Global Register of Migratory Species –

Bioinformatics for migratory animals – future possibilities of data integration

Workshop at Bonn, 6 th of May 2002

The "Global Register of Migratory Species" has now been published as a book with the database on CD-ROM. From 2003 on, the database will be handed over to the Bonn secretariat of the "Convention on Migratory Species", and hopefully be maintained by a consortium consisting of Bonn University, The German Centre for Documentation and Information in Agriculture (ZADI), and the UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre (access the respective UNEP-cop7 documents available at the Groms news section.

To avoid duplication of efforts, and to ensure an optimal data exchange, the GROMS plans to liaise with all other bioinformatics projects relevant for migratory species, either by direct data exchange, or connecting resources using web technologies.

The results are published here as Powerpoint Files for download

Bioinformatics for migratory animals – future possibilities of data integration

Workshop at Bonn, 6 th of May 2002


Program :

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Monday 6th, 9 am

Welcome address and introduction

In bis welcome address, Gerhard Adams, Bonn (German Federal Environmental Ministry outlines the history and scope of GROMS, which has been sponsored till Oct 2002 by the Environmental Ministry since 1998, to support the Bonn Convention and its secretariat. He wished all participants a successful meeting and fruitful future cooperation.

Gerardo Fragoso, UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge, UK:

CMS Information Management Plan - background and developments

Klaus Riede, Bonn University, Bonn, Germany:

Global Register of Migratory Species - GROMS

JensFitzke, latlon/Bonn University, Bonn, Germany

Geodata infrastructure: OpenGIS and OpenSource

Coffee break

Lincoln Fishpool, BirdLife International, Cambridge, UK:

An introduction to BirdLife's Important Bird Areas programme

Lieuwe Haanstra, Wetlands International, Wageningen

Recent developments within Wetlands International databases

Christian Köppel, V.I.M.- Verlag für interaktive Medien GbR

Migration of insects and threat assessment


Elena Kreuzberg & Elena Bykova

Database on the Threatened Biodiversity in Central (Middle) Asia with example of vertebrate animals

Discussion I (chairperson: Gerardo Fragoso)

Improving data integration: Examples, visions and problems.

Coffee break

Discussion II (chairperson: Klaus Riede)

Ongoing projects using or developing for monitoring migratory species,

and future possibilities for fund raising

End of session : 5 p.m.