico Felsenscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3059 Phalacrocorax melanoleucos Little pied cormorant Cormoran pie Cormorán piquicorto Kräuselscharbe partial NL NL NL
3060 Phalacrocorax neglectus Bank Cormorant Cormoran des bancs Cormoran de Bajio Küstenscharbe partial NL VU NL
3061 Phalacrocorax niger Little cormorant Cormoran de vieillot Cormorán de java Mohrenscharbe Possibly migratory NL NL NL
3062 Phalacrocorax nigrogularis Socotra cormorant Cormoran de Socotra Cormorán de Socotra Sokotrascharbe range extension App II VU NL
3063 Phalacrocorax olivaceus Neotropic cormorant Cormoran vigua Cormorán biguá Olivenscharbe Possibly migratory NL NL NL
      Phalacrocorax brasilianus (Synonym)
3064 Phalacrocorax pelagicus Pelagic cormorant Cormoran pélagique Cormorán pelagico Meerscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3065 Phalacrocorax penicillatus Brandt's cormorant Cormoran de Brandt Cormorán sargento Pinselscharbe NL NL NL
3066 Phalacrocorax punctatus Spotted shag Cormoran moucheté Cormorán moteado Tüpfelscharbe Possibly migratory NL NL NL
3067 Phalacrocorax pygmaeus Pygmy cormorant Cormoran pygmée Cormorán pigmeo Zwergscharbe partial App II LRnt NL
3068 Phalacrocorax sulcirostris Little black cormorant Cormoran noir Cormorán totinegro Schwarzscharbe partial NL NL NL
3069 Phalacrocorax urile Red-faced cormorant Cormoran à face rouge Cormorán carirrojo Rotgesichtscharbe local migrant NL NL NL
3070 Phalacrocorax varius Pied cormorant Cormoran varié Cormorán pio Elsterscharbe range extension NL NL NL
3071 Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Common poorwill Engoulevent de Nuttall Chotacabras pachacua Winternachtsschwalbe partial NL NL NL
3072 Phalaropus fulicaria Grey phalarope Phalarope à bec large Falaropo picogrueso Thorshühnchen intercontinental App II NL NL
3073 Phalaropus lobatus Rednecked phalarope Phalarope à bec étroit Falaropo picofino Odinshühnchen intercontinental App II NL NL
3074 Phalaropus tricolor Wilson's phalarope Phalarope de Wilson Falaropo tricolor Wilsonwassertreter intercontinental App II NL NL
      Steganopus tricolor (Synonym)
3075 Phedina borbonica Mascarene martin Hirondelle des Mascareignes Maskarenenschwalbe partial NL NL NL
3076 Phegornis mitchellii Diademed plover Pluvier des Andes Chorlitejo cordillerano Diademregenpfeifer local migrant App II LRnt NL
3077 Pheucticus aureoventris Black-backed grosbeak Cardinal à dos noir Piquigrueso de Pecho Negro Goldbauch-Kernknacker intracontinental NL NL NL
3078 Pheucticus ludovicianus Rose-breasted grosbeak Cardinal à poitrine rose Piquigrueso degollado Rosenbrust-Kernknacker intercontinental NL NL NL
3079 Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed grosbeak Cardinal à tête noire Piquigrueso de cabeza negra Schwarzkopf-Kernknacker NL NL NL
3080 Phibalura flavirostris Swallow-tailed cotinga Cotinga à queue fourchue intracontinental NL LRnt NL
3081 Philomachus pugnax Ruff Combattant varié Combatiente Kampfläufer intercontinental App II NL NL
3082 Phimosus infuscatus Whispering ibis Ibis à face nue Ibis afeitado Mohrenibis local migrant NL NL NL
3083 Phleocryptes melanops Wren-like rushbird Synallaxe troglodyte Junquero Rohrschlüpfer possibly migratory NL NL NL
3084 Phoca caspica Caspian seal Phoque de la Caspienne Kaspi-Ringelrobbe intraoceanic NL VU NL
3085 Phoca largha Largha seal Phoque largha Largha-Seehund partial NL NL NL
3086 Phoca vitulina Common seal Phoque commun Foca común Seehund partial App II (Pop) DD NL
3087 Phocarctos hookeri Hooker's sea lion Lion de mer de Nouvelle-Zélande Neuseeland-Seelöwe intraoceanic NL VU NL
3088 Phocoena dioptrica Spectacled porpoise Marsouin à lunettes Marsopa de Anteojos Brillenschweinswal data deficient App II DD II
      Australophocaena dioptrica (Synonym)
