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Chelonia mydas (Linnaeus, 1758)
Family: Cheloniidae
Order: Testudines
English: Green turtle
French: Tortue verte
Spanish: Tortuga verde
German: Pazifische Suppenschildkröte (There's a German version of this page!)
Norwegian: Suppeskilpadde (There's a Norwegian version of this page!)
Migration: interoceanic
Regions: [...]
CMS: App I & II
RL1996: EN
RL2000: EN (mediterranean subpopulation: CR)

map about the distribution of Chelonia mydas 

“The green turtle is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical waters (green area on map). It prefers nesting beaches with summer temperatures above 25° C. This herbivorous species is closely associated with seagrass habitats, which are threatened by pesticides and sediment loads from agricultural land use, especially at the downstream end of heavily modified catchments (Long et al. 2000).
The black turtle, a subspecies from the eastern tropical Pacific, has been described as a separate species (Chelonia agassizii Bocouri, 1868). The IUCN recognizes it neither as a species nor as a subspecies, but separates the Mediterranean subpopulation, which has shrunk to c. 500 adult females and therefore been upclassed as "Critically Endangered" (CR) (Hilton-Taylor 2000). Though the exploitation by humans for "turtle soup" has ceased in the Mediterranean, they are severely threatened by beach erosion, agriculture, light and water pollution, plastic litter and bycatch (Poland 2001). In recent years, a life-threatening virus disease known as green turtle fibropapilloma poses an additional risk (Lu et al. 2000).”
Riede, K. (2001): Global Register of Migratory Species. Weltregister wandernder Tierarten. Münster (Landwirtschaftsverlag), S. 263

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