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Grus grus (Linnaeus, 1758) Family: Gruidae Order: Gruiformes print version
Common crane Grue cendrée Grulla común Graukranich
Migration: intercontinental

Verbreitungskarte von Grus grus Major migration routes: from Scandinavia and N continental Europe through W Europe to wintering areas in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, from NE Europe through C Europe and Italy to wintering areas in Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria; from E Europe and W Russia, through Balkans and across and around Black Sea to wintering areas in E Africa, Middle east and Asia Minor; from C Russia around Caspian Sea to SE Iraq and SW Iran; from W Siberia through Afghanistan and Pakistan to wintering areas in W & C India; from N China and C Siberia across China to wintering areas along middle R Yangtze; and from Xinjiang and Qinghai Provinces on Tibetan Plateau to wintering areas in S China. Small breeding population in Turkey; may breed in Azerbaijan, where until fairly recently species regularly overwintered at several sites.   (del Hoyo J, Elliott A, Sargatal J (eds), 1996)

Regions: East Asia, Europe, North Africa, North Asia, South & Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, West & Central Asia
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