3089 Phocoena phocoena Common porpoise Marsouin commun Marsopa común Schweinswal partial App II (Pop) VU II
3090 Phocoena spinipinnis Burmeister porpoise Marsouin de Burmeister Marsopa espinosa Burmeister-Schweinswal possibly migratory App II DD II
3091 Phocoenoides dalli Dall's porpoise Marsouin du Dall Marsopa de Dall Dall-Hafenschweinswal range extension App II LRcd II
3092 Phoebetria fusca Sooty albatross Albatros brun Albatros ahumado Dunkelalbatros intercontinental App II VU NL
3093 Phoebetria palpebrata Light-mantled albatross Albatros fuligineux Albatros tiznado Rußalbatros intercontinental App II LRnt NL
3094 Phoenicopterus andinus Andean flamingo Flamant des Andes Parina grande Andenflamingo intracontinental App I & II VU II
      Phoenicoparrus andinus (Synonym)
3095 Phoenicopterus chilensis Chilean flamingo Flamant du Chili Flamenco chileno local migrant App II LRnt II
3096 Phoenicopterus jamesi Puna flamingo Flamant de James Parina chica Jamesflamingo intracontinental App I & II LRnt II
      Phoenicoparrus jamesi (Synonym)
3097 Phoenicopterus minor Lesser flamingo Flamant nain Flamenco enano Zwergflamingo partial App II LRnt II
3098 Phoenicopterus ruber Greater flamingo Flamant rose Flamenco común Rosaflamingo partial App II NL II
      Phoenicopterus roseus (Synonym)
3099 Phoenicurus alaschanicus Ala shan redstart Rougequeue de Przewalski local migrant NL LRnt NL
3100 Phoenicurus auroreus Daurian redstart Rougequeue aurore intracontinental App II NL NL
3101 Phoenicurus erythrogaster White-winged redstart Rougequeue de G¸ldenst‰dt Collirrojo coronado intracontinental App II NL NL
3102 Phoenicurus erythronota Rufous-backed redstart Rougequeue d'Eversmann intracontinental App II NL NL
3103 Phoenicurus frontalis Blue-fronted redstart Rougequeue à front bleu intracontinental App II NL NL
3104 Phoenicurus hodgsoni Hodgson's redstart Rougequeue de Hodgson intracontinental App II NL NL
3105 Phoenicurus moussieri Moussier's redstart Rougequeue de Moussier Diademrotschwanz partial App II NL NL
3106 Phoenicurus ochruros Black redstart Rougequeue noir Colirrojo tizón Hausrotschwanz partial App II NL NL
3107 Phoenicurus phoenicurus Common redstart Rougequeue à front blanc Colirrojo real Gartenrotschwanz intercontinental App II NL NL
3108 Phoenicurus schisticeps White-throated redstart Rougequeue à gorge blanche intracontinental App II NL NL
3109 Phoxinus phoxinus Common minnow Veirou Pescardo Elritze potamodromous NL NL NL
3110 Phractocephalus hemioliopterus Redtail catfish Pez torre Rotflossen-Antennenwels potamodromous NL NL NL
3111 Phrygilus carbonarius Carbonated sierra-finch Phrygile charbonnier Yal carbonero Schwarzbrustämmerling intracontinental NL NL NL
3112 Phrygilus fruticeti Mourning sierra-finch Phrygile petit-deuil Yal negro Strauchämmerling Groms migrant NL NL NL
3113 Phrygilus gayi Grey-hooded sierra-finch Phrygile à tête grise Comesebo andino Cordillerenämmerling intracontinental NL NL NL
3114 Phrygilus patagonicus Patagonian sierra-finch Phrygile de Patagonie Comesebo patagónico Magellanämmerling intracontinental NL NL NL
3115 Phrygilus plebejus Ash-breasted sierra-finch Phrygile plébéien Yal chico Aschbrustämmerling Groms migrant NL NL NL
3116 Phrygilus unicolor Plumbeous sierra-finch Phrygile gris-de-plomb Yal plomizo Bleiämmerling Groms migrant NL NL NL
3117 Phtheirichthys lineatus Lousefish Pez pega lineado oceanodromous NL NL NL
3118 Phycis blennoides Greater forkbeard Phycis de fond Mustelo blanco Schleimfischartige meertrüsche oceanodromous NL NL NL
3119 Phyllomyias fasciatus Planalto tyrannulet Tyranneau fascié Schuppenkopf-Fliegenstecher intracontinental NL NL NL
3120 Phyllomyias griseiceps NL NL NL
3121 Phylloscopus affinis Tickell's leaf warbler Pouillot de Tickell intracontinental App II NL NL
3122 Phylloscopus armandii Yellow-streaked warbler Pouillot de Milne intracontinental App II NL NL
3123 Phylloscopus bonelli Bonelli's warbler Pouillot de Bonelli Mosquitero papialbo Berglaubsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
3124 Phylloscopus borealis Arctic warbler Pouillot boréal Mosquitero boreal Wanderlaubsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
3125 Phylloscopus borealoides Sakhalin leaf-warbler possibly migratory NL NL NL
3126 Phylloscopus cantator Yellow-vented warbler Pouillot chanteur intracontinental App II NL NL
3127 Phylloscopus collybita Eurasian chiffchaff Pouillot véloce Mosquitero común Zilpzalp intercontinental App II NL NL
3128 Phylloscopus coronatus Eastern crowned leaf warbler Pouillot de Temminck intracontinental App II NL NL
3129 Phylloscopus davisoni White-tailed leaf warbler Pouillot de Davison partial App II NL NL
3130 Phylloscopus fuligiventer Smoky warbler Pouillot enfumé intracontinental App II NL NL
3131 Phylloscopus fuscatus Dusky warbler Pouillot brun intercontinental App II NL NL
3132 Phylloscopus griseolus Sulphur-bellied warbler Pouillot griséole intracontinental App II NL NL
3133 Phylloscopus hainanus Hainan leaf warbler data deficient NL VU NL
3134 Phylloscopus humei Hume's leaf warbler intracontinental App II NL NL
3135 Phylloscopus ijimae Ijima´s leaf-warbler Pouillot d'Ijima intracontinental App II VU NL
3136 Phylloscopus inornatus Inornate warbler Pouillot à grands sourcils Mosquitero bilistado Gelbbrauenlaubsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
3137 Phylloscopus lorenzii Caucasian chiffchaff data deficient NL NL NL
3138 Phylloscopus maculipennis Ashy-throated warbler Pouillot à face grise local migrant NL NL NL
3139 Phylloscopus magnirostris Large-billed leaf warbler Pouillot à gros bec intracontinental App II NL NL
3140 Phylloscopus neglectus Plain leaf warbler Pouillot modeste partial App II NL NL
3141 Phylloscopus occipitalis Western crowned leaf warbler Pouillot couronné intracontinental App II NL NL
3142 Phylloscopus orientalis Eastern Bonelli's warbler intercontinental App II NL NL
3143 Phylloscopus proregulus Pallas's leaf warbler Pouillot de Pallas intracontinental App II NL NL
3144 Phylloscopus pulcher Orange-barred leaf warbler Pouillot élégant intracontinental App II NL NL
3145 Phylloscopus reguloides Blyth's leaf warbler Pouillot de Blyth intracontinental App II NL NL
3146 Phylloscopus ricketti Sulphur-breasted warbler Pouillot de Rickett intracontinental App II NL NL
3147 Phylloscopus schwarzi Radde's warbler Pouillot de Schwarz intracontinental App II NL NL
3148 Phylloscopus sibilatrix Wood warbler Pouillot siffleur Mosquitero silbador Waldlaubsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
3149 Phylloscopus sindianus Mountain chiffchaff Pouillot montagnard Mosquitero montano intercontinental App II NL NL
3150 Phylloscopus subaffinis Buff-throated warbler Pouillot subaffin intracontinental App II NL NL
3151 Phylloscopus subviridis Brooks's leaf warbler Pouillot de Brooks intracontinental App II NL NL
3152 Phylloscopus tenellipes Pale-legged leaf warbler Pouillot à pattes claires intracontinental App II NL NL
3153 Phylloscopus trochiloides Greenish warbler Pouillot verdâtre Mosquitero troquiloide Grüner Laubsänger intercontinental App II NL NL
3154 Phylloscopus trochilus Willow warbler Pouillot fitis Mosquitero musical Fitis intercontinental App II NL NL
3155 Phylloscopus tytleri Tytler's leaf warbler Pouillot de Tytler intracontinental App II LRlc NL
3156 Phyllostomus hastatus Javelin bat Phyllostome fer le lance Lanzennase data deficient NL NL NL
3157 Physeter macrocephalus Giant sperm whale Cachalot Ballena esperma Pottwal interoceanic App I & II VU I
      Physeter catodon (Synonym)
3158 Phytotoma rara Rufous-tailed plantcutter Rara à queue rousse Rara Rotschwanz-Pflanzenmäher Groms migrant NL NL NL
3159 Phytotoma rutila White-tipped plantcutte